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Ready to Drink Beverages - No Mixing, No Fuss.
Auric's true power comes from the foundation it is based on. Made with natural ingredients and Ayurveda, we don't need any artificial chemicals to deliver the Functional Benefits. We don't allow any junk in our products.

Purer than purest

What Customers Say

  • I had given up on bottled beverages long ago, and never thought I will get the brilliance of Ayurveda in a soothing taste, in the form of a beverages. AURIC is my daily dose of health now.

    Sunila Vig

  • I've been drinking Auric regularly since 3 months and trust me it's the healthiest drink available. I started feeling the benefits within the first 30 days.

    Tarun Mehta

  • My all time favourite is Auric Skin Radiance. It actually improved my skin - made it healthier and softer. There is a natural glow, without those harmful cosmetics.

    Sonalika Jain

  • Best part about Auric is that the drinks are 100% natural and combine the benefits of various Ayurvedic herbs in one drink. We always want to have these herbs, but Auric has made it possible by making it convenient.

    Adarsh Thapliyal

  • My entire family is a big fan of these drinks. We first discovered them in December 2019 and have been drinking them since. It's great for our health, skin and the taste is actually really good. 

    Divyanshi Mehra

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