What is Marjariasana Cat Stretch Yoga?

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People wonder what is cat pose yoga and how it got such a name.

Marjariasana yoga is also known as cat-cow stretch yoga. It is an asana known as a pose, which looks like a cat stretching itself. Marjariasana yoga is known as cat and asana. Hence the name Marjariasana yoga is called cat stretch yoga. Here we know that even pet cats can teach us several valuable things. The yogi learns with a keen eye from all around the world. Marjariasana yoga has two poses: cat pose and cow pose.

What is cat pose yoga?

Marjariasana cat stretch yoga is stretching yoga. While we practice marjariasana cat stretch yoga, we perform several stages of asana which we are unaware of. Thus, marjariasana yoga creates several yoga asanas while practicing the main yoga pose: Marjariasana yoga. 

Marjarianasana cat stretch yoga gives a warm-up to our spine. Cat pose helps in forward as well as backward bend.

 What is the Cat pose yoga, in simple words?   

In simple terms, Marjariasana cat pose yoga increases the flexibility of the spine, and shoulders stretch the back and strengthen our core and abdomen. 

Beginners may wonder what is cat pose? Let the head drop naturally for beginners by releasing the back of the neck. Do not force any movements. Keep your shoulders relaxed away from your ears and form a cat pose that is table top high on four limbs like the table's four legs. 

Gradually, start stretching your body and then perform marjariasana cat stretch yoga in a full-fledged form. Marjariasana yoga is said to be beneficial for women as it promotes flexibility in the reproductive organs. It is also said to be a stress reliever. As marjariasana yoga relaxes the body during breath movements, it reduces stress after a hectic day of work.

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What is cat pose yoga stepwise explanation?

Steps for marjariasana yoga:

  1. For practicing marjariasana yoga, you need to turn yourself into the cat's pose, i.e., a four-legged position. Form yourself in a table shape, such as your back forms the table top and your hands and feet form the table's four legs. 
  2. Keep your arms in a perpendicular pose to the floor. Keep your hands straight beneath the shoulders and flat, touching the ground. It would help if you keep your feet apart.
  3. Look straight upwards. While inhaling, push your back upwards as much as you can. Be in a position for 10-15 seconds.
  4. While in the cat pose, keep taking breaths.
  5. As you exhale, pull your chin towards your back. It is known as cow pose.
  6. Continue practicing it six times.
  7. Make your movements slow and graceful so that marjarianasana cat stretch yoga is meditative and beneficial health-wise.

Cat pose yoga is harmful to people with shoulders, wrists, neck, hip, and back injuries. People with blood pressure issues should not practice marjariasana yoga.

Who should not practice marjariasana yoga?

  • People with migraine should not practice marjariasana yoga. People with spondylitis and arthritis should not practice majariasana yoga.
  • Pregnant women are mostly forbidden from marjariasana cat stretch yoga asana; if permitted, they should stretch the abdomen mildly. 

What is cat stretch yoga useful for?

Cat pose yoga is beneficial for physical and mental health. As far as physical health is concerned, marjariasana cat stretch yoga

  • Increases flexibility

Marjariasana cat stretch yoga is one of the best yoga poses to start your journey in the yoga field. This pose increases your muscles' flexibility and enables us to perform other complex yoga poses easily. As the body becomes flexible, performing better in different asanas is easy. The marjariasana gives a warm-up to your muscles, shoulders, arms, wrists, etc. Overall, it increases the flexibility of the entire body. While performing the marjariasana cat stretch yoga, several poses of different yoga asana will be created.

  • Relieves menstrual pain

The breath which we intake relieves menstrual cramps and pain. Marjariasana cat stretch yoga is considered a prenatal yoga posture, but when a pregnant woman practices it, she should avoid the forceful contractual and relaxation movements, especially of the abdomen.

  • Strengthens your spine

What is cat pose yoga regarding strengthening organs? Marjariasana cat stretch yoga is beneficial in strengthening your spine. As we practice cow pose, it activates the tail bone and the spine's root. While exhaling, we come to the cat pose, which releases our neck and upper back. The stretching and relaxing poses increase blood flow circulation.

  • Stretches the hips, abdomen, and back

The stretching of the cat and cow poses increases flexibility, and yoga marjariasana stretches the hips, abdomen, and back. Doctors have forbidden yoga marjariasana for pregnant women as it shows such stretching movements.

  • Massages and stimulates organs in the belly

The abdominal organs like the adrenals and kidneys are massaged during the marjariasana yoga. The marjariasana benefits include strengthening the adrenal organs, especially the kidneys. It is advised that when we start our yoga session, the beginning should be with the marjariasana yoga, as it warms up the body.

  • We should regularly practice Marjariasana cat stretch yoga as it improves body structure and helps strengthen muscles.
  • Increases mobility and gently massages the spine.
  • Good start-up exercise as it warms up the spine and prepares the body for further exercises.
  • Marjariasana cat pose yoga increases the circulation of the spinal fluid.
  • Resting the muscles and wrists prepares the body for a downward dog pose.

Precautions to be kept in mind while practicing marjariasana cat stretch yoga 

  • A person should be careful while expanding and contracting the abdomen.
  • Do not stretch your body beyond its limits as it might cause pain and strain the muscles.

 What is cat pose yoga in a seated position like?

The marjariasana yoga can be practiced in a seated form as well:

Sit either on a chair or cross-legged. Keep your hands on your knees and turn your spine round: posing like a cat while inhaling.

Try the standing version of marjariasana yoga:

Stand with your feet apart and your hips a bit bent. Now place your Thighs around your spine on the out-breath.

Now add to it the cow- pose while you inhale.

Now, you must be wondering what is cat pose yoga and cow pose yoga?

Inhaling is the cow pose, and exhaling is the cat pose. Alternatively, these poses co-ordinate to become Marjariasana yoga.

Make a cat-cow sequence into a core awakening exercise by prolonging your opposite arm and leg in the cow pose and then drawing back the elbow and the knee to meet the nose in the cat pose.

What is cat pose yoga for sleep useful for?

Marjariasana benefits sleep also. Marjariasana yoga is helpful after a tiring day of work also. As you are tired and stressed out from work, the marjariasana affects the nervous system. It relaxes the brain out of stress, and hence we are now relaxed and can get a sound sleep. If we practice marjariasana cat stretch yoga before sleep, it seems helpful.

What is cat pose yoga for digestion working as?

  • The movements in the marjariasana cat stretch yoga help secrete bile juice in the liver. It maintains the digestive tract. It cures diseases related to poor digestion. It helps to keep the liver strong. Thus, it helps in digestion and increases metabolism.
  • Marjariasana yoga helps with sciatica. Sciatica is a disease of pain and back aches. The stretching and relaxing of arms, shoulders, back, and neck helps to diminish the pain caused by sciatica. 
  • Marjariasana also has spiritual benefits. It activates the Swadhishthana chakra. It is a pose that is created while performing marjariasana yoga. It is associated with the nervous system. It awakens the nerves, nourishes them, creates mental awareness, and stabilizes them. It is associated with great emotional turmoil.
  • Marjariasa yoga provides the mind with focused attention. By practicing this asana, we can think well and focus on what needs focused attention.

It is good to practice this asana on an empty stomach. You must remember to practice this asana for 4-5 hours before having food. It will give you enough time to digest food, and the energy provided will help you do the asana properly and actively.

What is cat pose yoga useful regarding weight?

  • Marjariasana yoga helps in burning accumulated fat from the body. It increases your metabolic rate and allows us to perform energetically more. As we work out more, marjarisana yoga helps burn fats and calories, assisting in weight reduction. Thus, it acts as a weight-loss asana.
  • To practice this yoga correctly, you should maintain your bowel system timely. It would help to keep the stomach and bladder empty before practicing this asana. It will give you a better performance.
  • It is proven that this asana should be practiced in the serene hours of the early morning. If due to some reasons you cannot do this asana in the morning time, it is advised to do it in the evening also.


Overall, this simple marjariasana yoga is packed with several benefits. To make yourself comfortable, you should ensure a comfortable mattress and proper posture on an empty stomach.

Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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