The Whole Truth About Drinking Water

Drinking Water

7 Science-Based Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

Water is essential for the proper functioning of the human body. Staying hydrated, therefore, is number one recommendation when it comes to healthy living. Organs do not work properly when there is an inadequate amount of water in the body. However, most of us go wrong with the way water should be consumed, which gives rise to numerous health issues, including migraine, weak digestion, joint pain, lethargy, hair fall, skin problems, and more. Since most of us are unaware of the right way of consuming water, we unintentionally harm our body rather than reaping the benefits of drinking water.

Did you know the ayurvedic facts behind drinking waterWater is the most important drink for our body as we obtain various nutrients and minerals from it, which helps with proper bodily functions. However, this does not mean we should gulp down a glass any time or consume large quantities of it in a go, as this is not How to drink water correctly. As drinking water the right way is so essential to a healthy life, we have curated a list of 5 mistakes to avoid while drinking water

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Drinking Water

1. Drinking it Chilled 

When we face the scorching heat of the sun, all we desire is a glass of chilled water. Coming back home from outside in summers, we instantaneously grab a bottle of chilled water and gulp it down without realising how harmful it is. Drinking it chilled is one of the mistakes to avoid while drinking water as it can cause your throat to soar and blood vessels to shrink, thus meddling with the process of digestion and take away the benefits of drinking water. The unwanted fats in the body are broken down by the system, which is hindered by chilled water as it solidifies it. What’s more, joint pain is a common occurrence with people who regularly drink chilled water; so if you already have joint pain, eliminate the consumption of chilled water immediately. The best way to drink water for the benefits of drinking water is in a lukewarm state, although room temperature also works. For anyone who cannot do without cool water, using earthen pots is a great way as they balance the pH of water along with removing impurities, while being a natural cooler.

2. Drinking Water Around the Meal Time

We know the craving which is associated with drinking water before, during, or after a meal. Sometimes the thirst grasps us, the other times we think of pushing food down the mouth using water. However, this could cause considerable damage to your body in the long run and is one of the worst things you can do for yourself. This is because upon having a meal, the body’s temperature rises which helps it to digest the food properly, but when we consume water over it, it dilutes the gastric juices, resulting in reduced ability of the body to digest. This leads to indigestion and rotting of the food in the system, which does not allow the body to absorb the nutrients that the food carries as well as causing gastric issues such as gas and acidity, making for one of the prominent mistakes to avoid while drinking water.

For those who feel uncomfortable without sipping any water, rinsing the mouth with it could allow the benefits of drinking water to reach you without harming your body.

The whole truth about drinking water | Drinking water around meal time

3. Drinking Water While Standing

Most of us are always in a rush and do not give enough time to drink water the right way. On a sunny day, we walk to the fridge, gulp down the water from the water bottle, and get moving. Such conduct not only leads to the drawbacks of gulping chilled water but also drinking water while standing. Filtering water is one of the essential processes undertaken by the kidneys, and when we drink water in the standing position, they are not able to do their job properly. While standing, the muscles and nervous system are not relaxed, making it difficult for the nerves to digest water. This inability causes a misbalance, leading to accumulation of fluids in the joints, which could trigger arthritis. To prevent this, it is highly recommended to sit down, relax, and drink water slowly in order to soak the benefits of drinking water.

4. Gulping Down

Earlier, drinking water was a mindful process and people used to give it enough time, drinking water one sip at a time. Since times have changed and lives have started moving fast, gulping down the water has become common. It is one of the significant mistakes to avoid while drinking water as when water moves into the body too quickly, the body becomes incapacitated to absord all of it, resulting in it flushing most of water out. Another drawback is that when we gulp, not enough saliva in our mouth, which is alkaline and is supposed to dilute the stomach acid, gets into the stomach which leads to prevalence of acidic nature of the stomach, resulting in indigestion, acidity, etc. 

To prevent yourself from gulping water down out of habit, avoid the usage of bottles with a large mouth and adopt a sipper or glass.

5. Overdrinking Water

A lot of people consider water to be an aid in their weight loss journey or general leading of a healthy lifestyle. While this is perfectly true, consuming an adequate amount of water is of utmost importance. Going overboard with the consumption of water is one of the mistakes to avoid while drinking water as it can lead to numerous health problems, including dilution of salts and electrolytes in the body, making for one of the mistakes to avoid while drinking water. Sodium balances the fluids in and around your cells; though, when too much water is consumed, an imbalance is created which leads to water moving from blood to inside the cells, thus swelling them. To ensure that to prevent overdrinking water you are not dehydrating yourself, be on a lookout for symptoms such as parched lips, yellowish urine, and rapid breathing.

The whole truth about drinking water

How to Drink Water Correctly

We have seen the mistakes to avoid while drinking water, now let us consider how to drink water correctly. Water should be drunk whenever you feel thirsty. Although, when you wake up is the time you should never miss drinking water before brushing your teeth as the morning saliva is the most effective, which helps in neutralising stomach acid, relieving you from digestive issues, which is one of the benefits of drinking water.

Another solution to how to drink water correctly is that you may consume it in-between the meals, but make sure it is not consumed during the meals due to the reasons discussed above. Keep at least a 30 minutes of gap before and 1 hour after having a meal. The amount of water you should consume depends on your physical activity, body type, and more. Although, to offer an estimate, 2.5L to 3L water is recommended for reaping the benefits of drinking water.

Water is a magical fluid which should be consumed in appropriate quantities, no matter the utensil. However, an Auric copper bottle or any copper utensil offer the benefits of copper for a human body including significantly increasing the goodness of water and therefore is the answer to how to drink water correctly. The whole truth about drinking water has now been revealed by Auric and we sincerely hope to see lives improving due to drinking water the right way. For adding the value of copper to your life, here is all you need to know about copper bottle comboImprove your life even further by embracing the power of ayurveda using Auric ayurvedic drinks. 


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