Weight loss: The 6 Best Teas to Lose Weight and Belly Fat

tea for weight loss

The history of tea goes back to almost 5,000 years ago. As the legend goes, the then Emperor, Shen Nung around 2750 B.C, was resting in the shade of the tea tree and boiling some drinking water. A breeze blew a few leaves from the tree that happened to fall into the pot and infused a flavour that the Emperor found invigorating.

In the early days of its consumption, tea was used primarily for medicinal purposes and secondly as a drink consumed for pleasure. Tea merchants in China found that tea in its original form wasn’t suitable for exporting as it would rot easily. To counter this, the tea merchants roasted the tea leaves to make them suitable for export. This helped the consumption of the beverage spread across the world. Also read Benefits of Green Tea: Weight Loss and More

Varieties Of Tea:

Tea’s popularity lies in its versatility and variety. It is a beverage that can be had hot or cold, and also comes in many flavours. Some teas have the effect of calming you down while others can make you feel more alert. There are some varieties that can have the effect of a  weight loss tea. 

You will find many varieties at the local store, but true teas are restricted to only a few, namely green, oolong, black and white tea. True tea is derived from only the plant known as Camellia Sinensis. The tea leaves are processed differently, giving the resulting variety of tea different colours, flavours and health benefits. Weight loss tea can be prepared at home as well. 

But does the popular notion that drinking tea helps you lose weight actually hold true?

Is Tea Good For Weight Loss? 

Tea has long been touted as a metabolism booster. We will attempt to answer the question, 'Is tea good for weight loss?', in this write-up. While tea does contain caffeine and natural antioxidants which are said to increase energy expenditure and thereby burn fat, research shows mixed results linking weight loss with the consumption of teas stated to be a weight loss tea.

Irrespective of whether you’re a tea or coffee person, there’s no denying that there’s a calming after effect to drinking teas, especially herbal ones. Aside from providing relaxation benefits, there are other potential health benefits too, such as reducing chances of contracting heart ailments and cancer. Herbal teas may even double up as a weight loss tea.

While drinking tea on its own does not stimulate weight loss it can be easily integrated into a healthy diet. So tea is good for weight loss if consumed in moderation along with a balanced diet. There are particular varieties of tea that can lay claim to being the best tea for weight loss. Also read 10 Ayurvedic Drinks For Weight Loss

Varieties of weight loss tea

How Is Green Tea Good For Weight Loss

The caffeine present in green tea stimulates fat oxidation and is considered a weight loss tea. If you may be wondering about the harmful side effects of caffeine in green tea, there is no reason to worry. A standard serving of tea contains only about half the caffeine content of a similar volume of coffee. Without the harmful effect of excessive caffeine, it makes ground for being called the best tea for weight loss

Green tea consumption also helps the drinker to stay hydrated. Dehydration might cause you to crave sweets and other foods rich in sugar even though you're just thirsty. Drinking sufficient green tea can also encourage your body to slightly increase your metabolism. 

If you have a preference for iced rather than hot tea, the benefits of consuming ice teas are the same as having a hot cup of tea, no matter what temperature you prefer your brew. But if you prefer to order your cup of tea chilled you would need to be aware that popular chains are known for adding lots of sweeteners into their iced teas, she says. So, be sure to stress on them to prepare your teas unsweetened. This would make it suitable as a tea good for weight loss.

Green tea helps to mobilise fat in the body, thus drinking it daily will help you lose belly fat and reduce your waist circumference. Green tea offers a longer-lasting weight loss effect than other beverages.

It is excellent as a pre-workout drink, which helps accelerate weight loss. As per a study, green tea helped burn 17% more fat in people who consumed it along with workouts than non-drinkers, thus reinforcing its value as an ideal weight loss tea.

How Is Matcha Green Tea Good For Weight Loss:

This popular weight loss tea contains antioxidants known as catechins that are known to boost metabolism. Matcha green tea provides a stable boost of energy for an extended amount of time without the anxious jitters that you may have experienced with coffee and energy drinks or any other weight loss tea.

Matcha Green tea also helps in detoxifying the body of toxins accumulated over time, earning it the label of the best tea for weight loss by its drinkers.  These harmful toxins can prevent your body from functioning properly and can cause unwanted weight gain. Matcha Green Tea is also a good weight loss tea.

How Is Yerba Mate Tea Good for Weight Loss:

Research shows that drinking yerba mate can help with controlling obesity and diabetes because it increases metabolism and reduces the amount of cholesterol, glucose, and fat in the blood. This makes it the best tea for weight loss in this regard.

A study was conducted to investigate the efficacy and safety of yerba mate tea in subjects with obesity.  Half the subjects were given yerba mate capsules thrice daily over 12 weeks, while the other half were given a placebo. 

Compared to the group given the placebo, the group consuming yerba mate supplements had a 3.6% reduction in body fat mass and a 3.0 % decrease in their body fat percentage. Many tea drinkers vouch for the Yebra Mate as a weight loss tea.

Is Sencha Green Tea Good for Weight Loss:

Sencha green tea makes up about 80% of all the tea that is produced and consumed in Japan and is one of the most popular varieties of green tea in the world. Sencha green tea is nutrient-dense and packed with catechins and is similar to Matcha Tea in this respect and just like Mancha, can lay claim to being the best tea for weight loss as well as working as a weight loss tea. Just like all green teas, sencha contains bio-active compounds that can facilitate weight loss. 

It helps to increase the amount of fat burned during exercise when consumed at least ninety minutes before your workout. Sencha tea is also effective as an appetite suppressant. This will help in controlling your urge to binge on food unnecessarily.

How Is Oolong Tea Good for Weight Loss:

Research shows that oolong tea can speed up the slimming process just as or more effectively better than green tea. Oolong tea’s unique blend of polyphenols, which are compounds present in Oolong Tea,  prod cells to burn calories more efficiently and this helps to boost digestion making it ideal as a weight loss tea. 

Japanese researchers found that having just one cup of oolong tea a day boosts metabolism by 20 per cent for two hours and this is twice as much as green tea. Oolong further promotes the burning of belly fat. Those who sipped oolong burned twice the fat around the midsection than those who skipped the brew.

Studies also show that oolong reduces hunger pangs by 36 per cent for up to a day.

How Is Ginseng Tea Good for Weight Loss:

If you look to shedding weight naturally, then Ginseng speaks for itself as an ideal weight loss tea and arguably the best tea for weight loss. Ginseng tea helps to reduce body weight naturally and this happens gradually. Ginseng Tea is a better alternative to synthetic slimming pills as the side effects of the pills may not be good in the long term. Before trying those synthetic slimming pills, you should try Ginseng tea.​ 

Using your energy is the most ideal way to lose weight. This is why physical exercise is a medium for losing weight, which will help burn more calories than you consume, leading to weight loss. Ginseng aids the rapid conversion of fat into energy. This is why many people choose to consume Ginseng and feel that Ginseng is the best tea for weight loss. 

How Is Peppermint Tea Good for Weight Loss:

 Peppermint tea has an aromatic scent and its taste is better than even that of your fancy cup of coffee or green tea. Peppermint tea is a weight loss tea that is not only low in calories but also helps curb hunger cravings and boosts digestion which has a direct link with reducing weight. The strong scent that emanates from peppermint tea is known to suppress appetite and reduce cravings. All these attributes ensure that Peppermint Tea finds itself in the category of the best tea for weight loss.

How Is Chamomile Tea Good for Weight Loss:

Chamomile tea has a great many health benefits which make it qualify for the tag of best tea for weight loss, with the best benefit being it helps reduce insomnia. This attribute makes Chamomile Tea a great choice as a nighttime drink. Along with helping you sleep better, chamomile tea has properties that aid in weight loss. 

Herbal teas like Chamomile, which help you sleep can also contribute to weight loss, since getting insufficient rest is proven to be a major factor in weight gain.

How Is Moringa Tea Good for Weight Loss:

Moringa tea has become increasingly popular as a natural weight loss aid. It enjoys widespread use, both in North America and the UK. Pure moringa tea has a very earthy flavour and is slightly bitter similar to the taste of nettle tea. Because of its bitter flavour, often honey is added to it as a sweetener. However, if you are drinking Moringa with the aim of losing weight, adding honey or any other sweetener may negate its weight loss attributes. As it stands, consuming Moringa Tea for weight loss is a good idea.

It helps to have Moringa tea for weight loss, with its naturally occurring nutrient mix helps boost metabolism, burn calories, balance sugar levels, boost digestion, and increase energy levels. This is a major reason why it is good to have as part of a weight loss diet.

If you wish to enhance the effect of Moringa tea for weight loss, blending it with turmeric will do the trick. This is because both Moringa and Turmeric are known as superfoods, named so, because of the presence of loads of nutrients. The nutrients present are more than in other foods of similar nature.

The anti-inflammatory property of Moringa Tea makes it ideal for aiding in the digestion aspect. It also reduces constipation and diarrhoea and thus helps cut down on the ensuing hunger pangs that may rise after recovering. Consuming Moringa tea for weight loss also makes sure digestion happens quicker and this helps reduce bloating. 

Consumption of Moringa Tea for weight loss helps retention of water. Water is usually retained by the body as it prepares for when hydration may not happen for some extent of time. By reducing the retention of water, Moringa Tea reduces body weight.

Mixing Moringa powder in tea gives a slightly bitter after taste and using Moringa Tea for weight loss may not be palatable to everyone. Mixing it with soups, salads, etc, are other ways in which Moringa can be used for weight loss without the bitter after taste. 

As Moringa is rich in nutritional value and provides more calcium than milk and carrots, using Moringa Tea for weight loss helps reduce body weight as it is ensured that energy is released in a more regulated way as and when the body needs it.

Consuming Auric Kadak Masala Tea, which contains Moringa for weight loss, will help regulate hormone levels. It also helps in regulating the Thyroid glands and prevents hyperthyroidism, which is one of the causes of excess body weight. Therefore, you should resort to Auric Kadak Masala Tea for your go-to tea.


Tea is an ancient beverage with a lot of modern benefits. It is highly beneficial to human health and has earned its reputation as one of the most potent herbs in history. It is useful for stimulating weight loss and other allied benefits.

It is useful for burning fat, helps to improve metabolism, combat inflammation, and promote overall good health.

It is to be noted that tea drinkers shouldn't expect miracles to come in a teacup. Sustained weight loss requires a change in lifestyle that will include diet changes and minimum physical activity.

It is important to consult with a doctor before embarking on a weight loss plan and to remember that using Moringa Tea for weight loss or any of the other teas mentioned here for accelerating the weight loss process, cannot be a substitute for a healthy diet as teas contain minimal calories. Instead, tea can be had as a beverage to complement a healthy meal. Hopefully, the objective of the write-up to help you find the best tea for weight loss has been met. So, order your pack of Auric Kadak Masala Tea and witness your body changing for better!

tea for weight loss


Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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