Why You Need To Try Protein Shakes For Weight Gain

Protein Shake For Weight Gain

Not everyone is looking to lose extra pounds; a vast population wants to gain weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is a challenge as they may have a fast metabolism or want to add muscles without losing weight. Weight gain shakes, also known as mass gain supplements, are the best way to increase your protein intake and stay healthy. Here’s why you need to try protein weight gain shakes. 

Who needs Weight Gain Shakes?

While there is a great percentage of people battling obesity, there is a population where gaining and managing weight healthily is a struggle. Being underweight is not just a matter of being thin; it can lead to many problems like weak immunity, nutritional deficiencies, osteoporosis, infertility, and more. Using the best protein shakes for weight gain is extremely beneficial for the following people.

Recovering from Illness

Weight gain shakes are essential for those who are ill and unable to eat well and find themselves lacking energy. Such people should choose the best protein shakes for weight gain, giving them back strength and aiding in quick recovery. 

Older Adults

People tend to lose strength and muscle mass as they age. Weight gain shakes helps such people as it helps to maintain their strength and healthy weight and also add muscle mass. Not using the best protein shakes for weight gain means a greater risk of breaking a bone even if they have a small fall.

Those with High Metabolism

Weight gain shakes are a must-have for those who have a good metabolism and burn calories quickly. They should use the best protein shakes for weight gain as a top-up to maintain optimal weight. The best shakes help you gain weight, and homemade weight gain shakes can also be an option.


This is one of the common sections of people who use weight gain shakes. The best protein shakes for weight gain help build muscle mass which is important for bodybuilders and athletes. 

Why is Protein needed for the Body?

Protein is one of the critical macronutrients, the other two being fats and carbohydrates. These three together are needed to main optimal health. Protein helps perform many functions, the most important being that it helps in muscle growth. When you consume the best protein shakes for weight gain, the digestive system breaks them into amino acids. Branched-chain amino acids, BCAAs are needed for building muscles. 

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Unlike fats and carbs, the body does not store protein. Depending on various factors, you should include a specific amount of protein to maintain lean muscle mass and build muscles using the best shakes help you gain weight. If you don’t get enough of it, you lose strength and also muscle mass. Thus weight gain shakes, supplements, or whole foods should be consumed depending on the activity level and lifestyle. 

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How do Weight Gain Shakes Work?

Any weight gain shake will not work; it has to be the best protein shakes for weight gain so that you can achieve the goal of gaining weight. The best shakes help you gain weight as you get a calorie surplus and gain extra energy. If you want to control the ingredients that go into making it, homemade weight gain shakes are recommended. 

Weight gain shakes are easy to consume and rich in calories, so they can help you bulk up quickly. But it is important to choose the best protein shakes for weight gain as many brands use high sugar and fat to make them dense in calories. Check the nutritional profile before buying it to make it right for you. 

The Best Protein Shakes for Weight Gain

The best weight gain shakes, along with regular exercise and a healthy diet, can help you achieve the goal of adding muscle mass as well as extra weight. But it greatly depends on the protein powder that is used to make protein shakes. Some choices of protein powder are better than others; here are some of the types of weight gain shake powder available:

Whey Protein

This makes for one of the best protein shakes for weight gain. This is derived from milk and hence is rich in protein. This can be used to make homemade weight gain shakes along with your favorite ingredients. As per studies, it can boost muscle strength and mass. A study showed it to be better than soy and casein protein. So make the best weight gain shakes using whey protein.

Casein Protein

This is also derived from milk and is effective in building muscle. Use this to make homemade weight gain shakes instead of using wheat or soy protein. 

Egg Protein

The egg is an excellent source of protein that can be digested easily. It is a good choice for those who are lactose-intolerant or want animal protein. Make homemade weight gain shakes using eggs and enjoy the various health benefits of it. 

Plant Protein

These are a blend of various plant sources and can provide the body with the essential amino acids. Use Plant protein to make the best protein shakes for weight gain.

If you want to gain weight for reasons unknown and struggling, choose weight gain shakes. The best shakes help you gain weight and also prevent muscle loss and keep you feeling healthy and strong. 

Authored By: Divya Shankar

About Author: Divya Shankar is a multifaceted content writer with 7+ years of experience. She has exclusive writing expertise in ayurveda.


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