Some Weight Loss Smoothies To Try At Home

Smoothies for Weight Loss
Are you in need of a breakfast that is healthy, quick, and aids weight loss? If yes, why not try the weight balance and lose weight smoothie? It is a delicious option loaded with essential minerals and vitamins as a blend of fruits, veggies, milk, or yogurt. While you can always pick up a smoothie on the way to your office, making the weight balance drink at your home is better. You can remove unwanted ingredients and sweeteners and whip up a lose-weight smoothie right at home. 

Weight Balance Smoothie to Make at Home

If you are looking to shed a few kilos, the below loose weight smoothie recipes are ideal as they are packed with antioxidants, fiber, and protein. These nutrients can aid in weight balance and weight loss, making them the best morning drink for weight loss. It is not that you should have it in the morning, it can be had a meal during the day, making them the best drink for weight loss. Additionally, their antioxidants reduce inflammation and decrease the stress hormones that burn fat better than before. What's more, having a loose weight smoothie can also provide enough energy needed to get through the day and provide weight balance. 

Smoothie with Banana and Chocolate

A banana is a go-to for breakfast as it is a rich source of energy. But instead of directly having it, why not make a smoothie and make a meal of it? Add banana, a few cherries, almond milk or plain milk, protein powder, and a few dark chocolate squares to a blender. Whip it up and enjoy a weight balance and lose weight smoothie. It has the wholesomeness of banana and almond milk and the healing powers of chocolate to accelerate weight loss. 

Nutrition: 280 calories, 35g carbs, 3g fat, 6g fiber, 28 g protein, and 17g sugar. 

Berries and Pista Smoothie

It is a well-established fact that berries have special fat-burning capabilities. But did you know that these green-colored nuts too can help in weight balance? So why not use both to make the best morning drink for weight loss? The unsalted pistachios can burn belly fat and optimize blood glucose and bad cholesterol levels. Combine this with berries like strawberries or raspberries, protein powder, and water in a blender, and enjoy a lose-weight smoothie that is filling and a tasty sweet-sour drink. 

Nutrition: 266 calories, 18 g carbs, 9 g fat, 5g fiber, 30 g protein, and 8 g sugar.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

You will surely love this weight-balance smoothie if you are a chocolate addict. This lose-weight smoothie will not only satisfy your sweet cravings and also not cause your waistline to increase. It has the deliciousness of chocolate peanut butter without fat and sugar. If you want to add some immune boosters to it, choose peanut butter instead of chocolate peanut butter and add hot chocolate with ashwagandha powder.

The result is that you get better immunity, more energy, and also weight balance in a single drink. If this is not the best morning drink for weight loss, what is? To make this drink add almond milk, a fruit of your choices like avocado or banana, peanut butter, cocoa powder, and cinnamon. You can also add steamed cauliflower florets that are cooled for weight balance.


Nutrition: 300 calories, 36 g carbs, 15 g protein, 12 g fiber, 19g fat, and 16 g sugar.

Apple and Kale Smoothie

This is a lose-weight smoothie, which is a pie in a cup without the excess sugar and carbs. This is the best morning drink for weight loss as it is filled with fiber and protein from the apple. A dash of cinnamon powder is added to balance the blood sugar, curb appetite and prevent snacking, thus aiding weight balance. Add match powder that has catechins, and it helps in burning more fat. To make this weight loss drink at home, add almond milk, apple, cinnamon, protein powder, and matcha powder blend and enjoy the smoothie. 


Nutrition: 300 calories, 40g carbs, 28g protein, 8g fiber, 21g sugar, and 4.5g fat. 

Kiwi Cucumber Green Smoothie

This lose-weight smoothie is packed with a good amount of minerals and vitamins and gives you a great start to the mornings. Achieving weight balance is simple with this smoothie as it is easy and quick. To make this weight loss drink at home, add deseeded cucumber, kiwi, spinach leaves, a banana, and a dash of sweetener like honey to a blender. 

Nutrition: 84 calories, 20 g carbs, fat 1g, Protein 2g, fiber 3g, sugar 13 g. 

Apple Cabbage Smoothie

Are you bored of the same old weight balance drinks? Try this lose-weight smoothie that is made of unusual pair of ingredients. Apple and cabbage are both amazing in terms of nutrition and also taste great. Additionally, it is filled with vitamin C from cabbage as well as apple and making it the best morning drink for weight loss. To make this weight loss drink at home, add green apples, purple cabbage, water, and chia seeds to a blender. Whip up and have an amazing weight-loss drink at home.

Nutrition: 245 calories, 45 g carbs, 7g protein, 13 g fiber, 27g sugar, and 5g fat.

Weight balance can be achieved provided by making the above weight-loss drinks at home. Additionally, also include exercise and following a healthy lifestyle to keep the weight balance under control. 

Authored By: Divya Shankar

About Author: Divya Shankar is a multifaceted content writer with 7+ years of experience. She has exclusive writing expertise in Ayurveda.

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