Top 10 Benefits of Green Tea

green tea benefits

The magnificent Green Tea is no less than a magical health potion when all the numerous benefits of Green Tea comes into the life picture. Its origin story is just as interesting as Green Tea health benefits. It's believed that the inventor of Chinese medicine, Emperor Shennong, discovered Green Tea as a beverage in 2737 BC when the leaves of this tea tree accidentally fell in his cup of boiled water. 

This bittersweet tea contains abundant antioxidants and useful polyphenols as it is the least processed kind of tea with unoxidized leaves, the reason for multiple benefits of Green Tea. This healthy beverage has been used because of the incredible benefits of Green Tea diversified in the fields of beauty, health, medicine and more for centuries now in different countries and various cultures owing to the presence of flavonoids that lead to the astounding benefits of Green Tea. Green Tea for weight loss and Green Tea for PCOS has been primary Green Tea health benefits, however, these tiny green leaves can do much more than this.  

Its earthy taste is also quite liked which makes it an ideal healthy alternative for normal milk tea or any other beverage. Green Tea for weight loss along with Green Tea for PCOS has always been a trend amongst the masses but the other Green Tea health benefits are also equally appealing and result-driven. Right from making you feel relaxed and energetic to saving that energy by preventing many deleterious disorders, the benefits of Green Tea are innumerable. 

Loads of nutrition overflowing from these tiny green leaves that are so easily available and quite affordable, no wonder the popularity of Green Tea health benefits are reaching far and wide with every passing day.

Green tea benefits

How To Make Green Tea Health Benefits Accessible For The Health Conscious Consumer?

Benefits of Green Tea for PCOS, Green Tea for weight loss and more is easily accessible through this easily prepared beverage that can be consumed at any time of the day as a health and wellness drink. After knowing about the transforming benefits of green tea, the first question that hits up the minds of people is definitely how to make Green Tea and the answer is so easy to follow by one and all. 

For a hot and simmering cup of Green Tea, all you need is a saucepan, water and benefits of Green Tea lingering on the leaves. As you do for a regular tea, place the saucepan on the stove with the required amount of water and the Green Tea leaves but don’t bring it to a high boiling point as it might lead to the extra heating of these leaves that might turn their refreshing taste bitter. 

Hence, bring the water to boil only partly and your healthy tea is good to go inside your body to bring forth the miraculous benefits of Green Tea effectively and efficiently. The sizzling hot cup full of Green Tea health benefits is super ready to be served and enjoyed by fitness and health-conscious people as Green Tea for PCOS, Green Tea for weight loss and more. Also 

Benefits of Green Tea: Weight Loss and More

Ten Best Benefits of Green Tea 

Green Tea health benefits are as follows -

1.Green Tea For PCOS

Green Tea for PCOS is the best remedy to the common problem persisting amongst women all across the world. This is one of the best Green Tea health benefits for women. PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a common problem among women associated with a ton of health problems such as cardiovascular problems, increased risk of diabetes, hormonal imbalances leading to increase in male hormone and excess hair growth, difficulty losing weight, acne, irregularity in menstrual cycle etc. 

Studies state that Green Tea for PCOS is a hit amongst the women who suffer from this issue because the leaves have been shown to decrease this excess testosterone production as well as reduce insulin resistance in the body. Green Tea for PCOS is one of the most popular Green Tea health benefits of all time.

Green tea

2.Green Tea For Weight Loss 

Green Tea for weight loss is one of the ultimate Green Tea health benefits. The anti-obesity properties of Green Tea for weight loss are not hidden either; caffeine and catechin, a type of antioxidant, complement each other to aid the weight loss process. Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), prevents the breakdown of norepinephrine that stimulates the fat burning process by releasing fatty acids from cells into the bloodstream to be utilized as fuel, very skillfully targeting the fat cells. Green Tea for weight loss is definitely one of the most desirable benefits of the beverage. Also try Auric weight balance juice.

3.Green Tea For Diabetes 

Type 2 diabetes is a very common problem caused due to elevated levels of sugar because of the underproduction of insulin. Green Tea has been acknowledged to prevent this insulin resistance thus decreasing blood sugar levels. This works by reducing the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates owing to the presence of catechins.

4.Green Tea For Cancer 

One of the most detrimental illnesses, cancer, could have many reasons from genetic to environmental. Some of the known causes include oxidative stress due to the adverse effects of free radicals in the body and it is common knowledge that the antioxidants contained in Green Tea are are an efficient sword that fights off these extremely harmful free radicals saving cells from DNA damage and possibly reducing the risk of cancer.  The polyphenols present in tea have been known to protect from UV damage as well as slow down tumour cell proliferation. Not just this, some studies indicate that the benefits of Green Tea include the detoxification of enzymes such as quinine reductase that might inhibit tumour development in the body.

5.Green Tea For Skin 

Acne is a common problem in people with oily skin. Excess sebum production which makes skin oily is a result of fluctuating levels of androgen in the body. This excess sebum gets trapped in the skin and gives birth to unwanted acne. EGCG present in Green Tea is anti-androgenic which effectively reduces sebum production and in addition to this Green Tea is also anti-bacterial. 

Some studies have shown that Green Tea health benefits include delaying the ageing process as it works well in reducing skin damage caused due to sun exposure and it improves skin elasticity along with providing skin moisturizing effects. Green Tea bags are also commonly used to get rid of puffy eyes as well making the benefits of Green Tea more exclusive. Also try Auric skin radiance juice.

6.Green Tea For Cholesterol 

The benefits of Green Tea include controlling cholesterol levels effectively. Studies have shown Green Tea reduces levels of bad cholesterol(LDL) by decreasing its oxidation, thanks to the antioxidant power! 

The catechins as it turns out are quite the heroes, they have been known to prevent absorption of cholesterol in the intestines and Increase good cholesterol (HDL) cholesterol levels as well. All these wonderful effects also contribute towards lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases, thus saving your heart.

7.Green Tea For Cardiovascular Health 

The primary polyphenols, catechins, have been found to exercise antioxidative, anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative, anti-thrombogenic, and lipid-lowering effects. One of the familiar reasons for a cardiac arrest in an unhealthy heart is the improper flow of blood because of the narrowing down of arteries due to deposition of LDL/plaque. Now, for the sake of our heart health, we must do what could be done to prevent this blockage and fortunately, the antioxidants in green tea will do just that. So, relax and have a green sip!

8.Green Tea For Arthritis 

Arthritis is an autoimmune disease progressing gradually, causing inflammation and mainly affecting the joint. Potent flavonoids present in Green Tea can reduce the production of certain molecules that sets off inflammation, which might help in arthritis-associated problems. The cartilage surrounding joints get damaged and cause pain due to the overproduction of fibroblasts owing to the hyperactive immune system. The EGCG impacts the cells involved in this overactive immune response thus stabilizing its adverse effects. 

9.Green Tea For The Stomach 

Research about the Green Tea health benefits has shown that it works well for stomach issues such as ulcers and that it had been used as a remedy for relieving symptoms of diarrhoea such as pain, nausea, bloating and indigestion as well. IBD or inflammatory bowel disease caused by inflammation of the GI tract can be quite painful and extremely uncomfortable and to add to the problems, IBD has been linked with colon cancer. 

Green Tea has been shown to help with inflammation associated with these troubles proving that Green Tea has a praiseworthy influence on the body’s gut health.

    10. Green Tea For The Brain 

As enormous and countless Green Tea health benefits are available for the body, its wondrous impact on the mind cannot be missed. The presence of caffeine in green tea, which is a popular stimulant, may improve brain function, mood and memory. So, just drink coffee you’d say? Well, in Green Teait is present in lower amounts that does all the good and excludes the jittery effects that might be caused by consumption of coffee in some people. 

Also, caffeine is not the only brain awakening compound present in this herbaceous plant, it contains L-theanine too. L-theanine increases the GABA neurotransmitter that has anti-anxiety effects, dopamine and alpha waves in the brain as well. To add more to its crown, the research regarding Green Tea health benefits for Alzheimer’s (a memory disorder of the brain) has given some positive results. 

Colon-available Green Tea extract (CAGTE), a component of Green Tea when present in large amounts, was found to protect brain cells from the injurious free radicals and beta-amyloid peptides that are significantly involved in the development of Alzheimer’s.

Apart from the regular Green Tea for weight loss and Green Tea for PCOS, Green Tea can also be your heart’s best friend. Just inculcating the benefits of Green Tea with the least processing of the terrific tea leaves is the healthiest option for you and your family. Full of caffeine and antioxidants, especially catechins that boost the metabolism naturally, Green Tea health benefits have gained popularity for all the right and multiple reasons apart from Green Tea for weight loss and Green Tea for PCOS.

Drinking this caffeinated tea every day for about three to four times is like indulging in the benefits of Green Tea in the best way possible as the beverage works like a wonder for the overall body and mind. Green Tea is certainly a magical beverage with multifarious body and mind benefits served as a pious drink for greater health causes. Green Tea is the go-to health and wellness drink of the general masses because it is easily available and even easier to prepare.                                                                                                                                        Go healthy at a full-fledged pace with the Green Tea and indulge in the goodness of nature in its best form. 

Green tea benefits 


Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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