Pure Copper Bottle Benefits You Must Know

Copper Bottle Benefits

Water is essential for hydration. You cannot continue without proper hydration. Getting enough water in your system is very crucial for your health. Drinking water can prevent dehydration, a condition that can cause unclear thinking, result in mood swings, cause the body to overheat, and lead to constipation and kidney stones. Water has no calories, so it can also help with weight management and calorie reduction when it replaces caloric drinks like sweet tea or regular soda.

A water bottle is the most convenient source of water supply. You can store water in a bottle so you can use it anytime. In most situations, people, especially off-site workers, engineers, and construction professionals, show laziness to get up and go in search of water when thirsty. A water bottle helps in saving time, get work done, and keep you hydrated at all times of the day. This is a healthy choice and therefore a water bottle is a must.

Reasons to have a water bottle 

  • Avoid dehydration

According to hydrology experts, very small amounts of water can lead to physical dehydration. 

Your body has to maintain a certain level of water for essential body systems and functions to continue. How to avoid dehydration? The easiest way is to keep a water bottle with you. Don't wait until you see the first sign of dehydration. There are a lot of symptoms of dehydration. The first one is a dry mouth. Remember that dry mouth should not be considered the first symptom, as it indicates that your body is already below optimal water levels.

  • Chemical free

Keeping a water bottle allows users to enjoy fresh water without contaminants. Drinking from outside could be dangerous. This is why experts recommend that people should carry their water bottles filled with their preferred type of water. It also helps to drink water at peak times. 

  • The best companion for sports

Most athletes, sportsmen, and even students are thirsty while playing. This indicates a significant level of dehydration. This happens due to short games or activities where players don't have time to drink water. Keeping a water bottle is very useful for active people, who need extra amounts of water so that you can get water quickly.

  • Easy access to water

With a water bottle in your hand or your backpack, it's easy to drink whenever you need to. Now there is no need to visit the kitchen or the corner of the office to drink water. 

Pure Copper Bottle

If you are one of those people who believe in starting your day by drinking at least a glass of water for obvious health benefits you should try keeping the water in a pure copper bottle. A pure copper bottle replaces plastic bottles and not only saves the environment but saves you from drinking all that microplastic that enters your body when you use plastic utensils. On the other hand, glass bottles are difficult to maintain. But what if we suggested you take a pure copper bottle, store water in it overnight, and drink it on an empty stomach for numerous health and therapeutic benefits? 

Welcome to the world of Auric copper bottles, we provide you with the latest health trends and information on why you should invest in pure copper bottles and the role of this important metal/trace mineral in our everyday well-being. 

In India, copper is the first choice in religious rituals for storing holy water and other purposes such as cooking. Interestingly, even our bodies contain a small amount of copper in the form of a trace mineral around 1.4 to 2.1 mg, and copper deficiency can lead to various chronic conditions. This pure copper bottle offers all these benefits of copper in the smartest ways.

What Is The Role of Copper In Cleaning Water?

This pure copper bottle by Auric has been inspired by our ancient medicine Ayurveda which strongly recommends drinking water stored in copper vessels daily to strengthen the immune system and to balance all three doshas – Vata, Kapha, and pitta. Ayurvedic practitioners refer to water stored in copper vessels as "Tamra Jal" and this copper liquid serves as a natural oxidant.

What Are Copper Bottle Benefits?

A pure copper bottle benefits the body with significant amounts of antimicrobial properties, making it ideal for eliminating disease-causing bacteria, fungi, and viruses. When water is stored for up to 8 hours in a copper bottle or container, it undergoes an oligodynamic effect, which means that in addition to maintaining a natural PH level, it acquires the ability to kill several infection-causing microbes and fungi. In addition to killing highly resistant bacteria, fungi, and viruses, copper water is a treasure trove of healing properties that can play a key role in maintaining overall health.

  • Stimulates Thyroid Function

The thyroid gland is a small butterfly-shaped gland responsible for producing various hormonal functions. A pure copper bottle benefits Thyroid-related problems which have become quite common these days, affecting both men and women of all age groups. Hormonal imbalances can wreak havoc in your life, but copper-infused water can correct thyroid dysfunction. 

  • Increases Hemoglobin Count

Haemoglobin, a protein molecule in red blood cells, is extremely important for the body’s healthy functioning. Lack of hemoglobin can cause anemia leading to severe fatigue, bone fragility, and disorientation, among other chronic conditions. Studies show that copper bottle benefits the breakdown of food to produce hemoglobin and help better absorption of iron into the body. As an important trace mineral, copper is needed by the body in the right amount to prevent some hematological conditions.

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  • Regulates Hypertension

Copper bottle benefits as a vital trace element that plays an important role in maintaining blood pressure and regulating the amount of bad cholesterol or LDL and triglycerides in the blood. However, if a person is diagnosed with copper deficiency from childhood, there is a high probability that it could lead to hypotension or low blood pressure. Similarly, sudden copper deficiency in adulthood can lead to hypertension or high BP.

  • Soothes Joints and Strengthens Bones

Osteoporosis is a chronic disease that can cause intense joint and bone pain. Using Auric copper bottle benefits with a positive effect on this condition and helps reduce pain. In India, it is still customary to place a copper coin or small container on inflamed joints to reduce swelling and pain.

  • Maintains Heart Health

Cardiologists believe that a lack of copper in the system can often cause plaque deposits to block blood vessels. A lack of copper can weaken the heart muscles, and reduce the ejection fraction (pumping capacity of the heart) as well as the ability to respond to stress. Heart patients are strongly advised to drink copper water because of copper bottle benefits from achieving optimal copper levels in the body.

  • Helps Lose Weight

Copper is an amazing mineral that can dissolve excess fat deposits in the body. Having the right amount of copper in your body is essential. A Copper bottle benefits by speeding up your metabolism, burning fat, and helping you lose weight to a healthy weight. 

  • Improves Brain Function

The brain is a vital organ and its functioning depends on various factors including healthy habits and stress-free life. The brain communicates with the rest of the organs through electrical impulses. This copper bottle benefits from exceptional Ayurvedic properties. Studies have revealed that a glass of "Tamra Jal" in the body stimulates its functioning, balances hormones, and brings positive thoughts.

  • Heals Wounds

Copper, whether in metal or mineral form, is antibacterial, and antimicrobial. Washing a wound or injury with copper water not only cleans the affected area but also helps skin regeneration and heals wounds faster.

  • Slows Down Ageing

Nowadays, copper has become an integral part of cosmetic products. Copper-based beauty products, used by the ancient Egyptians years ago, have made a comeback in recent years thanks to their natural antioxidant properties, which can aid in skin cell production by preventing signs of aging.


Auric Copper Bottle 

Drinking water stored in Auric copper bottle benefits by helping boost immunity and heart health. The auric copper bottle has healing potential and antimicrobial properties, this means that when water is stored in a copper container, the copper ions destroy the harmful microbes present in the water, thus providing you with clean drinking water. Buy copper bottles as the benefits and advantages of this metal are mentioned all over in Ayurveda. 

Auric brings to you a copper water bottle combo pack that has these interesting qualities

  • Made of 99.9% pure copper

Auric copper bottle benefits are well known as it is made up of copper which has been used since ancient times in India for its exceptional antimicrobial properties. The auric copper bottle is made of quality copper so you never have to worry about them breaking or corroding. The pure copper bottle is convenient and easy to carry everywhere you go.

  • Supports a healthy heart

Auric copper bottle benefits by supporting the absorption of iron, which is the basic component of hemoglobin, which transports oxygen to all cells of the body.

  • Supports healthy skin

Auric copper bottle benefits by slowing down aging and promoting skin health as copper is a powerful antioxidant.

  • It helps in strengthening immunity

Auric copper bottle benefits by supporting healthy digestion and initiating the production of digestive juices.

  • The Auric copper bottle is single-walled and it does not retain heat retention.
  • Auric copper bottle is made of pure leakproof copper

Keeping the water overnight in an Auric copper bottle will absorb all the medicinal and ayurvedic benefits into the water. Drink water stored in an Auric copper bottle every morning on an empty stomach and you will see the changes yourself.

Copper bottles, though the latest fad, are nothing new in India. Keeping water in the Auric copper bottle offers a wide range of therapeutic and medicinal properties, replacing the idea of copper utensils which people in India have been using since ancient times for various health benefits. These benefits include regulated thyroid function, maintaining high blood pressure, fighting cancer, soothing painful joints, and bones, stimulating the function of the brain, and defying the signs of aging. The auric copper bottle is one of the foremost brands which has taken the initiative to bring forth this marvelous idea. Copper, whether as a metal or a trace mineral, has the potential to play a key role in our daily lives.

Authored By: Bhavishya Pahwa
About the Author: Bhavishya Pahwa is a budding writer who has always confided in a pen. He believes that art is a cure-all and that introspection followed by writing can add to the sanity of the world.

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