What is the best stress reliever?

How to relieve stress

Stress is how your body responds to challenges or demands. Everyone experiences stress that gets triggered by a range of events. It serves a vital purpose and allows us to respond to threats. While none can avoid stress, you can adopt some easy ways to relieve stress at home. You can handle it in healthy ways that can increase your potential to recover. 

When life is stressful, it makes sense to look for easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety. From minor challenges to crises, tension has become a part of life. You can't control situations but can control how to respond to them. When stress in life becomes too overwhelming, it can take a toll on your well-being. It is why you need to have effective stress relievers to calm your mind and body. 

There is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to anxiety relief. What works for you at home might not be an option when you work in a community. We will talk about some of the easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety.

It is why you need to have a collection of stress relief tools at your disposal. You will need to pick up a strategy that will work best for you under current circumstances.

What is a stress reliever?

Virtually physical activities act as stress relievers. Even if you are not an athlete, you are out of shape; exercise can be a good stress reliever.

Physical activities that pump up your feel-good endorphins and neutral chemicals can enhance your sense of well-being. It can refocus your mind on your body's movements, improving your mood and making the irritations fade away. A sense of humor cannot cure all ailments, but it can make you feel better. If you have more time, you can think about social volunteering. You can help yourself by helping others. Social contacts act as good stress relievers. It will provide support and help you tolerate life's ups and downs. 

Whether you're about to get interviewed for a job or feel overwhelmed by your child's behavior at the park, knowing some easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety is essential. The best short-term strategies can get performed anywhere. It will take a little training to ace. It will provide immediate relief, and it's free.

Try guided imagery

It is one of the stress relievers and takes a short vacation in your mind. It will involve imagining yourself to be in a happy place. You may picture yourself sitting on a beach and listening to the waves and feeling underneath you.

Practicing guided imagery is one of the easy ways to relieve stress at home. Close your eyes for a minute and think about the sensory experience, and we will allow you to feel as if you're there.

After a few minutes, you can open your eyes and return to the present moment. It is one of the easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety. 


Meditation acts as one of the short-term stress relievers, and it has blasting stress management benefits. There are many different forms of meditation to try out. Each one is different and will bring its appeal. You may set a Mantra that you can recite in your sense. 

It may take a few minutes to bring mindfulness, which involves being in the moment. But, it proves to be one of the easy ways to relieve stress at home. You can pay attention to what you smell, see, taste, and touch. When you focus on the here and now, you can't contemplate something that happened. You can feel your fate as well. Meditation is one of the easy ways to relieve stress at home.

Focus on breathing 

Focusing on breathing and how you breathe can make a difference in your stress level. Breathing techniques act as effective stress relievers. It will help you calm your mind and body in just a few minutes. The best news is that no one around you will know what you are doing.

When you exhale, you can imagine as if you are breathing out stress and tension. It is one of the easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety. 

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Relieve stress with aromatherapy. 

Aromatherapy has real benefits for stress relief. It will make you feel energized and relaxed and is one of the stress relievers. Research claims that certain fragrances can change brain activity and decrease stress hormones in the body. Whether you enjoy candles, diffusers, or body products, it is one of the easy ways to relieve stress at home. 


Getting in touch with your creative side has been easy for you since childhood. But, if you have lost your love for the artwork, it's not too late to pick it up again. If you do not want to get into drawing or painting, you can think about coloring in a book. Coloring can be one of the easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Coloring books have become popular, and it's for a good reason. Research says that coloring has a strong meditative effect. A study found that anxiety declined in people who were making complex geometric patterns. As such, it is one of the stress relievers.

Exercise has a lasting impact on health.  

With its series of postures and controlled breathing exercises, yoga will bring together mental and physical disciplines. Habits can help you promote resilience to stress and increase overall well-being. For instance, exercise can be one of the easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety. People who meditate regularly are less likely to get stressed in the face of a challenge.

It is essential to lead a lifestyle that will help you get rid of stress and manage challenges healthily. 

Have time for leisure activities. 

Leisure activities can act as stress relievers. Many think they have less time for games, hobbies, and extra fun. Having time for leisure can be one of the easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety and make you feel better.  

Whether making quilts or gardening, leisure helps you live your best life.

Develop positive talk habits.

Harsh self-criticism isn't helpful, and positive self-talk allows you to develop a positive outlook. Compassionate conversation helps manage emotions and is one of the easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety.

Practice yoga. 

Yoga, light exercise, and meditation are regular stress relievers. While you want to reap the benefits from a short session, you can have a lasting impact if you add Relaxation Techniques to your life. 

Yoga offers physiological, physical, and spiritual benefits. Do you like to learn How to Relieve stress? Perhaps the best way to get started is by enrolling in an online yoga program or using an app.

Focus on exercise.

Are you searching for Quick Ways to Reduce stress? Physical activities act as instant stress relievers. The best thing is that there are many kinds of activities that you can practice to reduce your stress. 

You may join a gym, exercise outside or take a class. Walking, strength training, and hiking are easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Problem-focused coping

The fact is that most stress relievers focus on changing your emotions. But, you don't get relief until you change the environment. It's referred to as a problem-coping technique. 

Emotion-focused coping measures remove the stressor from your life and act as easy ways to relieve stress at home. 

Practicing stress-relieving techniques at home 

Some people try to combat stress by drinking alcohol or eating too much. These actions may help at the moment, but they will add up to stress in the long run. Having a healthy diet is one of the easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety.

People who consume nicotine think that it's one of the stress relievers. But, it is not so. It will increase your physical arousal and lead to reduced blood flow. Plus, it can worsen your chronic pain. You'll have body aches and prolonged tension. Thus, smoking does not help.

Practice relaxation technique

As mentioned earlier, you should take time to relax each day. You can choose techniques like guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, and deep breathing as stress relievers.

Smartphones and online apps offer guidance on these techniques. It may need some purchase, but most stress relievers are available free of cost.

Don't rely on sleeping pills. Listening to relaxing music is one of the easy ways to relieve stress at home.


Sleep gets often sacrificed when you get overwhelmed with stress. You may experience insomnia due to discomfort and stress from personal concerns. Establishing a regular sleep schedule is one of the easy ways to relieve stress at home. You ought to head to bed and rise the same term every day. Talking to your partner is one of the easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Authored By: Poorvi Chhajer

About the Author: Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and a belief in Ayurveda.

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