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Wellness Drinks

Water is one of the best wellness beverages one can consume, but since a healthy male needs to consume around 3.7 litres of fluid and a healthy female needs to consume about 2.7 litres of fluid, it is challenging to meet this requirement alone with water. Only 20% of this total comes from food, with the remaining 80% coming from beverages. There is a demand for a wellness drink or other beverages in addition to water. However, most of the drinks available on the shelves of the supermarket are filled with empty calories. It's challenging to find a wellness beverage with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Having said that, if you want a beverage other than water, it is not insurmountable to find one.

Here are some of the best wellness drinks that you should drink: 

Best Wellness Drinks You Are Probably Not Drinking Yet

Everyone is aware that pomegranate juice, lemon water, and carrot juice are some of the top wellness beverages available. However, the following group of health beverages goes above and beyond the norm and are not yet known by many as the best wellness drinks.

Beet Juice

It is one of the most underrated wellness beverages and is not yet popular among millennials. But all that is slowly changing. It is a health and wellness drink with abundant benefits. It is due to the fact that it is a nutritional powerhouse that is a great source of nitrates, magnesium, and folic acid. When you consume this wellness drink, the body converts the nitrates present in the beets into nitric oxide, which, in turn, aids in lowering blood pressure and increasing blood flow. Many experts also recommend this health and wellness drink before a workout as it boosts stamina—time to grab that juicer and make this wellness beverage a part of your routine. 


For the uninitiated, Kombucha is a wellness beverage that is one of the trending hottest drinks. This is considered one of the best wellness drinks by Health Gurus for its numerous benefits. Advocates of this wellness drink say that it can boost your immunity, remove toxins from the body, aid digestion, help in losing weight, reduce high blood pressure, prevent cancer, and reduce the risk of heart disease. No wonder, health enthusiasts rave about this health and wellness drink. It is among the wellness beverages that fall in the fermented foods category and is packed with probiotics. It is rated among the best wellness drinks as it helps the body to absorb minerals and vitamins. 

Hot Chocolate

This is a surprise addition for most in the list of best wellness drinks. But apart from being a favourite for that cold day, it is also highly nutritious and a great wellness beverage. The health benefits of cocoa are well known as it is rich in antioxidants, and when it is mixed with milk that is fortified with Vitamin D and calcium, it literally adds itself to the top of the health and wellness drinks list.

One can also, instead of going for the usual hot chocolate, opt for something extra like
utilising the powers of ashwagandha, and get that extra nutritional kick from your wellness drink. Then nobody can deny its position in the list of best wellness drinks. 

Matcha Drink

Matcha is among the health and wellness drinks trending lately among people who do not want that jittery effect of coffee. It is among the best wellness drinks as it increases energy levels and boosts overall health. Among the wellness beverages that contain caffeine, this is considered good as it has a high concentration of L-theanine and flavonoids that produces a relaxing effect by increasing dopamine levels and serotonin. So you can have this wellness drink when you are stressed, and it has the same effect as coffee but without the jitters. 

A Mix of Green and Black Tea

Green tea is a popular wellness beverage hailed for its various health benefits. But not many know that a blend of green and black tea is a great wellness drink. Both black and green tea contain polyphenols which provide antioxidant effects, that help decrease the risk of heart disease, boost memory function, and increase alertness and concentration. This combo wellness drink can also calm the mind and body. 

Yerba Mate

It is a wellness beverage that is considered the drink of the Gods. It is made from the dried leaves of a native South American plant called Ilexx Paraguariensis. It is a powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants and promotes overall health. It contains caffeine in enough quantities to boost energy and mental focus. A cup of Yerba Mate can also reduce blood sugar levels and digestive issues while boosting immunity. 

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So these are some of the natural health and wellness drinks that are not well-known but extremely useful. Some of these drinks contain naturally occurring caffeine which can boost your energy and increase concentration and alertness. All in all, the above-listed drinks can keep you hydrated while being nutritious. 


Authored By: Divya Shankar

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