5 Beauty benefits of coffee: Drink your coffee and apply it too!

5 Beauty benefits of coffee: Drink your coffee and apply it too!

One lazy weekend afternoon in Philadelphia, done with all my household chores, I was scrolling down Instagram. I came across Sarah Todd's profile - a contestant on Masterchef Australia. I saw her advocating a beautiful coffee scrub that she used for her flawless skin. It was not a paid promotion but just a post on the Australian homegrown brand for coffee products. I quickly went on to the website and checked out their offering. At the time, they only had two or three products that promised dry skin healing, cellulite reduction and a world of possibilities.

Intrigued by the product, I placed an order, and the coffee scrub arrived within seven working days. I tried it out in the shower, and I WAS BLOWN AWAY. I felt like I discovered the cure for cancer by the level of exfoliation it gave. Okay, maybe this is an exaggeration but imagine battling dry skin issues ever since I understood what skin is and finally finding something that works. I am blessed with dry skin - something my paternal side of my family gave me in abundance. But that also makes me fortunate because weather, water, and products quickly show their effects on my skin. Even hair, for that matter, dryness allows me to identify the issue and fix it. Sometimes even people have a direct impact on your skin. If they stress you out, it shows; if they relax you, it shows.

Everywhere I travelled, my skincare products travelled with me. I could never enjoy the luxury of just buying any body lotion or moisturiser on my vacations. I travelled prepared. During my teenage years, my mom made a concoction of coconut oil and glycerine, especially when we visited my maternal grandma's place to battle Uttar Pradesh's winters. This homemade remedy was the only product that helped me in that regional cold. It was impractical to use this back here in Mumbai because the humidity and oil would make a walking magnet for dirt and sweat.

During my teenage years, a very loving family friend introduced me to a body skincare brand that she picked up from Chicago, United States, to help with my dry skin. I was lucky to find that brand in the Indian market three years later; until then, I had a steady supply every year. There were very few non-stick inexpensive products available at the time that worked on my skin. Visiting a dermatologist for flaky, dry skin issues in the mid-2000s was out of the question. So every-time I found something that worked, I held it close to my heart. One day in 2019, my best friend, a very knowledgeable practising cosmetic dermatologist, identified the reason behind my dry skin, normalised the issue, and helped me out with her holistic and medical guidance. Still, I cannot take my skin for granted, and it requires daily loving attention in the form of moisturisation. Out of the three things I do, the use of coffee tops the list, and nothing has come close to this top contender. It has health benefits when drank and beauty benefits when applied topically—more on the types of coffee that we can drink later in the blog. 

Benefits of coffee on Skin, Eyes and Hair

Excellent Exfoliator

Instead of throwing out your coffee grounds, add them to your skincare routine. Because coffee grounds do not dissolve in water, they won't just melt like most sugar and salt scrubs. This means they're super effective at reducing cellulite's appearance, getting rid of dead skin cells, and increasing blood flow. 

Reduces dark circles  

You can count on your coffee if you struggle with stubborn dark circles. Consider using an eye cream or a concealer with caffeine as it's the main ingredient for that instant glow up. Coffee is known to boost blood circulation and tighten the skin, and hence it effectively reduces your dark circles. 

Reduces Puffiness 

Coffee can not only rid you of your under-eye dark circles but eliminate puffy eyes, also known as baggy eyes. It helps shrinking blood vessels that remove water, thereby depuffing the eyes. It enables you to get rid of dark circles and puffiness, brighten your face and gets you ready to take on the day. The under-eye is a channel for lymphatic drainage, which is not quickly drained. Hence the use of coffee for removing excess water help reduce bagginess. 

Anti-aging effects & Glowing Skin

  • Applying coffee directly to your skin helps decrease the appearance of fine lines, redness, and sunspots. It enhances your skin look and reduces the effect of photoaging. 

  • See you never, inflammation and redness! Flavonoids present in coffee soothe irritated and inflamed skin back to normal. 

  • The antioxidants present in coffee prevent sunburn and work as a beautiful product for after sun care due to sitting out in the sun or the beach for long hours. 

Hair Care 

  • If you wish to revamp or brighten your caramel brown highlights, all you need to do is use coffee. 

  • Brew a strong pot of coffee and let it cool. Use this preparation as a hair rinser in the shower post shampoo. 

  • You may also use it to reduce hair dullness and breakage.

DIY coffee scrubs and treatments for body and face

Face Mask 

  1. You can mix coffee grounds and coconut oil or olive oil to make a face scrub. 

  2. Gently apply under your eyes and leave it on for 10 minutes. 

  3. Wash with plain water or wipe off with a soft cloth making sure it does not enter your eyes. You may do it several times a week to rid puffiness and dark circles. 

  4. Also, sleep well and reduce your screen time!

Body Scrub

  1. Mix an equal amount of olive oil or coconut oil, or almond oil with coffee grounds to prepare a scrub.

  2. Apply all over your body in a circular motion, focusing more on your elbows, knees, behind your ears for maximum lymphatic drainage.

  3. Leave the scrub on for a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 30 minutes - if you have the time!

  4. Rinse off with warm water and use the scrub thrice a week to exfoliate your skin and see the difference.

  5. Also, moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Preferably with coffee cream or a balm. 

For Sunburn

  1. Brew two cups of coffee and dilute it with cold water.

  2. Place a soft cloth in the prepared coffee water and wring out the excess water.

  3. Gently dab the fabric on the affected sunburn areas on the skin.

  4. Repeat as many times a day until redness and swelling start to reduce.

Well, this was all about the beauty benefits of coffee. They have anti-inflammatory properties, are exfoliating in nature, and help reduce the appearance of cellulite and offer a host of other skin benefits. 

Confused about Types of Coffee in your Favourite Cafe Menu?

I want to add in this blog about coffee: the types of coffee available to drink out there or make at home if you are a coffee connoisseur. Suppose you're contemplating adding coffee to your beauty regime. In that case, you must also consider knowing your coffee and introducing it in your morning regime. Not at the start of the day but sometime late morning or before you begin work. 

Because coffee - drank or applied gives you everything you have ever wanted. Well, it does for me. Not going to lie; there was a time where I did not know the different types of coffee, just like I was unaware of its beauty benefits. Both the discoveries came naturally, so it's only fair I make it available for someone like me at one go. 

Let's begin and look at the seven most popular types of coffee! 


  • Espresso: It is an Italian coffee made with roasted coffee beans, milk and foam. It has an intense flavour and is the foundation of other coffee drinks such as double espresso or cafe Cubano. 

  • Cafe Latte: It is made with an espresso shot, steamed milk, foam and toppings. 

  • Cappuccino: It has a creamy texture with some amount of sweetness in it. Cappuccino is made out of espresso powder, steamed milk and foam. This kind of coffee is a personal favourite. 

  • Mocha: It is known for its sweet flavour and is prepared with espresso, hot milk, cocoa powder, chocolate flavouring and sugar. 

  • Americano: It is made with diluted espresso and hot water and, as the name suggests, was invented by American troops during world war 2.

  • Macchiato: It is prepared with espresso shots and a splash of milk. There is a caramel variant available, too, that includes the use of caramel sauce during preparation.

  • Turkish Coffee: It is prepared by cooking Turkish coffee beans or coffee grounds in cold water and sugar. It is trendy in the middle east, and I have tried it as well in Turkey. It took a while to get used to its bittersweet taste, but it was pretty interesting on the palate. 

Coffee is the kind of love that makes you look good, feel good, and genuinely beneficial for your skin, health, and hair. Drink your coffee and apply it too. Happy coffeeing to you! 

Authored by: Padmaja Rai

About the Author: Padmaja is a healthcare consultant and avid fitness enthusiast. She holds a masters' in bio-innovation and rare diseases from University of Pennsylvania. She is a firm believer in ancient Indian holistic healing.

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