Is premium gourmet coffee worth it? 

Gourmet Coffee Benefits

As far as a cup of coffee goes, not all coffee is the same. The consistency of a cup of coffee can vary depending on the bens used to make it. What is gourmet coffee? Why should you spend more on it? Gourmet coffee is a type of plenty of coffee with improved flavour characteristics and brewing methods. As such, it tends to be more expensive than regular coffee beans. It can be a delicious treat for coffee lovers. But, you need to know that there is no regulation for the term gourmet. Any company can put the term gourmet coffee with turmeric as the product irrespective of any claim to excellent coffee. 

Coffee may get exported from various regions, including Hawaii, Africa, and Central and South America. It gets roasted to light, dark and medium levels to some characteristics that affect the caffeine content. 

Some terms often come up when describing gourmet cappuccino that may not get accurately explained. For some, it is similar to a bottle of fine wine. Each bean or blend has flavour, depth, and proper food pairings. Learning about turmeric coffee is a fun way for food lovers to expand their palate and enjoy the rich product. 

Wikipedia claims that gourmet food is a cultural idea linked with the culinary arts of fine food. Coffee uses Robusta or Arabica beans. Arabica coffee beans are difficult to grow and expensive. A cup of gourmet coffee with turmeric that uses 100% arabica coffee beans gets termed as Gourmet Coffee. 

Speciality coffee should not get confused with coffee. This type of coffee gets consumed by 20% of adults aged between 25 to 29, with two third of all adults drinking it at least once per week. Columbia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Vietnam, and Brazil are known for producing coffee. Do you want to know how to make turmeric coffee? Keep reading!

How do you know whether it's gourmet coffee or not? 

The first step to checking whether a cup of coffee is gourmet is its ingredients. If it is gourmet, it needs to have arabica coffee beans. In addition to the aroma, one can tell whether the coffee is gourmet or not. A cup of coffee should have a rich, fine, and unique aroma. The taste of gourmet coffee with turmeric shouldn't be overpowering; like the ones made of Robusta coffee beans. 

Turmeric coffee made of 100% Arabica beans should taste milder and sweeter. It adds the term gourmet to the coffee tag.  

What are the characteristics of gourmet coffee?

You may wonder, what is gourmet coffee? Fret not. We will tell you all about it.

  • The smell is one of the main factors that define the word 'Gourmet'.
    When coffee beans get ground, the smell becomes impeccable. When the turmeric coffee gets brewed, the rich aroma is enough to identify a gourmet cappuccino. 
  • If you are a coffee lover and want to elevate your coffee-drinking experience, you can try out turmeric coffee.

Now that you know what makes it unique let's learn how to make gourmet coffee with turmeric at home.

How can you prepare gourmet coffee?

The best thing is that you can prepare this style of coffee at home. We will give you a couple of times to help you enjoy a hot coffee.   Learn how to enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee with turmeric at home. 

  • Firstly, you must use 100% arabica coffee beans.
  • You can use coffee beans over ground coffee to impart an authenticated taste.
  • Instead of buying an instant cup of gourmet coffee with turmeric, you can invest in a hand grinder to let you ground the coffee beans. The old brewing method can be time-consuming, and it may lose its flavour and taste. Hence, you can do a better job with a hand grinder.
  • You can't make turmeric coffee from an old method of coffee brewing, but you need a specialized machine for the job.
  • If you want to add some foaming recipes like iced cappuccino and cappuccino, it is a good idea to invest in a special mention to get the perfect coffee-to-milk-to-foam ratio each time.  
  • If you want to add strength, you can use a double foaming method that extracts the best flavour from your coffee beans. You can pour half of the water into the coffee machine, and once it stops dripping, you can add the other half. 
  • Be sure that you have the right proportions of water to make turmeric coffee. For every 6 ounces of water, you can add two teaspoons of coffee powder. 
  • Be sure you have enough time to brew the gourmet coffee with turmeric. Indeed, you can't control a filter or a coffee drip brewer, but it's better to give three to five minutes to give the best results.
  • When making a cup of turmeric coffee at home, you need to check the brewed temperature and when the beans get harvested. You also need to look for a fair trade certified label. It indicates that the coffee beans were grown ethically and traded with farmers. 

Can you add turmeric powder to gourmet coffee?

Whether you believe it or not, turmeric coffee seems to be a big thing these days. This recipe will combine the anti-inflammatory goodness of turmeric with coffee. In addition to burning fat, a cup of coffee is an appetite suppressant.  

Regular use of turmeric will have 3 to 5% of curcumin. The more curcumin level in the turmeric, the better it is for your health. Do you want to learn more about the health benefits of gourmet coffee with turmeric? 

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Five reasons behind the popularity of gourmet coffee

Is buying coffee worth the price?   As we have seen, Gourmet coffee has become a trend all around the world. People love to invest in it even when it is expensive. If you ask whether you should go for it or not, we will say yes. You can expect what you pay for. Although it is expensive, the outcome is of high quality. 

If you are unsure, let us tell you a couple of facts. Premium gourmet coffee is indeed different from typical commercial products. It is believed to be the highest quality and more expensive than commercial ones.

American speciality coffee Association rates it 80 points on a scale of 100 points. The score itself speaks for the quality of the coffee. Besides, the coffee beans get grown in distinctive climates at higher altitudes. Each step from growing to brewing gets observed to boost the quality of the turmeric coffee. If you want to learn more, let's look at some of the health benefits of having a gourmet café.

Why should you have gourmet coffee?

It is a popular buzzword that relates to a delicate brew that quenches your thirst for coffee but in a healthy manner. The presence of less caffeine compared to other types of coffee will set gourmet coffee from others and get the upper hand in the coffee market. The absence of unwanted substances or artificial additives makes it suitable for health.

It's a sustainable choice both for the individual and the environment. A cup of turmeric coffee should be chosen due to its lip-smacking taste and nutritional content.

Do you want to buy gourmet coffee? We will tell you why you should go for it.

  • It is safe for your heart. 
  • It is a fact that gourmet coffee is rich in antioxidants. The quantity is more than typical coffee. The coffee offers ultimate protection from heart disease and safeguards your heart.

  • The blend of coffee has exceptional inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It reduces the odds of growing extra cells and prevents your skin from cell damage.

  • It will uplift your mood and increase your energy level. It will help you combat the feeling of depression.

  • Gourmet coffee has a fine body and a rich flavour that cast it as an agent to reduce blood sugar levels.

  • It allows the cells to regenerate and repair any damage from radicals like oxygen, sunlight, and pollution that damages your collagen fibres.

  • Turmeric coffee brings the impressive health benefit of Ayurveda. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that let you improve the symptoms of depression.

  • This blend of coffee is an incredible source of daily antioxidants essential for the functioning of your body. It will protect your body from free radicals harmful to your health.


From turning into a popular gift idea,  gourmet coffee has come onto the shelves of each grocery store rather than getting stored for any special occasion. It's a regular coffee with compatible flavours and the soft texture of arabica coffee beans. Instant coffee gets safeguarded with the typical taste, aroma, and stimulant effect of coffee. Hence, Buying a pack of gourmet coffee from your local mart is sensible.

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