Protein Coffee: Decoding Fresh in town Protein Coffee - Proffee

Decoding Fresh in town Protein Coffee - Proffee

Should You Add Protein Powder to Your Coffee?

It was a recent Sunday morning when I came across an article on Proffee in the Sunday Time's Life edition. Yes, I am an anomaly; I still read print and immediately sent it to the CEO of Auric. Why? Because Proffee, or protein coffee, is trending all over social media, especially TikTok. It was also his post on LinkedIn taking a poll on whether one would prefer coffee flavoured protein powder or add protein powder in their coffee? Well, I would not know what to do because I clearly cannot keep up with these food "trends". There is a saying in Hindi, "chaar din ki Chandni". Bullet coffee had it, Dalgona coffee had it, and with the new lockdown in place, yet again it's Proffee's turn. Don't forget the hashtag. 

Well, it doesn't matter what trends come and go. As long as they are easy to do, hassle-free and involve coffee, I may try it once. As I mentioned in my previous coffee blog, coffee is the soul of the drink that adapts to the situation and even possesses top beauty benefits of coffee. What one adds, what one subtracts does not matter. At the end of it all, you will find coffee standing upright, winning all tests of time and taste. At the end of time, it's just coffee—aromatic, blissful and awakening. 

What is Proffee?

If you are a millennial or a Gen Z reading, it's more likely I will not have to tell you about this new coffee trend. But I will assume other kinds are unaware. Pro - Protein shake, ffee - coffee. Combine these two, and you have Proffee. 

Proffee is a combination of protein shake and espresso shots, and you may treat it as an iced coffee but with health benefits. You may consider having it because of the extra protein content it offers, as it keeps your stomach full for longer and leaves you satisfied. All the gym bunnies, fitness enthusiasts, weight loss enthusiasts are in love with their proffee because of its excellent protein intake. 

What Equipment is Required to Make Protein Coffee at Home?

It is easy to find the types of equipment for making proffee in the comfort of your home, and you do not need to go to Starbucks for that. This protein coffee drink is very refreshing. You must add ice cubes liberally in the iced coffee and protein drink concoction. You can even try chilling to make your proffee refreshing if you do not enjoy ice or if it gives you throat issues. The list of ingredients needed is ice cubes, coffee, and protein drink or powder. From the equipment point of view, keep the following nearby for a quick process. 

  • Whisks and bowl OR one shaker
  • Coffee brewer
  • Large cup or glass
  • Spoon/Handheld Mixer
Decoding Fresh in town Protein Coffee - Proffee

How to Make Proffee?

In case you are wondering how to make proffee, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Coffee, preferably Auric coffee powder
  • Whey protein powder (a good quality one)
  • Water 
  • Ice cubes 
  • Shaker 

Start by brewing your coffee, preferably Auric coffee powder. Mix your favourite protein powder (can be flavoured with slight sweetness) and water with the help of a shaker or even a whisk. Take a cup filled with ice cubes, pour your prepared protein shake into this cup, and add a shot or two of espresso. Stir to mix all flavours, and your new trending protein coffee drink is ready! This was how to make proffee.


  • Please be wary of the amount of protein powder you use to get the macronutrient. Check with your nutritionist or an expert if you are new to the use of protein powders. 
  • It is a cold brew, so do not have this in hot coffee
  • You may even use a blender to mix all of the items and enjoy a creamy cup. Will that make it a smoffee? Aka a coffee smoothie? 

How Does Protein Coffee Taste?

I wondered what it tasted like and decided to learn how to make proffee. This incredible mix of protein and coffee tastes extremely sweet, delicious and creamy. The protein powder makes for an excellent base for the drink, while the coffee is there to reduce some of the sweetness and give you that slight balancing flavour.

I enjoyed drinking this protein coffee I made using Auric coffee powder as it was pretty tasty and easy to make. Although the vanilla protein powder did not belong to me, I borrowed a few scoops from my brother's whey protein bucket. 

Eventually, it depends on how you make it, whether you use one scoop or a few more to suit your protein needs. For a creamy texture, you can add up to three scoops. It has the combined taste of your favourite coffee brand, like Auric coffee powder, and flavoured protein powder rolled into one. However, the final flavour will depend on how you make it and the proportion of ingredients used. 

Decoding Fresh in town Protein Coffee - Proffee

Which Coffee to Be Used for Protein Coffee?

The selection of coffee in the making proffee entirely depends upon you. You may even try them with Auric’s Gourmet Coffee with Turmeric, which is Auric coffee powder, which comes with the top 10 benefits of gourmet coffee. If you use espresso, then pour only one or two shots. If you do not eat breakfast, you can consider introducing this routine into your life for that added benefit. 

Which Protein Should Be Used in Protein Coffee?

 Decoding Fresh in town Protein Coffee - Proffee | 
Auric Natural Plant Protein Powder

You can use any whey protein brand you like; you can even make it with a ready to use protein shake. In that case, you may need to add some ice cubes and water. Please only try with Whey Protein as it is the most popular protein for use in proffee, and do not experiment. If you are using its non-flavoured variants, you may need to add a sweetener to your drink. Else you can try the chocolate or vanilla flavoured variant for that extra deliciousness. 

Health Benefits of Protein Coffee

Are you wondering why you should start consuming gourmet coffee? It is no surprise that this drink will have health benefits because protein powder is the main ingredient in this recipe. Protein is a primary macronutrient, helps in building and preserving muscle mass. Based on your fitness level and fitness goals, you may customise the number of protein scoops you mix in this drink. It can be taken as a post-workout drink in the morning on weight training days. As proteins help in muscle recovery, and coffee acts as a stimulant to get you ready for the day ahead. 

Decoding Fresh in town Protein Coffee - Proffee | Auric Gourmet Coffee with Turmeric

Now that you know all about the incredible trending drink Proffee or protein coffee, what are you waiting for? Order your pack of Auric Gourmet Coffee with Turmeric, which is Auric coffee powder, made using the best of ingredients in line with the notions of ayurveda. This makes it incredibly beneficial for the mind, body, and soul, while offering a great taste. The protein can also be cherished in the form of Vanilla Coffee flavour of Auric Natural Protein Shake. Now that you know how to make proffee, try making it A.S.A.P! 


Authored by: Padmaja Rai

About the Author: Padmaja is a healthcare consultant and avid fitness enthusiast. She holds a masters' in bio-innovation and rare diseases from University of Pennsylvania. She is a firm believer in ancient Indian holistic healing.

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