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Founded by Deepak Agarwal, an IIT alumnus with 9 years at Unilever across Asia & Europe


A multipurpose drink with a tangy taste and distinct aroma, Apple Cider Vinegar has been used for centuries for its multiple uses and abundant health benefits. It is a popular choice for a wide range of remedies and recipes. Apple cider vinegar is a natural amber-coloured vinegar (acetic acid), made by fermenting apple juice in a 2-step process.

First, the apple juice is fermented into apple cider when its sugars turn into alcohol. Then, the alcohol in apple cider gets converted into acetic acid and it becomes apple cider vinegar.

ACV contains beneficial compounds such as acetic acid, enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants, making it a versatile and powerful ingredient for weight management, gut health, and other related issues. If made part of your everyday life, it can help transform your body, skin, and overall well-being.
Why Auric ACV Tablets with Vitamins?
Auric ACV tablet is made with acetic acid derived from pure, raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother of vinegar’ to give the best health benefits. Our premium ACV effervescent tablets are power packed with Vitamin B6 and B12 in addition to the already amazing benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Weight Loss
  • Detox Cleanse
  • Better Digestion
  • Blood Sugar Management
Crafted With Care : Our special formula ensures the right balance of flavours and beneficial contents and is designed to taste only of apples, not the vinegar. These tablets taste delicious when added to water and are the most convenient way to consume zero vinegar aftertaste. One Auric Apple Cider Vinegar Tablet equals one spoonful of ACV. You can add honey and black pepper for added benefits.
Goodness Of Ingredients
-ACV (6% Acetic Acid): The acetic acid in ACV suppresses appetite by inducing feelings of satiety.
-Pomegranate Extract: Packed with antioxidants that help maintain a healthy gut, gives ACV its exquisite taste & tint.
-Vit. B6 and B12: Help in detoxification, fat mobilization, boosting metabolism, and energy production.
- Delectable Green Apple Taste: With no added sugar, is free from gluten.
Why Consume It?
If you:
- want to manage your weight
- want to enhance your digestion
- want to amplify your metabolism
- want to manage blood sugar
- want to Detox your body
How To Use?
  • Drop - Dissolve - Fizz - Drink.
  • Drop one tablet in 200ML water.
  • Wait till it dissolves to make fizzy water.
  • Enjoy the fizzy drink.
  1. For Detox Cleanse- Add 1 tablet to 200 ml warm water. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach
  2. For Weight-Loss/Blood Sugar Management - Take 1 tablet before lunch and 1 tablet before dinner dissolved with 200 ml room-temperature water
  3. For Digestive Benefits - Take 1 tablet after lunch and 1 tablet after dinner dissolved with lukewarm water
Guidelines For Consumption
1. If you are prone to acid reflux or ear pain these tablets are not recommended.
2. Excessive consumption can damage tooth enamel.
3. We recommend starting with one tablet a day and then moving to two tablets a day once you have adjusted to the acidity of the product.
4. If you are consuming Auric ACV Tablet for weight loss, we recommend combining it with a consistent exercise schedule and nutritious food. ACV is not an instant belly burner, and results may take up to 2-3 months. As a responsible brand, we want to share this advice beforehand.
5. Additionally, many people like to add lemon and ginger to their ACV drink in the morning. We do not recommend the same as ACV is already very acidic. You can add cinnamon, fennel, cloves, or cardamom which are cooling herbs.
Can Auric Apple Cider Vinegar with Vitamins Tablet help with body detox?
Apple Cider Vinegar with Vitamins has been researched extensively as an effective ingredient for detox cleansing. Our lifestyle of junk food, pollution, stress, and lack of sleep results in toxins in our bodies. These toxins show up in the form of tiredness and other metabolic parameters. Take time in the morning to spend some time alone and sip Auric ACV drink to supercharge your energy and accelerate your restoration journey.
How does ACV help with weight loss?
Apple cider vinegar juice with the right amount of acetic acid has been shown to help extend feelings of fullness after eating. This means you are better able to manage your appetite, allowing your weight-loss plans to progress more efficiently. Made with fast absorbing incredible formula of ACV and Vitamins, these Auric ACV effervescent tablets are effective fat burners for men and women.
I have a weak Digestive System. Can Auric ACV tablets help?
Auric ACV tablet contains Vitamin B6 and B12 along with premium pomegranate extract resulting in less bloating and better food absorption. Moreover, the acetic acid derived from pure apple cider with the mother promotes better gut health. Beat the bloat with the incredible formula of Auric Apple Cider Vinegar with Vitamins.
My father needs to manage his blood sugar level. Is Auric ACV advisable?
Auric ACV tablet is rich in acetic acid and vitamins. The acetic acid in vinegar slows down the rate at which the stomach empties the food you've eaten into the small intestine, which in turn slows the breakdown of carbohydrates and gives the body more time to remove glucose from the blood. This ultimately reduces the spike in blood sugar you'd typically see after eating.
What are the different products by Auric?
Auric Recreates Traditional Wisdom for the Convenience of Today's Lifestyle Needs. Pure, Natural & Authentic. We are offering the following products currently:
Ready to Drink Beverages:

How is Auric Masala Chai different from a regular Masala Chai?

Auric's Moringa Masala Tea is the finest and most flavourful black tea with Moringa and 7 spices sourced from different parts of the country. 1 Cup of our Masala Chai takes care of 20% Daily Intake of Moringa. All ingredients are traditionally plucked to preserve the benefits. Moringa is a mighty herb that is rich in antioxidants, powerful vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Richer, healthier and more flavourful than a regular masala chai.

How is Auric Gourmet Coffee with Turmeric different from a regular Coffee?

Auric's Gourmet Coffee is enriched with USFDA approved Curcumin Rich Turmeric. It has a delicate natural flavour and balanced acidity. We harvest the finest coffee from the pristine coffee estate valleys in South India. Ripe coffee cherries are traditionally plucked. Beans are roasted and ground in small batches before being blended with turmeric. Curcumin contains bioactive compounds that are anti-inflammation and increase the antioxidant capacity of the body. Auric's gourmet coffee is the finest coffee you would have ever had with the benefits of curcumin.

How is Auric Hot Chocolate different from regular Hot Chocolate?

Auric's Hot Chocolate is enriched with the benefits of Ashwagandha - the powerful herb that makes one stronger from inside and builds immunity. It reduces stress, anxiety and also controls blood sugar levels. We use the tastiest dark chocolate made from 100% pure cacao nibs sourced from islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Rich, Indulgent and Creamy - with the goodness of Ashwagandha - Makes milk delicious and healthy.

How are Auric Ready to Drink Beverages different from other Ayurvedic Juices?

Auric beverages are made with Natural Ingredients – No Preservatives, No Chemicals. Almost every other brand selling Amla juice or Aloe Vera juice is adding preservatives (Read their list of ingredients to discover this!). Also, Auric beverages are ready to drink juices that contain 3 main ingredients – Coconut Water, Herbal Blend as suggested by Ayurveda and Fruit Juice for a great taste.

How are Auric Beverages different from Natural Fruit Juices?

Why settle for only fruit juice, when you can get the benefits of Fruit Juice, Ayurvedic Herbs and Coconut Water – all in one drink! That’s what goes inside each bottle of Auric beverages.

Is it safe for long term consumption?

It is a completely natural beverage certified by FSSAI and is safe for life long consumption. In fact, it is beneficial to be consumed daily and to be made a part of lifestyle. Ayurveda works best when consumed daily.

What is the ideal time to consume it?

You can consume it anytime of the day. We recommend to consume it everyday around same time and make it a part of daily routine so that you don’t miss out on the benefits.

Who can take it?

Both men and women can consume Auric beverages.

How and why to take it?

You can drink it directly from the bottle and even carry with you to your gyms and workplaces. Ayurveda is an ancient lifestyle science that has amazing recipes to make us look good and feel good. We have distilled the finest recipes of Ayurveda into each bottle to give you the benefits in a convenient format.

What if the product doesn't suit me?

Generally that shouldn't happen but if you have any concerns please reach out to our product experts at

Why should I trust Auric?

Auric is an Indian brand that is focused on providing clean and convenient Ayurveda to people across the world. All our products are FSSAI certified and made with natural ingredients. Auric drinks are being consumed by health conscious people across USA, Australia and UK, besides being loved by over 1,00,000 customers in India. Auric has received amazing reviews from fitness experts and celebrities like Ridhi Dogra, Kavita Kaushik and Nakul Mehta to name a few.