10 Wellness Drinks That You Must Have Post Workout

10 Wellness Drinks That You Must Have Post Workout | Auric Ayurvedic Thandai

A good workout is a must for everyone to stay healthy and refresh their minds. Whether it is a calming yoga session or a long run, drinking fluids is an important part too. A wellness drink post-workout is a must as it helps to keep the body hydrated. It not only prevents dehydration it also helps the body to recover from the session quickly. Read below to know more about wellness drinks that you should have after a workout. 

Why Consume a Wellness Drink Post Workout?

One of the obvious reasons for having fluids before, during or after a workout is to prevent dehydration. When the body is dehydrated, the brain cannot sense thirst, which means there is no signal from the brain to quench the thirst. It can become a serious problem and this is why experts and trainers emphasise drinking water. 

How to know if the body is dehydrated? Dry mouth and thirst are the common signs but so are feeling faint, dizzy, and having a headache. Another way to check for hydration level is to check the colour of the urine. Darker shades mean dehydration, while light colour means optimal hydration levels. Apart from dehydration, some of the other benefits of fluids are:

  • Lower heart rate and temperature
  • Easing of fatigue and cramps
  • Preventing muscle cramps
  • Muscle repair
  • Joints lubrication

Failing to keep the body hydrated can lead to many health issues, including lowered blood volume and blood pressure. Hence it is essential to have enough fluids after a workout, especially for casual exercisers, as they are unaware of the impact. 

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Post-Workout Health and Wellness Drinks

While looking for a post-workout drink, choose natural fluids and are free from artificial colours and flavours. Also, ensure that they are not processed and contain no sugar. Instead, opt for a fresh, natural, and nourishing sports drink that keeps you energetic after a hard workout session. Listed below are refreshing health and wellness drinks that you can have after an exercise session. 


  • Reasons: This becomes a no-brainer when you are aware of the ayurvedic facts behind drinking water. Water is a natural drink that has no calories and is highly refreshing. Anyone looking for a hassle-free drink that is risk-free and can hydrate the body can opt for this. One of the reasons for choosing other drinks is that water lacks taste and hence people get bored of it. To make it more refreshing, add salt or fresh herbs or fruits to it. You can also add a pinch of sugar if you are feeling low after exercise. 
  • Ideal for: It is suited for all types of people and ages. This health and wellness drink can be had by athletes or casual exercisers who need it for hydration. Hard-core athletes may also need to have chocolate milk or tart cherry juice for better strength and recovery. 
  • How much to drink: This should be had throughout the workout and before and after the session. The American Council recommends exercise and also that you drink 8 ounces of water after exercise.

Coconut Water

  • Reasons: Coconut Water - Scientific Benefits. After water, if there is any refreshing health and wellness natural drink, it has to be coconut water. It is also a great source of electrolytes and is very low on sugar and calories. It is also delicious, unlike water and is all-natural. However, when buying coconut water that is bottled, ensure that it has no sugar or preservatives. If you like the taste, it is much better than all the other drinks that contain sugar. 
  • Ideal for: This wellness drink is best for casual exercisers who want to hydrate with something other than water. It is primarily for people who want a sugar-free drink. It is an excellent source of electrolytes and hence can be used by athletes too. However, since it does not have proteins or antioxidants, this may have to be consumed with other drinks. 
  • How much to drink: For a casual exerciser, it is recommended that coconut water be consumed in the same amount as water. However, an athlete may need more to replace the lost sweat. 
Coconut Water is one of the 10 Wellness Drinks That You Must Have Post Workout

Sports Drinks

  • Reasons: After a workout, the body loses salt and minerals. Additionally, plain water does not have enough electrolytes, which are needed after sweating. To fulfil this, have a sports drink that can replace the lost electrolytes. This wellness drink helps the body to recover as well as replenish. Beware of bottled drinks as they contain calories, sugar, and sodium. Instead, they can be made at home by adding fresh fruits extracts or herbs. 
  • Ideal for: It is required by people who do long and continuous workouts. For example, cyclists or long-distance runners who perform activities without rests should have this. It prevents fatigue and also helps to rehydrate. Even those who perform high-intensity workouts or power yoga sessions can consume it. 
  • How much to drink: It is recommended that people drink the same amount lost during exercise. For example, an hour of intense exercise can make a person lose about 16 ounces of fluid. So that is the amount of fluid that should be replaced. So when you do such an intense session, figure out the fluid lost and drink that quantity. 

Tart Cherry Juice

  • Reasons: It is a wellness drink rich in antioxidants and reduces soreness after an intense event or workout. A few studies also show that it can reduce muscle damage that has happened due to exercise. It also has high water content and replaces the lost fluids due to sweating. In addition, cherry juice is rich in carbs and can add instant energy. 
  • Ideal for: The tart juice is helpful for people who need a quick recovery. Thus it is suited for athletes or weight lifters who want instant energy and recovery of strength. 
  • How much to drink: The recommended quantity is 10 ounces or about 300 ml of this drink post-exercise to get maximum benefits. 

Chocolate Milk

  • Reasons: Milk is considered a wholesome food as it contains all the nutrients. Chocolate milk is also one such post workout drink that provides proteins and carbs needed after a session. It helps to build muscles and also recover from muscle injury quickly. If you count calories, opt for fat-free and sugar-free milk as it is a more effective beverage than sports drinks. Milk has high-water content and replaces the electrolytes and hydrates the body. Chocolate milk or tart cherry can also be had as an alternate wellness drink. 
  • Ideal for: Anyone who performs intense high-endurance workouts. People who work out for more than 60 minutes can benefit from this drink. 
  • How much to drink: For an easy post-exercise recommended quantity is 250ml of milk. For an athlete, around 400 ml or 16 ounces of it is recommended. If you are doing an endurance workout and burning fat, you should have whole chocolate milk and consume it within 20 to 30 minutes post-exercise. 

Turmeric Milk

  • Reasons: This is a post-workout drink that is good for recovery after an intense workout. Milk benefits are explained above; adding turmeric makes it more beneficial. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in muscle recovery. It also prevents you from getting sick due to the antibacterial properties of turmeric. Our Ayurvedic instant coffee with turmeric is an excellent choice if looking for a quick solution to regain lost fluids. It allows you to reap all the benefits of turmeric in ayurveda.
  • Ideal for: This health and wellness drink is for anyone looking for a natural drink after a heavy exercise session. If you want to add more electrolytes, use coconut milk. 
  • How much to drink: Like the chocolate milk, for a typical workout, 8 ounces, and after a heavy workout, drink 16 ounces. 

Turmeric Milk is one of the 10 Wellness Drinks That You Must Have Post Workout

Black and Green Tea

  • Reasons: It can be had at any time of the day, including after a workout. It has many benefits that aid muscle recovery. It can also burn more calories and aids in boosting metabolism, which makes the workout session more fruitful. Auric’s Kadak Masala Chai with Moringa is a rich source of antioxidants that can help you refill fluid levels in the body without any fat quotient. 
  • Ideal for: Those who are on the lookout for sugar and calorie-free drink. Since it helps burn calories, it is good for people who are on a weight loss journey.
  • How much to drink: A cup of tea is guaranteed to provide benefits. Drink it hot or cold; when it is made just with water, there are no additional calories you need to be afraid of. 

Watermelon Juice

  • Reasons: It is a great energising wellness drink that is loaded with vitamins. It also helps to improve endurance and provide energy. It is loaded with natural sugars and is suitable for people who need instant energy. Apart from rehydration, amino acids help in reducing muscle soreness after a workout. 
  • Ideal for: Everyone who wants to rehydrate can use this health and wellness drink. It is best for people who have had an intense session of exercise.
  • How much to take: The same amount as water. 

Lemon or Orange Juice

  • Reasons: It promotes vitamin C absorption and helps to get rid of acids from the body. It also helps in rehydration and contains no extra calories. It improves iron absorption and boosts immunity. 
  • Ideal for: Those who do intense workouts and need fast replenishing of fluids. Even those who are looking for something other than water can choose this. 
  • How much to take: Consume this health and wellness drink the same as water.

Banana Smoothie

  • Bananas are a great source of vitamins and minerals. It helps to reduce tiredness and also boost endurance. This wellness drink also contains nutrients that help in building nerves and muscles. 
  • Ideal for: People who do high-intensity workouts. This health and wellness drink is also suitable for people who are looking to build muscles and improve endurance. 
  • How much to take: Use one medium-sized banana to make the smoothie to gain the required nutrients. 

Auric Ayurvedic Thandai is one of the 10 Wellness Drinks That You Must Have Post Workout

Staying hydrated is an important aspect to consider when doing a workout. Auric’s Ayurvedic Thandai is a great drink as it gives you the nutrients from nuts, seeds, herbs and spices, all in a cup. Sip on a wellness drink and stay hydrated post-workout to achieve your workout goals. 

Authored By: Divya Shankar

About Author: Divya Shankar is a multifaceted content writer with 7+ years of experience. She has exclusive writing expertise in ayurveda.

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