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oil pulling

One of the most common places that come to mind when we think of relaxing is a spa, right? But did you know that there is something even more relaxing and rejuvenating? How many times have you been to a spa? Or How many of you would like to? 

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that not only helps you feel relaxed but cleanses toxins from soft tissue. Oil pulling goes way beyond and works as a therapy to cure various serious diseases. It is a kind of therapy that improves your overall health by eliminating toxins and breaking up biofilm. 

What Happens During Oil Pulling? 

Do you want to know what happens in your mouth during oil pulling? The very first step is to swish oil in your mouth (preferably coconut oil) and gargle for at least 15 to 20 minutes. 

Oil Pulling Therapy

The kind of food we eat nowadays is topped with untimely eating habits; bacteria have become a common problem. This chain of bacteria damages your teeth, creating weak tooth gums and increasing cavities. When you use oils like coconut (an antimicrobial) for oil pulling, it extracts bacterias from all corners of your mouth and helps to kill them. Oil pulling also attacks the walls of bacteria and pathogens. 

When the oil is swished in the whole mouth, it creates a protective coating on teeth which further reduces the risk of bacteria and cavity. The better, the more it removes toxins from the body. Also, you must ensure to spit the oil and not swallow it to prevent the bacteria from going into your body. 

Now that we know how oil pulling is done, what is oil pulling let's take a look into the benefits of oil pulling therapy - 

1. Improves Oral Health 

Improves Oral Health

Don't we all want teeth that shine like a star? But then there are so many toothpaste brands out there who just claim to help you. Here is one of the most amazing tricks to improve your oral health. Oil pulling works better if you use it along with other oral hygiene products.

Not only the doctors but celebrities also take full benefit of the oil pulling technique. In one of the interviews, Shilpa Shetty Kinda said," I do oil pulling for 7-10 minutes using cold-pressed coconut oil", she even said that she uses coconut oil a lot as it improves skin health, face, even in cooking. 

Oil pulling is not a replacement for toothpaste, but it protects us against gum inflammation. Swollen gums, which generally happen due to bacteria in plaque, can be reduced using oil pulling. 

According to Ayurveda, our tongue connects to the kidney, lungs, heart, small intestine, spine, and various organs. As oil pulling is more or less like a cleansing technique, it helps eliminate toxic heavy metals from saliva. With the help of the oil pulling technique, salivary enzymes extract chemical toxins, environmental toxins, and bacterial toxins from your body through your tongue. This entire activity helps to cleanse your entire body. 

2. Improves Digestion and Gut Health

Improves Digestion
Have you ever thought that when you chew your food and gulp it, you also gulp the bacteria and infections available in your mouth, which further blend in your entire body. These infections and bacteria can be dangerous and hurt your digestive system. It is wise to get rid of these bacteria at the earliest to upset the pH levels. 

It is believed that the oil pulling technique helps to maintain the balance of your digestive system as the healthy fats available in the oil restrict the stomach to reduce less acid to balance excess dosha in your digestive system.

3. Helps in Migration


One of the fastest-growing and common diseases among youth is migration. You must know someone suffering from migration; it could be your friend, family member, or colleague. Migration is that common. The sad part is that there is no absolute cure for this hazardous disease that can finish the migration. Some doctors even say migration can't leave a patient till the last breath. All you can do is take the necessary precautions. 

The oil pulling technique creates warmth in your mouth, improves circulation; this helps to reduce headaches. 

4. Prevents Cavities

Prevents Cavities

Don't we all love sweets and chocolates? But one of these habits of ours creates cavities which further develop bacteria buildup and poor old hygiene. 

These days, every other advertisement on television claims to protect you against cavities, but then there is an oil pulling technique that does. 

According to a study done in 2016, oil pulling helps prevent cavities and kills bacterias available in our teeth. Apart from regular toothpaste and toothbrush, regular use of oil pulling techniques can do wonders, especially for people who suffer from cavities and cannot eat their favorite food .because of cavity problems.


There is nothing in Ayurveda that doesn't come with umpteenth benefits. One of those magical techniques of Ayurveda is oil pulling which has many health benefits, especially for oral hygiene. We have discussed the benefits, but we must also inform you that oil pulling should be done with appropriate oils and not any random oil or refined. Sunflower oil, coconut oil are the oils that are highly preferable and offer maximum benefits to your health. So make sure, whenever you use the oil pulling technique, you do it with appropriate oil.

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Authored By: Ankita Agarwal

About Author: Ankita Agarwal is a Health & Wellness Coach from Siliguri, India

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