Top 10 Impressive Health Benefits Of Banana

Top 10 Impressive Health Benefits Of Banana

Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Bananas

The world has been going through a change of lifestyle. People are making healthier choices each day for every day of the year to stay fit. There is no doubt at all that fruits are a huge part of this healthy lifestyle and people have understood the value of including fruits in their food habits.

Even doctors and nutritionists suggest fruits to be a mandatory addition to food habits. Every fruit has its significance and benefits on the human body. Similarly, banana has its importance for the human body with all the nutrients it acquires.


What are the nutrients present in a banana?

A nutritionist is the best person to share this information in a specific manner since they can guide people about the consumption of a banana according to their balanced diet. A balanced diet can vary for different people and the consumption of bananas depends on that information.

In general, a banana contains potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, magnesium, copper, manganese, carbs, fiber, and very little protein & fat. The combination of these nutrients in a banana is such that it totals over 100 calories in a single medium-sized ripe banana. 

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All the nutrients behave differently for a human body but combined in a banana, it can be quite beneficial. Here are 10 Impressive benefits of Banana for our body:

  • The perfect combination of nutrients

  • Bananas make the perfect combination of nutrients that have high fiber content and low-fat content. Many people find it the perfect way to start their morning by adding bananas to their breakfast diet along with a glass of milk. Other than high fiber, there are several antioxidants in a banana.

    Bananas are a great way to reduce weight & because of this reason that it occupies the stomach for a reasonable amount of time. The green bananas are more helpful in the cause than the yellow ones because of the resistant starch content in the green bananas.

  • The moderate rise in blood sugar levels in the body

    Blood Sugar Level

  • The carbs contained in a green unripe banana are known as starch and resistant starch, but as soon as the banana is ripe, that starch turns into sugar. This is one of the reasons why people prefer to eat a banana in the morning since it tends to reduce appetite as it is digested slowly.

    Hence, the stomach will not feel empty quickly. Though, banana doesn’t cause a major spike in a normal person’s sugar levels because it ranges low to medium on the glycemic index.

  • Improves digestive health

    Improves Digestion

  • Banana contains dietary fiber that helps to improve the digestive health of an individual. In detail pectin contained in ripe bananas and resistant starch in unripe ones are the two types of fibers in it that help in digestion. Resistant starch is not easy to digest and gets stored in the large intestine, where the good bacteria take their help in digestion.

  • Helps in High Blood pressure control

  • Banana contains magnesium and potassium that are essential to control the function of a heart correctly and maintains blood pressure from getting high. A medium-sized banana provides 12% of recommended daily intake of potassium and 16% of magnesium which makes it a great source of the two vital nutrients.

    These two nutrients are suggested by professional nutritionists to avoid heart diseases. Even the doctors suggest patients eat a banana if they don’t have type-2 diabetes.

  • Great help to a pregnant woman

    Help to Pregnant Women

  • Bananas with all the ingredients are very important for pregnant women and suffice their body’s needs perfectly. Banana contains folic acid that helps in producing extra blood in the body, which is needed during pregnancy for both the mother and the child.

    Banana is also a good source of iron content that prevents anemia and helps in blood production. The digestive nature of bananas helps in constipation which is a huge problem during pregnancy. And when taken between meals it regulates sugar levels better. Another benefit is potassium in bananas helps in processing the salt of the body out quickly that helps in avoiding water retention in the body.

  • Energy and stamina booster

    Energy Booster

  • The resistant digestion nature of sucrose present in sugar content of banana provides body energy for longer duration and increases stamina. It is a great booster to the mind as well because it has potassium and magnesium.

    Potassium helps in making the mind attentive and receptive to learning while magnesium improves the focusing power of the mind.

  • Provides better bone strength

    Bone Strength
  • Bananas are full of nutrients required for a stronger bone density. It contains potassium, magnesium, Vitamin B, and C that are essential for the bones to consume energy.

    The prebiotic compound in a banana helps and encourages the body to produce probiotic bacteria that produce vitamins and enzymes for the body. These enzymes and vitamins are then absorbed by the bones including calcium.

  • Improves mental health

    Improves Mental Health

  • There is a great need for improving mood and mental health with all the competitions out in the world. Bananas have a compound called tryptophan that gets converted into serotonin by the body, which releases a feel-good hormone in the body, and the mood automatically lightens.

    Tryptophan also helps in getting a night of good sleep. Hence, it is good for people who are suffering from insomnia or a bad sleeping cycle.

  • Skin and health care

    Healthy Skin

  • The oxidants present in abundance in bananas help in skin and hair care. A hair mask especially made of mashed banana will provide an amazing personal hair treatment session. Apart from eating the banana, its peel is equally important to use.

    They are a great way to fight acne and clean your skin. They can also be placed on the eyelids to reduce swelling. In addition to that, it can also be used for rashes and mosquito bites.

  • Improvement in male health

    Improvement in Male Health

  • It is quite common to hear that a banana is a great friend of a male. It provides energy and stamina that can not only be used in sports but other physical activities as well. Banana helps in the production and regulating sexual hormones in men.

    It is natural and the vitamins and minerals in the banana also increase the libido and sexual stamina. Other than sexual help, they are also quite helpful in keeping the prostate healthy. 

    Who should not eat a banana?

    People who have type-2 diabetes confirmed by their doctors should avoid having a banana in their diet plan. As beneficial as it is for a normal person’s diet, it is equally non-beneficial for a diabetic person. Hence, it is important to keep your health status updated so that you can be sure of what can be eaten and what not to avoid grave damage.

    How to consume and include bananas in your diet?


    There are easy ways to add bananas to your diet plan. People don’t mind eating raw banana fruit with a glass of milk in the morning. Apart from the raw fruit intake, one can add bananas to several dishes, including fruit salad and even sweets, for that matter.

    There are other innumerable options and methods of consuming a banana to have a healthy diet. Drinking Banana Shakes & Smoothies is also a great option. 

    You can also find a wide range of Ayurvedic fruit juices with various health benefits at 

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    Please feel free to leave a comment below & let us know any questions that you may have on the health benefits of Banana.

    ​​Authored By: Ankita Agarwal
    About Author: Ankita Agarwal is a Health & Wellness Coach from Siliguri, India



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