The Whole Truth About Eating Fruits

The Whole Truth About Eating Fruits

Fruits are known to be one of the healthiest inclusions in our everyday diet. They are full of nutritional value and are easy to digest. They are a great source of essential vitamins such as vitamin A, C and D. While eating fruits comes with great benefits, like the top 12 benefits of citrus fruits, we must also be mindful of how we eat them. When fruits aren’t eaten the right way, most of their benefits could fade, making eating them for their benefits redundant. A few of the ways eating fruits the wrong way could impact you negatively are that it aggravates digestive issues, greying of hair, skin allergies, and more. When you devour the healthiest fruits, you would want their benefits to reach you effectively, therefore, we have curated a guide for you to know the whole truth about eating fruits. 

The Problematic Eating

No matter what your fitness goal is, inclusion of fruits in your diet is a must. This is due to the nutritional value that they possess, thus offering immense health benefits in the long run. However, this does not mean that you can over-consume fruits or eat them untimely as this will have damaging effects on the body. You might be consuming the best fruits regularly but witnessing no significant benefits; rather, you could be facing issues such as vitamin deficiency. This is due to the adoption of the wrong way of eating fruits.

6 Most Common Fruit-Eating Mistakes

Being informed about the most common fruit-eating mistakes will help us stop making these mistakes and reap immense benefits that fruits have to offer.

Post-Meal Indulgence

We all love desserts after having a meal; however, when we are health conscious, we look for healthier alternatives. Fruits are commonly considered as a healthier alternative to desserts and often eaten post meal to curb the craving of sweets. While we consider this to be healthy, we do not realise that this upsets our digestive system.

It is no secret that fruits are easily digested by our system. When we consume a significant meal, like a couple of breads, followed by some fruit, we could end up facing digestive issues. The fruit is all set to go into the intestine via the stomach, but the process is hindered due to the breads eaten prior to it. When fruits come in contact with the digestive juices and other food, the complete food starts to spoil due to the process known as fermentation. This is a common reason why people feel uneasiness after consuming fruits. This uneasiness may include having to go to the washroom and feeling bloated. Simply by quitting eating fruits after a meal can prevent you from undergoing these digestive issues and reap immense benefits of fruits. 

The Whole Truth About Eating Fruits

Cut and Store

Today’s fast-paced lives make us want to cut and store fruits so as to save our time in the morning or take them along to the workplace. However, you should know that most of the beneficial content of fruits do not reach you if consumed long after being cut. It is recommended to consume the fruits within 20 minutes of cutting them. Fruits which are alkaline in nature should indispensably consumed timely as they tend to cause acidity if eaten long after being cut. This could lead to hair fall, skin issues, and more. Therefore, eliminate the habit of cutting and storing fruits; rather, take them whole!

Juicing it Up!

A lot of us prefer drinking fruit juices over eating them whole. If you are wondering, should I drink fruit juice instead of soda for health? Yes. But while juices could be convenient for you to consume and might taste better to you, eating it whole is much better for health. Fruits are well known to contain dietary fibre which aids the digestion process; however, when we juice them up, most of the dietary fibre is lost. Another reason is that fruits are high in fructose, which is a type of sugar. Many believe that without this sugar can hinder the fat loss process; therefore, consuming whole fruits will make you ingest the dietary fibre which ensures slow release of sugar in the body and prevents spike of blood sugar levels. Moreover, a lesser known fact is that when we juice the fruits in a mixer, the heat that a mixer produces could end up destroying nutrients. 

Consuming Milk with Fruits

Some combinations are meant to be and the others must be stayed away from! The combination of milk and fruits is the one that belongs to the latter. The health conscious individuals look to replace everything with fruits, but if you replace snacks with your evening cuppa, you would end up doing more harm than good. Whenever you consider to mix milk with fruits, consciously think about which fruits are to be mixed. The fruits which are sour to taste, like oranges, must never be combined with milk as doing this has a negative impact on your body in the long run. The negative effects of consuming it will be seen on the skin. 

While sour fruits are to be stayed away from, the ones that are sweet to taste, like mangoes and bananas, can relatively be used.

The Whole Truth About Eating Fruits | Consuming Milk with Fruits

Consuming Fruits at Night

Our body is a godly machine which has its way of functioning, which cannot be meddled with. As fruits are considered to be healthy, we mindlessly eat them at any hour, hoping to gain immense health benefits. While consuming fruits is recommended, they must be consumed before sunset. This is because post sunset, the body is not able to properly assimilate the nutrients which are obtained from the fruits. Another reason is that fruits contain sugars, which when consumed at night, may lead to weight gain. Consuming fruits at night does not work very well for the digestive system as well, so you may undergo acidity, bloating, etc. This may also disrupt your sleep cycle. Such significant negative effects of consuming fruits at night are why it is recommended to consume them before 6pm or sunset. 

Tips for Consuming Fruits the Right Way

The idea of eating fruits at night has been eliminated above. The best time to consume fruits is early morning on an empty stomach as it helps in detoxifying the system and the nutrients are easily and efficiently assimilated. You may also opt for consuming them between the meals, while keeping a gap of 2-3 hours before and after meals. If you are looking to lose weight, eat these fruits for weight loss.

While eating whole fruits is recommended, if you anyway prefer fruit juices, sip them slowly rather than gulping them down, to allow the saliva to mix well. Additionally, skip the trend of eating exotic fruits grown in countries far away and embrace the fruits grown locally and in-season. 

The Whole Truth About Eating Fruits

Eating fruits is highly beneficial and we at Auric recommend consuming them the right way by following the aforementioned tips. Now that you are aware of the commonly made mistakes, we hope you will quit making them and embrace a healthier lifestyle focused on consuming fruits the right way. The whole truth about fruits has been uncovered and we are ready to reap their immense benefits. Are you?
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