Best Tips for Healthy Women Lifestyle

Best Tips for Healthy Women Lifestyle

Know her Estrogen to understand right food and lifestyle of a Woman

Know Your Estrogen

Estrogen is a hormone responsible for feminine characteristics of a human body. Contradictory to what people believe, Estrogen is present in both men & women. Estrogen governs everything from Hair & Weight to Moods & Bones. In women, it is also responsible for Menstruation, Pregnancy & Menopause.

Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a combination of physical & emotional upheaval experienced by a woman a week before periods. For some these symptoms may be so severe as to miss daily routine of work / school / play. The symptoms of PMS are dependent on the level of Estrogen. Estrogen naturally starts falling after ovulation but if it falls less than expected then it is called High Estrogen. On other hand, if it falls much more than expected then it is called Low Estrogen.

The symptoms that you experience will tell about your level of Estrogen. Knowing this is the first step to understand your food & lifestyle choices
HIGH ESTROGEN - Bloating, Cramps, Excessive Blood Flow, Weight Gain, Hair Loss
LOW ESTROGEN - Hot Flashes, Insomnia, Incomplete Blood Flow, Bone Loss 

Superfoods for Women

The text book of Ayurveda is filled with scientific wisdom on Superfoods for Women. 
Secret 1 - Start your morning with a spoon of Ghee with Lukewarm water. After a night of fasting, your stomach needs nutrition. The first nutrition as per Ayurveda should be Ghee as it is Rasa [Holy Divine]. We call it as Ghee Mornings !

Secret 2 - Your Snacking Friend should be seeds. A combination of Flax, Pumpkin, Sunflower & Sesame seeds. We like to call it Period Seeds ! These seeds increase or decrease the effects of Estrogen in body basis individual's needs.

Secret 3 - Your main meals should be Lentils / Beans / Sprouts. While Ayurveda believes in the virtue of Milk but for Protein it generally does not talk about Whey or Egg Protein. Mostly, it recommends having cooked or sprouted pulses to provide necessary nourishment to Women. We call it Ayurvedic Protein!

Super Lifestyle for Women

The text book of Ayurveda is filled with scientific wisdom on Super Lifestyle for Women

Habit 1 - Pranayam for Mood Balance & Butterfly Pose for Pelvic Balance. The breathing exercise of Pranayam increases Happy Hormones bringing Mind, Body & Soul in balance. On other hand, Pelvic Floor is the one taking care of Uterus, Lower Backbone and Hips & Thighs

Habit 2 - Oiling your Nose eases breathing and hence, relieves headache & stiff necks. It also boosts moods due to friction less respiration. According to Ayurveda, Belly Button or Navel is the powerhouse of the body. It is connected to every part of the body even before you were born. Lubricating navel relieves symptoms of PMS such as bloating

Moon Charged Water

The plentiful energy of a moon can be harvested by having Moon Charged Water. This water has healing properties. Remember the movie Frozen 2 when Olaf said, "Water has Memory"!. Scientists from Germany have proven that water has memory even after several rounds of dilution. Infact, this principle is the foundation of Homeopathy. How to make your own Moon Charged Water ?

Step 1 - Choose a container preferably Copper or Glass. Earthen Pot is also ok
Step 2 - Fill container to the brim. Cover it with a muslin cloth to avoid dust / flies
Step 3 - Place the jar under moonlight so that Moonlight reflects off water
Step 4 - Drink it straight next day morning empty stomach


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