Ayurvedic Way To Gain Weight

Ayurvedic Weight Gain

There is a lot of information and chatter about weight loss, and being overweight is one of the biggest problems as it leads to many health issues. But there is little importance provided on weight gain. While it is believed that only those who are overweight have health concerns, being underweight too has its share of health concerns. Using an Ayurvedic weight gain powder can help those who are skinny gain weight healthily. Apart from being mild and having no side effects, weight gain powder Ayurvedic is a tried and tested option to put on weight healthily. 

How does Weight Gain Powder Ayurvedic help in Increasing Weight?

A body weight gain powder made of Ayurvedic ingredients is ideal as it uses only natural ingredients. Unlike commercial drugs with chemicals, a weight gain powder Ayurveda does not have these as it is all-natural. It is the best weight gain powder as you do not have to feel any side effects in the body. These are mild and available in various forms; they can be body weight gain powder, capsule, or a paste, which makes taking these easy. The weight gain powder for men and women is not different and benefits both equally. 

Effective Weight gain Powder, Ayurvedic

There are many benefits of weight gain powder Ayurvedic without any compromise on the overall health. Along with using the best body weight gain powder for men and women, proper diet and exercise should be followed to achieve your goals. Use the below weight gain powder Ayurvedic to gain strength and immunity and remain healthy for a long time.  

Ashwagandha Churna

This is among the best weight gain powder in Ayurvedic, which is called the Indian Ginseng. It is used extensively in Ayurveda, and this weight gain powder offers many benefits other than helping you achieve your desired weight. This is among the best body weight gain powder for men and women and is consumed with milk. Milk, which has many nutrients along with Ashwagandha, is highly beneficial for health. You can also consume hot chocolate Ashwagandha for added flavor. 

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Shatavari Powder

This is another weight gain powder Ayurvedic which is popular. Mix this powder with milk and gain weight without any side effects. Along with this, ayurvedic practitioners recommend you consume a diet that is rich in protein. Add soybean, yogurt, milk, etc., to this body weight gain powder, Ayurvedic for men and women, and boost your digestion. Women can get more benefits from this weight gain powder as it balances the hormone and is hence helpful during periods. 


The English name for this is Licorice root and is among the best weight gain powder as it increases the strength of the digestive system. One of the reasons for not putting on weight despite following a good diet is a weak digestive system and low immunity. So when these problems are fixed, you will gain weight in no time and also see an improvement in your endurance and stamina. This body weight gain powder for men and women is available in all Ayurvedic stores. 

White Musli

The botanical name of white Musli is Chlorophytum Borivilianum which is a tropical herb that is used commonly in many Ayurvedic medicines. It is a weight gain powder Ayurvedic that is a natural remedy that aids in weight loss and helps reduce weakness and increase strength. It also reduces depression and stress and should be included as part of your daily diet. This body weight gain powder can boost physical performance and endurance for men and women. Ir reduces muscle weakness and fatigue and is also useful in male weakness. 


This is one of the most popular ways to gain weight for a long time. It helps in fighting diseases and also improves digestion. Consuming this makes the bones and the body strong. This may not be a weight gain powder as such as it is available in the form of a paste usually. But having 2 spoons of this every day can strengthen the body and help gain body weight. 

Custard Apple

This may not be a weight gain powder per se but is a herbal Ayurvedic remedy. This seasonal fruit is a good option if you do not want to include any body weight gain powder but want to have something solid. Have this for a month and see how your weight increases. It also makes the muscles stronger and more responsive. If you are not a great fan of this fruit, you can crush the seeds and take them with milk. 

Badam Pak

Another best weight gain powder Ayurvedic which has healthy carbs along with protein and fats. It is mixed with other ingredients like almonds, cardamom, saffron, Jaiphal, etc., to make it the best body weight gain powder for men and women. It provides great nourishment and strength, has many antimicrobial properties, and relieves stress. Mix this with milk to get maximum benefits. 

Ayurveda recommends that instead of worrying about gaining weight, focusing on becoming healthy and strong is essential. You can also try Weight balance juice to keep a check on your weight. Along with the above weight gain, powders include a good diet and lifestyle to gain weight naturally.


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