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Premix Tea Benefits

Tea and coffee are the most popular beverages in India, and these have come a long way. Once available in just two options, milk or without milk, and typically served hot, is now available in various flavors. What's more, is that it is brewed in various ways and at different temperatures. Among the multiple versions and flavors, instant premix tea is the most sought-after. If you haven't yet caught on to the instant tea premix trend, here are some of the reasons why you should choose it. 

Instant Premix Tea is a delightful Drinking Experience

Drinking tea is an important aspect of life for Chai lovers. The chai is a lifesaver for many as it is the first thing that some people want in the morning. It is not just a brew of tea leaves but a mix of many spices like ginger, cardamom, etc. Nothing is more refreshing than having a cup of tea after a long tiring day. That is because of the rejuvenating properties it has, and due to that, it has been used for ages. However, the current generation is always racing against time. They do not have the time to brew a cup of tea slowly and savor it. Tea premix powder to the rescue. 

Though the premix tea trend is currently on the upswing, the production of this premix tea can be traced to 1985 by a Brit called John William Brown. He was given a patent in the United Kingdom for making a paste with evaporated milk, concentrated tea extract, and sugar. When this paste was added to boiling water it gave a hot cup of tea. The instant premix tea has since then gone through many changes, and a tea gift box has become fashionable. It has now become easier than before to make it. All you have to do is choose an instant premix tea powder and dip it into hot water and enjoy the delightful aroma and taste of your favorite premix tea, which is readymade tea. 

The instant tea premix comes in many flavors with the Masala and the Elaichi flavor being the most popular as a tea gift box. Even if you are someone who is looking to cut sugar, instant tea premix comes without added sugar. So you have the option of sweetening it to your liking. A hardcore tea fan would look down at the premix tea as the poor cousin of their homemade tea, but it is not the case. Manufacturers know that anything less than the taste of homemade tea does not cut with the Indian customers. So they ensure that the taste of the tea premix powder is just like homemade but is readymade tea. 

Health Benefits of Premix Tea Powder

There are many different types of tea available in the market; however, instant tea premix powder is the frontrunner among tea lovers. While saving time, effort, and the same taste as homemade tea are the major reasons there are many health benefits of tea premix powder which is also the reason for its popularity. The tea gift box is also a popular gifting choice for health enthusiasts. Listed below are some of them:

Rich in antioxidants

Irrespective of the flavor of the instant premix tea that you choose, it is rich in antioxidants. That is because the main ingredient in all these tea leaves or powder is rich in antioxidants. So the readymade tea powder when used to make tea, enables the body to stabilise the free radicals. These free radicals are the one that damages the cells and causes chronic diseases. If you consume tea made from instant tea premix, the free radicals are neutralized and you are rid of chronic diseases. 

Protects liver

Various studies show that the use of instant tea premix powder daily for 3 months can help protect the liver. It helps in reducing the level of liver enzymes which are thought to be signs of liver damage. The nutrients present in the premix tea powder can also aid in eliminating waste and toxins. Consume it before bedtime, and the body can regenerate and rebuild the tissues promoting better health. 

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Aids in weight loss

The ingredients in the instant premix tea help in boosting the metabolism. That helps to spend more energy and improves fat burning. So consuming premix tea is one of the ways to boost weight loss and is also a good weight management routine. 

Good for the heart

Researchers have found several components in readymade tea that help reduce LDL and increase HDL. So that helps in protecting against heart diseases and also reduces the risk of strokes. A healthy heart means that there is better general health. Also, the components of premix tea help in boosting brain function. So it's time to give a tea gift box to your loved ones.

Better oral health

Instant tea powder contains catechins that are good for oral health. It suppresses the growth of bacteria in the mouth and reduces the risk of infection. Also, plaque formation, common among people with the bacterium in the mouth is reduced. So regular tea consumption inhibits the growth of bacteria and reduces bad breath. 

Apart from the above benefits, premix tea can also reduce household shopping expenses. The price of premix tea is less than the price of milk and tea powder added together. With so many benefits of readymade tea, it is time for a tea gift box of premix tea. 

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