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We make up our minds to hit the gym to lose weight and burn belly fat, but how many of us realise this goal. If you are among those people who are postponing your weight loss goals, this is the place to start. The best way to get rid of excessive belly fat without burning the midnight oil is to start metabolism-boosting energy drinks, weight balance juice or fat burning drinks. For years, people have trusted these naturally/home-made energy drinks/hot drinks to reduce belly fat.Also read Fat Loss Drinks - 5 Easy Ways To Lose That Belly Fat

Many are in quest of the best miracle energy drink/hot drinks/ fat burning drinks to reduce belly fat and, in the process, waste time, only to gain weight. There is no need for more research when your kitchen has a treasure trove of goodies that can get you back in shape. Energy drinks/hot drinks/ fat burning drinks along with the right diet and exercise can bring good results to your fitness routine. Do not expect that the drinks will help you lose belly fat overnight. However, regular consumption of energy drinks can show good results drastically. The good news is even if you pamper yourself with occasional feasting, these fat-burning energy drinks can do wonders if you follow the regime strictly. Try the drinks to lose belly fat and benefit.

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Here are some wonder energy drinks to reduce belly fat; let’s get started:

From The Kitchen Spice Box

Jeera water

Jeera/Cumin seeds are a common spice found in every household; they are a digestion booster and belly fat burning drinks. The process is ignited by suppressing hunger and expediting your weight loss process. It is easy to make; in a glass of water, add a spoon of jeera and let it soak overnight. When all the goodness is absorbed in the water, strain the energy drink and consume on an empty stomach. It can work as belly fat burning drinks.

Ajwain water

Also known as carom seeds, it helps in digestion and absorbs nutrients. Just soak two teaspoons of ajwain in a glass of water and leave it overnight. Strain the mixture and consume the energy drink the following morning. It is among the best drinks to reduce belly fat.

Saunf water

Fennel seeds are commonly found in every kitchen. It fights to bloat as it has diuretic properties. Moreover, it helps in detoxification and weight loss. Soak fennel seeds in water for 6 to 8 hours and consume the energy drink after straining it. It is one of the ideal fat burning drinks to lose belly fat. 

Lemon juice

Lemon can give a refreshing feel helping you rejuvenate. Drink lemon juice mixed in lukewarm water and see how you get back to shape. Lemon is rich in antioxidants and pectin fibre; try the drinks to reduce belly fat. You can also add honey to tingle your taste buds. Finally, ensure you consume fat burning energy drinks on an empty stomach to shed excess weight. 

Cinnamon water

Again, an ingredient easily found in your kitchen spice box; cinnamon, has amazing properties to metabolise sugar. The fat burning drinks can be used by people who have diabetes to control their sugar levels. Take a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in warm water, add a little honey and drink it every morning. You can also soak an inch of cinnamon sticks in water overnight and consume the energy drink in the morning. The drinks to lose belly fat are commonly used by diabetes patients.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A name often used by dieticians and health experts are apple cider vinegar, one of the drinks to lose belly fat. So, why apple cider vinegar? It is a bile stimulant and balances the stomach pH levels giving you a flat belly, hence it can be the best-called fat burning drink. In addition, consuming Apple Cider Vinegar energy drink can help you feel full and suppress hunger pangs. For best effects, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed in warm water should be consumed on an empty stomach every morning.

Pineapple juice

If you haven’t heard of it before, you should give it a try. Pineapple has an enzyme called bromelain that helps in protein metabolism. Fresh pineapple juice can also be called fat burning drinks as it helps burn belly fat giving you a flat stomach. Try the fat-burning energy drinks to lose belly fat.

Peppermint tea

Popping peppermint not only keeps your mouth fresh but also helps indigestion. Did you know that peppermint tea can prevent fat accumulation in the tummy region, apart from giving relief from bloating caused due to improper digestion? The good news is peppermint processes the fat in the stomach, reducing belly fat. Try this energy drink and stay fit. The fat burning drinks can be consumed by all.

Celery juice

Celery leaves can be taken raw or cooked; it has immense health benefits. You can also consume it as an energy drink. The belly fat burner drink has natural diuretic properties that help remove excess water from the body, which may be the reason for bloating or belly fat accumulation. If you want to add a punch, crush some ginger roots for better fat burning quality. The effects of ginger will initiate the thermogenesis process where the body burns the calories and consumes them. Then, take energy drinks to reduce body fat.

What Does Nature Have In Store For Us?

Green Tea

Green Tea is a popularly consumed hot drink, as it is believed to have immense health benefits. These hot drinks reduce not only belly fat but also inflammation. It is researched that hot drinks reduce cellular damage from free radicals and toxins and work effectively in weight. The antioxidants called catechins improves metabolism. For maximum benefits, energy drinks/ hot drinks should not be consumed with sugar. If you want to increase the taste, add lemon juice or honey. 


Rich in probiotics, kombucha, belly fat burner drink helps relieve gut bacteria and inflammation. It is a fresh energy drink that can leave you rejuvenated. A combination of black tea, spices and fresh fruits can leave your tastebuds wanting more of the hot drinks. If a cup of tea does not excite you much, it is best to try kombucha. Go ahead and boost your energy and improve your weight loss process with this fresh energy drink.

Protein Water

You must be aware of protein water if you are a gym person. It is a belly fat burner drink used by fitness freaks. Protein milkshakes help give instant energy but can be messy at times. Protein water is a perfect way to promote muscle protein synthesis and boost your immune system. This energy drink is the best way to keep you hydrated as it has all the goodness of protein in a bottle. It is low in calories and can help shave your belly fat. A word of caution, do not take in excessive quantity as it could lead to ill effects.


Starting your mornings with coffee, hot drinks are preferred by millions across the globe. Did you know that coffee can help burn belly fat naturally? Adding a cup of these hot energy drinks to your morning routine can bring your waist back in line. Many speak of the negative effects of caffeine, but little do they know that hot drinks accelerate metabolism aiding in burning belly fat. Consuming hot drinks in the morning can improve metabolism and keep you alert all day long.

Black Tea

It is another healthy hot drink containing flavonoids and caffeine to improve digestion. For those with the love of caffeine and who do not like the smell of coffee, black tea could be the best alternative. The hot drink gives a fresh start to your day and boosts metabolism, and helps cut down your waistline.

Vegetable Juice

If you do not like hot drinks, beat up some fresh vegetables rich in fibre and low in carbohydrates to cut down on your craving and at the same time satisfy your hunger. The more vegetables you eat a day, the better chance of your belly fat melting. This energy drink keeps you active the whole day. It is a belly fat burner drink you can give a try.

Psyllium husk

Psyllium is the raw fibre made from Plantago ovate plant seeds. It is rich in fibre and aids in digestion. This may be new to many, and it is a great choice for those who want to reduce belly fat. It can be taken in water or as a supplement. It soaks the water in the gut, promoting digestion, and the good news is it does not cause flatulence like other laxatives.


The best source of energy drink to keep you hydrated is water. Drink as much as water to feel full. You can consume hot drinks too for better metabolism. You can take it before, after or in between meals. It helps to curb your hunger. Water helps burn your weight, so drink a sufficient quantity and stay fit.

Carbonated water

If plain water is not your kind, then try carbonated water to keep you hydrated and at the same time lose belly fat. The belly fat burner drink can keep you off hunger. Do not take sweetened carbonated drinks as it contains sugar and reverse the effect.

Shrink your belly with these natural energy drinks to stay fit and healthy. Also read Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Loss

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