Best Tips for Healthy Women Lifestyle

Health Tips for Women

Basic Tips on Healthy Living for Women

Staying healthy and leading an active life is the best self-care one can embrace. Starting healthy habits will help you avoid diseases, live longer, and happy. But, thinking about it and leading it are two different things. People nowadays have a hectic life, and it becomes too chaotic with a family and a job for most women. In managing daily life, a women's health and well-being always take a backstep, as most of the time would be occupied by chores, work, and busy schedules. 

This blog's holistic self-care routine will help you plan a healthy lifestyle, most notably for women.

What are good women's wellness and lifestyle?

Good health is not just regarding the absence of disease or illness; it also means having improved physical, mental, and social wellness. It is a way of living with a lower risk of being seriously ill and early death. Leading a healthy lifestyle helps not just you, even your whole life.

This can be achieved by eating a balanced diet, doing regular exercise, avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and drugs, plus getting plenty of rest.

Our bodies need healthy food, as they work like machines that require a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, and sufficient water. All these things help the body stay fit and in good working order. 

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If you get the wrong balance or food, then your health may suffer.

Maintaining a balanced diet means eating only the required calories per day. Eating anything in access will be stored as bad fat, which may lead to many health issues. To melt it off, you have to do a lot of exercises and finally, start eating healthy.

With a healthy life, you can set a positive role model for the people who follow you, like your friends, family, and kids. It creates a better environment to grow into. A healthier lifestyle will contribute to your mental well-being and enjoyment of life. 

Tips for leading a healthy women's lifestyle

Wellness in Woman

We are living in an extreme moment. We are working from home, away from offices, and keeping social distance from everyone and everything. As we stay at home, which means we are stuck with food in our fridge and pantry the whole day long. We are living a sedentary lifestyle with significantly less physical activity, excessive eating and hours of sitting, increased stress, anxiety, and depression. To avoid such mental health conditions, it is best to start leading a healthy lifestyle, most notably for women.

Below mentioned are some essential tips on how a woman can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Know Your Estrogen


Know her estrogen to understand the right food and lifestyle of a Woman.

Estrogen is a hormone responsible for the feminine characteristics of the human body. Contradictory to what people believe, estrogen is present in both men & women. Estrogen governs everything from Hair & Weight to Moods & Bones. In women, it is also responsible for Menstruation, Pregnancy & Menopause.

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a combination of physical & emotional upheaval experienced by a woman a week before periods. For some, these symptoms may be so severe as to miss the daily routine of work/school/play. The symptoms of PMS are dependent on the level of estrogen. Estrogen naturally starts falling after ovulation, but it is called High Estrogen if it falls less than expected. On the other hand, if it falls much more than expected, then it is called Low Estrogen.

The symptoms that you experience will tell about your level of estrogen. Knowing this is the first step to understand your food & lifestyle choices.

HIGH ESTROGEN - Pelvic pain, Bloating, Cramps, Excessive Blood Flow, Weight Gain, Hair Loss

LOW ESTROGEN - Hot Flashes, Insomnia, Incomplete Blood Flow, Bone Loss 

If you are facing any problems related to your estrogen or menstruation, it's always better to consult your ob/GYN or obstetrician to understand your overall health condition.

Superfoods for Women

Vitamin C

The textbook of Ayurveda is filled with scientific wisdom on Superfoods for Women. 

Secret 1 - Start your morning with a spoon of Ghee with lukewarm water. After a night of fasting, your stomach needs nutrition. The first nutrition as per Ayurveda should be Ghee as it is Rasa [Holy Divine]. We call it Ghee Mornings! It good for the immune system and also helps in detox.

Secret 2 - Your snacking friend should be seeded—a combination of Flax, Pumpkin, Sunflower & Sesame seeds. We like to call it Period Seeds! These seeds increase or decrease the effects of estrogen in the body based on individual needs.

Secret 3 - Your main meals should be Lentils / Beans / Sprouts. While Ayurveda believes in the virtue of Milk but for Protein, it generally does not talk about Whey or Egg Protein. Primarily, it recommends having cooked or sprouted pulses to provide necessary nourishment to Women. We call it Ayurvedic Protein!

Super Lifestyle for Women

The textbook of Ayurveda is filled with scientific wisdom on Super Lifestyle for Women.

Habit 1 - Pranayam for mood balance & butterfly pose for pelvic balance. The breathing exercise of Pranayam increases happy hormones bringing Mind, Body & Soul in harmony. On the other hand, Pelvic Floor is the one taking care of the Uterus, Lower Backbone, and Hips & Thighs.

Habit 2 - Oiling your Nose eases breathing and hence, relieves headache & stiff necks. It also boosts moods due to frictionless respiration. According to Ayurveda, Belly Button or Navel is the powerhouse of the body. It is connected to every part of the body even before you were born. Lubricating navel relieves symptoms of PMS, such as bloating.

If you want to go into a more scientific way, you can consume plant-based multivitamins rich in calcium, amino acids, and antioxidants

Start moving

Unhealthy Skin

According to a survey done about women, heart diseases and breast cancer are the leading cause of death in 2 out of 5 women worldwide. Walking frequently and exercising; are the best ways to prevent heart diseases and keep your health strong. It's also best for your mental health and body. 

You wouldn't need much time to do it. You will need just 30 minutes a day; you can go for a walk or jog in the park or do aerobics or cardio at home. Other physical activities include:

  • Swimming

  • Playing your favorite sport

  • Dancing

  • Riding a bicycle

If you get bored with one routine, then you can mix up your routines and make them exciting by trying different physical activities. You can also call your friend or family member to come and join you for accountability and encouragement. Doing a group activity will motivate you to do better and more. 

Cardio alone isn't enough to achieve optimal fitness. You can combine it with some strength training. Strength training helps boost your metabolism, build your muscles, help maintain stronger bones and even help in weight loss. It is suitable for postmenopausal and young women

You can always get cardio and strength training programs through social media platforms such as YouTube videos. The programs that work best can be saved easily and can be followed regularly on offline mode. 

Get a healthy aging

Aging is normal and a part of growing wiser, but that doesn't mean you can't lead a healthy life or your life is just about body ache and inevitable pain.

For people, healthy aging depends on healthy living. It is great! Because whatever you do today to stay or lead a healthy life will prevent you from feeling beyond or old tomorrow. But, to achieve this, you should start eating a healthy diet, stay active, and have regular medical checkups. 

Healthy aging means there are certain things that you should make sure not to use, such as tobacco products and excessive consumption of alcohol. Not just this, you have to make to manage your stress and strain level or other mental health issues that might naturally occur throughout your life. 

Aging is not just about your body; it's also about your organs and also your looks. Healthy living will help your organs stay in good condition, and you will be less likely to have any serious diseases such as diabetes or blood pressure. Not just it, you can prevent the little spots and dots from your skin that will make you look younger. 

Make the best and healthy skin and body choices that will lead you to have a better old age. Wear protective clothing and use the best skin products to protect yourself from sunspots and even wrinkles. Try to avoid the mid-day sunlight, apply aloe vera on your face 2-3 times a week, and use sunscreen if going out in the sun. See a healthcare professional or a dermatologist if you have any issues.

Moon Charged Water


The plentiful energy of a moon can be harvested by having Moon Charged Water. This water has healing properties. Remember the movie Frozen 2 when Olaf said, "Water has Memory"!. Scientists from Germany have proven that water has memory even after several rounds of dilution. In fact, this principle is the foundation of Homeopathy. How to make your own Moon Charged Water?

Step 1: Choose a container, preferably Copper or Glass. Earthen Pot is also okay

Step 2: Fill the container to the brim. Cover it with a muslin cloth to avoid dust/flies

Step 3: Place the jar under moonlight so that moonlight reflects off water

Step 4: Drink it straight the next day morning empty stomach

Auric's has designed 100% natural drinks, especially for women with pure ayurvedic herbs in coconut water - great taste with health benefits. Try it out now.

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