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While obesity and weight loss is the most trending topic in the health and fitness industry, being underweight can also cause many health issues. People follow many methods to gain weight which may cause short-term or long-term health effects. So it is a challenge to gain weight for those who are looking to gain weight or build muscles. It has been found that one of the safe ways of gaining weight and improving muscle mass is by intake of enough protein through weight gain shakes. A diet with the right amount of proteins through protein shakes for weight gain is a great choice.  Also read Protein Shakes Recipes Top 10 Natural Protein Shakes | Protein Powder

Ways to Increase Protein Intake

Among the many macronutrients, proteins play an important role in health and fitness. Sufficient protein intake through weight gain shakes is one of the crucial concepts. Although it is easy to read about the weight gain powder, which has proteins, incorporating them into weight gain shakes is a lot more challenging. It will require you to move out of your comfort zone and try something new. Fortunately, a few proven strategies and useful tips can help you get enough protein through weight gain shakes. Here are some of them that you can use despite using the best protein powder for weight gain.


The nutrition and fitness industry is highly dynamic and changes rapidly. Weight gain protein shakes made from whey, and chicken breast have been popular for decades. These protein shakes for weight gain will remain so, but there are many other choices that you do not know. For instance, there are many ayurvedic protein powders for weight gain, which may be the best protein powder for weight gain. 

Also, there are many weight gain shakes that are made of chia seeds, quinoa, etc, that are not new but are making a comeback. That is because new data has emerged showing that protein shakes for weight gain made from these foods have many nutritional benefits. Recent studies have shed light that quinoa is an easily digestible food that contains all the needed amino acids. So the weight gain powder made from this is considered a complete food. If you do not find the existing weight gain powders interesting, you can look for more creative options to make your weight gain shakes. So do your research on the best weight gain protein powder to make the perfect weight gain shake for yourself.

Build a Schedule for your Protein Intake

You may have found the best protein powder for weight gain, but what if you don’t take the weight gain shakes regularly? Like the other things in your life- exercise, relaxation, meditation, it would be better to schedule your weight gain powder shakes with protein intake in advance. That does not mean you have to plan every single gram of protein before you take it; start by building a routine and then scale up. 

For instance, you can start by scheduling your protein shakes for weight gain thrice a week or on days when you work out. If your goal is to build muscle, then you will want to have weight gain shakes after a workout and also after your lunch and dinner. The key to this is to experiment. Try a different type of weight gain powder like the ayurvedic protein powder for weight gain at one time, and other weight gain shakes at other times until you figure out which works best for your routine. 

Try Various Forms of Protein

Whether you have found the best weight gain protein powder or still pondering on pondering over which ayurvedic protein powder for weight gain is ideal for you, it is always good to try various forms of protein. You might be wondering if there is something wrong with eating the same types of food. No, there is nothing wrong with having the same weight gain shakes over and over again. In fact, it is an ideal way to track carbs, protein, and other macronutrients. If you already know the nutritional profile, it becomes easy to track instead of having to incorporate new foods and their profile every time.

However, there are some who struggle to get enough protein from their weight gain powder as for them, they need a variety of weight gain shakes. One of the easiest ways to add more variety is to choose weight gain shakes made from substitute foods instead of what you often have. If you have whey protein weight gain powder protein shakes, often try a drink with egg whites which have high protein. 

On the other hand, if you are someone who gets their protein from foods like legumes, lentils, or chicken breast, you could try ayurvedic protein powder for weight gain or other weight gain powder or supplements. A single scoop of this, when used to make protein shakes for weight gain, has the same content as a serving of your favourite lean meat. You don’t have to make too many changes; adding a protein bar can improve your weight gain shakes.  

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Change the Cycle of Protein Intake 

There is no need to take the same amount of protein every day of the week, especially if you are different workout schedules. For instance, if you lift weights to build muscle mass thrice a week but are looking for the same amount of protein, don’t do that. If you consume 130 gms of protein from your weight gain shakes every day to achieve your goal, what you can do is have 150 gms on the day you lift weights and on the other days have around 115 gms. The protein consumption throughout the week is the same, but not daily. You can also use ayurvedic protein powder for weight gain on days when you are not working out or vice-versa to add variety. This is called the practice of cycling and is common when it comes to counting macronutrient intake like carbohydrates. It can act as an effective strategy to get extra protein into your diet. 

Try Making new Recipes

You may use the best protein powder for weight gain but drinking the same protein shakes for weight gain over and over can be tiresome. You can incorporate the same in many ways. For instance, add egg whites to your protein shakes for weight gain or look for other creative ways to try it in different recipes. Ayurvedic protein powder for weight gain can be a great way to add variety and taste. Look for ways to work into your cooking routine too. For instance, you can cook chicken breast with olive oil, basil, etc., and then combine it with high-protein soybeans. If you make use of cheese in your food, add ricotta cheese instead of mozzarella. The good-old paneer is also a great source of protein that can be used in creative ways and regular weight gain shakes. 

When is the Best Time to have Protein Shakes for Weight Gain?

People supplement weight gain shakes as it helps them achieve their fitness goals. Since the goals are different when drinking, these weight gain shakes vary. What is your focus? Gain weight or build muscles. Use the information to figure out when you should have your weight gain shakes. 

Morning Or Night: The Best Time To Have Weight Gain Shakes

For those using weight gain shakes and weight gain powder, it usually means building muscles. But for some, it could also include boosting body fat. To help with both, use protein shakes for weight gain that has healthy fats and a high level of proteins. That ensures it can boost both muscle gain and fat mass. Mix your weight gain shakes with fruits or yoghurt to increase nutrients and calorie content. 

Many experts believe that protein shakes for weight gain should be had within 30 minutes of a workout to get the best results. This is called the anabolic window and is a short span of time when the muscles act as a sponge for the protein. So during this window, if you consume protein shakes for weight gain, the nutrients get utilised effectively. 

However, if your goal is to build strength and muscle, then you can have weight gain shakes any time of the day. When you work out, it is advised that you consume extra protein within at least 2 hours of the workout. So if you work out in the morning, then have weight gainer shakes in the morning and if you go to the gym at night, have protein shakes for weight gain at night around the time of workout. 

Age is also believed to play a major role in determining whether you should drink protein shakes for weight gain at night or morning. A study suggests that having weight gain shakes at night is more beneficial as it gets digested better and optimally absorbed to maintain healthy muscles. Also, the muscle tissues undergo many changes with age, and so it is advised that they have bedtime protein shakes for weight gain in their routine. Also, certain protein weight gain powder is known to influence resting metabolic rate positively. So all the more reason for older adults to add protein shakes for weight gain into their diet. 

Those interested in gaining weight or building muscle mass will be interested in how to increase their protein intake. Like any habit, this too will take some adjustments and time. There is no single weight gain powder that will do the trick, experiment with different weight gain shakes, the best protein powder for weight gain, and plant-protein powder, vary recipes, and create a proper routine to spread out the intake to achieve your goals. 


Authored By: Divya Shankar

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