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oil pulling

One of the most common places that come to mind when we think of relaxing is a spa, right? But did you know that there is something even more relaxing and rejuvenating? How many times have you been to a spa? Or How many of you would like to? 

Oil pulling constitutes an age-old Ayurvedic technique, not solely inducing relaxation but also purging toxins from delicate tissue. The scope of oil pulling transcends, functioning as a remedy for diverse grave ailments. This form of therapy ameliorates holistic well-being by eradicating toxins and disrupting biofilm.

What Happens During Oil Pulling? 

Do you want to know what happens in your mouth during oil pulling?
Initiate by swishing oil in your oral cavity, preferably coconut oil, and gargling for 15 to 20 minutes.

Oil Pulling Therapy

Contemporary dietary patterns often accompany improper eating schedules, fostering heightened bacterial concerns. This bacterial sequence detrimentally impacts dental integrity, fostering gum weakness and escalated caries. By employing natural antimicrobials such as coconut oil for oil traction, pathogens are dislodged comprehensively within the oral cavity, instigating effective eradication. Furthermore, oil traction disrupts microbial matrices and pathogens proficiently.

The thorough oral swishing of oil engenders a protective enamel veneer, thereby mitigating bacterial and caries peril. Enhanced efficacy correlates with intensified detoxification. It is imperative to expel the oil post-treatment to avert bacterial ingestion.

Given the methodology and definition of oil traction, an exploration into its therapeutic merits is warranted -

1. Improves Oral Health 

Improves Oral Health

Desiring radiant teeth is a common aspiration. Yet, numerous toothpaste brands profess efficacy. An exceptional method to enhance oral well-being is oil pulling. Combining this practice with oral hygiene items yields superior results.

Prominent figures, not solely medical professionals, embrace oil-pulling advantages. Shilpa Shetty, for instance, revealed, "I practice 7-10 min with cold-pressed coconut oil",
 and extolled coconut oil's multifaceted benefits encompassing skin enhancement, facial care, and culinary use.

Oil pulling doesn't replace toothpaste but safeguards against gum inflammation. Alleviating swollen gums caused by plaque-related bacterial activity is among its merits.

According to Ayurveda, the tongue links to vital organs like kidneys, lungs, and heart. Oil pulling's purifying nature expels hazardous metals from saliva. Employing this technique, salivary enzymes extract chemical, environmental, and bacterial toxins via the tongue, facilitating thorough body detoxification.

2. Improves Digestion and Gut Health

Improves Digestion

Contemplate the notion that while consuming sustenance, you inadvertently ingest oral bacteria and infections that subsequently assimilate throughout your physique. These microorganisms and pathogens harbor peril, potentially compromising your gastrointestinal well-being. Prudent it is to promptly eradicate these agents to disrupt pH equilibrium.

The practice of oil pulling is reputed to sustain digestive equilibrium. The beneficial lipids within oil impede excessive gastric acid secretion, thereby harmonizing superfluous dosha within the alimentary tract.

3. Helps in Migraine

A swiftly emerging and prevalent ailment amidst the young demographic is migraine. It is likely that an individual you are acquainted with, such as a companion, relative, or associate, grapples with this condition. Undoubtedly, migraine's ubiquity is striking. Regrettably, a complete remedy for this perilous ailment remains elusive. Certain medical professionals assert that migraine may persist until life's end. The only recourse available pertains to adopting essential preventive measures.

The procedure of oil pulling generates oral warmth and enhances circulation, thereby mitigating instances of headaches.

4. Prevents Cavities

Prevents Cavities
Who doesn't enjoy confections and chocolates? Yet, such inclinations foster decay, bacterial accumulation, and compromised hygiene.

Currently, myriad TV ads assert anti-cavity effects, whereas an oil traction method offers an analogous defense.

Per a 2016 inquiry, oil traction curbs cavities and eradicates oral bacteria. Alongside standard oral care tools, habitual oil pulling confers remarkable benefits, notably to cavity-afflicted individuals constrained from favored foods due to dental concerns.


Ayurveda encompasses exclusively advantageous elements. Among them is the technique of oil pulling, replete with numerous merits, particularly for oral well-being. While the advantages have been detailed, it is imperative to underscore the necessity for specific oils during this practice, discarding arbitrary or refined alternatives. Optimal results are attainable through the use of highly recommended oils like sunflower and coconut, amplifying their healthful contributions. Thus, meticulous selection of oils for oil pulling is paramount.

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Authored By: Ankita Agarwal

About the Author: Ankita Agarwal is a Health and wellness Coach from Siliguri, India

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