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Auric Protein Shake

Do you know how essential protein is for maintaining good health? It is a micronutrient that the body needs to perform every single function like building muscle, repairing tissue, and producing enzymes and hormones. So a person shouldn't ignore the everyday protein intake. But it is not possible to satisfy your body's protein needs with a standard diet. As per studies, the body requires 0.8 g protein per kg of body weight. So if a person's weight is 60kg, they need around 48g of protein every day. Yes, we understand that it is pretty challenging. But you can take the help of protein powder. Protein shakes are a famous nutritional supplement that a person can add to their diet. Good protein drinks will fulfil your daily protein needs and provide nutrients for bone and reproductive health.

Every protein supplement available in the market is not safe. When it comes to safe and healthy ways to fulfil your protein needs, Ayurveda protein powder can amaze you with the results.Also read 15 Best Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

Do you want to dig deep about Ayurveda protein powder? Let's dive in.

What is an Ayurveda protein powder?

The nutritional needs of everyone are different. Distinguishing factors like a person's age, body weight, and more define your daily nutrients intake requirements. An Ayurveda protein powder is the best option to meet your nutrient intake. These protein shakes not only contain the mandated amount of protein from different sources but also have ayurvedic herbs that offer a bundle of health benefits. These Ayurvedic herbs are part of plants like roots, leaves, seeds, or flowers of a plant extracted, etc. These plants are enriched with medicinal properties.

Health benefits of Ayurveda protein shakes.

There are numerous health benefits of Ayurvedic protein shakes that you cannot overlook. Let's check them out.

Protein shakes are exemplary for faster muscle recovery and growth

Faster muscle recovery and growth is the primary reason to add an ayurvedic protein powder to your diet. It is the trusted and safest source of protein. When it comes to muscle recovery, protein plays a vital role. It is an essential nutrient. 

When your muscles experience any wear and tear, doctors suggest taking an adequate protein intake. Ayurvedic protein powder has all essential amino acids.

Auric protein shake

Protein shakes boost immunity.

Ayurvedic protein powder helps to strengthen your immune system in many ways. For instance, the essential amino acid glutamine increases the production of glutathione. And glutathione is considered a potent natural antioxidant that the human body produces. What happens when we work out? While working out, the level of glutathione in the body starts dropping and makes us prone to free radical damage. Adequate protein consumption is key to sidestepping this problem. 

Ayurvedic protein powder is advantageous for boosting immunity because it contains active plant compounds. These active compounds effectively eliminate any free radicals that can harm your body's tissues and cells. The medley of protein and herbs can do wonders for your body. It fastens the immune cell repair and revival, assuring the complete strength of your immune system. 

Protein drinks for Stronger bones 

With increasing age, health issues also start increasing. A person becomes more vulnerable to health problems like osteoporosis. The main reason for osteoporosis is poor calcium intake. It makes bones so weak and decreases joint mobility and strength. A person becomes more prone to bone fracture. They find it challenging to maintain an active lifestyle.

An Ayurvedic protein powder contains essential nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus. It has the proper amalgamation of the right ingredients for bone protection and making them strong. It is better to start Ayurvedic protein powder at the right age and keep a distance from the bone issues.  

Ayurvedic protein shakes support weight loss.

If you want to lose weight, protein drinks can help you out. Protein is a crucial nutrient for weight loss. When you replace the carbs and fats with a protein diet or protein drinks, it lowers the hunger hormone and increases various satiety hormones. It keeps hunger pangs at bay, and you will take fewer calories and reduce weight automatically.

Do you know that a high protein intake can help you burn 80-100 more calories per day? 

Get Better skin and hair health with Ayurvedic protein drinks.

An ayurvedic protein powder contains potent antioxidants that are good for skin and hair health. It helps to deal with various skin and hair issues. It protects them from sun damage and makes them look healthier. 

Do you know stress increases the formation of free radicals in the body? The phytocompounds in ayurvedic protein powder help remove free radicals and make your hair and skin texture smoother. It's not just that; it contains various vitamins and minerals that your skin requires daily. For instance, biotin is a crucial nutrient and gives life to hair and skin. It is present in these active plant compounds. It prevents the ageing signs, more rapid repair regeneration, and even makes your skin and hair look supple, radiant, and healthy. 

Ayurvedic protein shakes don't harm healthy Kidneys.

We all believe that protein supplements can harm your kidneys. Well, it's true. Limiting protein intake can indeed benefit people with pre-existing kidney disease. Kidney issues are pretty severe, so we cannot joke about them.

Therefore, high protein intake can harm people with kidney problems; there is no study if it damages healthy kidneys or not. Various studies have shown that high-protein diets have no harmful effects on people with healthy kidneys. 

Ayurvedic protein shakes are the best source for satisfying protein and other nutrient needs. So are you having it today?

Where can I get Ayurvedic protein powder online?

Ayurvedic protein powder is the best way to add some value to your lifestyle. Numerous brands sell Ayurvedic protein powder, but how will you find a reliable one? That's a tricky question to answer. Well, one name in the market is quite famous for its unique ayurvedic products. Yes, you guessed it right. It's Auric. 

Auric Ayurvedic protein powder is 100% natural and plant-based protein from pea and wheat. It contains deshi khand instead of sugar. It is traditional, sulphur-free, chemical-free cane sugar from Ayurveda. It is rich in calcium, fibre, minerals, iron, vitamins, and magnesium. It is also easy to digest. It won't make lumps when you mix it in water or milk.

Auric protein shake

How to use Auric Ayurvedic protein powder?

Auric Ayurvedic protein powder comes in sachets. So you need not worry about quantity. Take one sachet of Auric Ayurvedic protein powder and add it to cold milk. Agitate it well with the help of a spoon. Make sure there are no lumps present in the milk. Once it is done, your protein shake is ready to drink. Have it sip by sip.

Undoubtedly, protein is essential for everyday survival. Overconsumption of protein can also cause various issues related to the kidney and liver. But you do need to worry about this if you choose Auric Ayurveda protein powder. For a healthy lifestyle, the consumption of one sachet every day is enough. But if you want to lose weight, drink two sachets in place of two meals daily. In case of weight gain, drink three sachets daily with three home-cooked meals.

To get the best results, consume Auric Ayurveda protein powder within 45 minutes of finishing your workout. A good protein powder is a perfect addition to your diet. Still, it's good to consult your healthcare provider before using any protein drinks, especially if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mother. Also read High Protein Vegetables - Sources of Plant Protein

Authored by: Vijeta Rana

About the Author: Vijeta Rana is a Wellness and Fitness Blogger from Punjab, India.

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