The Whole Truth About Mineral Water

Mineral Water

Mineral water: Is it actually safe?

A significant number of households today rely on water purifiers for their everyday water consumption as we believe that health benefits of mineral water are necessary for a healthy life. Even when we buy a water bottle, mineral water is the term often used by the brands and shops. But have we considered the whole truth about mineral water and if we are actually able to reap the health benefits of mineral water? We have curated a well-researched guide about the whole truth about mineral water to help you be aware of how to opt for the right technology to obtain maximum health benefits of mineral water. Knowing all about it is essential as water is something we cannot live with and consume every day, therefore we need to make a mindful decision about what we drink and buy copper bottle. Let us know the whole truth about mineral water.

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Types of Water Purifiers and Technologies

Is mineral water more healthful? Benefits and side effects

Gone are the days when the water bodies had fresh water that could be drunk without hesitation or skepticism about their cleanliness. This has happened due to numerous reasons, one of which is the misuse of water and water bodies for activities that either over consume water or corrupt its purity, like industrial waste, inefficient agriculture, and more. Other reasons are overpopulation, environmental degradation, and so many more. With such corruption of the purity of water, using a water purifier has become more of a necessity and we must install one to ensure our well-being and obtain health benefits of mineral water.

When we go to buy a water purifier, we are made to choose among numerous companies and types of water purifiers that it makes us confused as to which one to choose. But to ensure we choose the right one, we should be educated about all the options we have and which one to choose. The following are the technologies that are available.

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • RO is one of the most commonly used types of water purifiers and has become synonymous with water purifiers. It can purify contaminated and salty water effectively. In this technology, water is made to pass through a semipermeable membrane with a tiny pore diameter due to which only water molecules are able to pass. This filtration process helps remove 90% impurities, microorganisms, and even heavy metals. This ends up offering us pure water with essentially no natural minerals, making you consume anything but mineral water. This also makes you unable to reap the health benefits of mineral water. To improve the quality of water from RO, you may buy copper bottle.

  • Nanofiltration
  • Nanofiltration technology is similar to RO. However, unlike it, NF removes less impurities due to larger diameter and it does not change how water tastes or the minerals that it contains. Therefore, even with this technology, you cannot reap the health benefits of mineral water. Similar to RO, you should buy copper bottle if you use NF.

    Which Water Purification Technology Should I Use?
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Unlike the aforementioned technologies, ultrafiltration can be done even without electricity. In this, water is made to pass through a hollow fibre membrane with a really small pore size which helps it remove the impurities. UF does not change the natural mineral content of water. This technology becomes incompatible when it comes to significantly hard water, unlike RO and NF.

    While all the aforementioned technologies are really helpful in removing impurities, they may end up not eliminating the tiniest of microorganisms, which can be done using an ultraviolet chamber. The UV chamber contains a UV lamp which sheds UV rays, thus killing the tiniest of microorganisms. Therefore, it is always recommended to buy one of the types of water purifiers which contains UV. To better understand which technologies we should personally use, we need to consider the TDS level of water that comes into our house.

    What is TDS?

    TDS is Total Dissolved Solids. It gives you a measure of impurities, metals, salts, and minerals that are present in the water. It is often perceived that the lower the TDS, the better the water is. However, it is a misconception as TDS also reflects the amount of natural minerals present in it which allows you to have health benefits of mineral water. Therefore, low TDS also means less natural minerals, which is unhealthy for the human body as you will not be able to have the health benefits of mineral water.

    TDS level of 100-300 is considered safe and appropriate for use. The level of 300-500 is also acceptable. But anything above 500 and lower than 100 is not recommended. The packaged drinking water has a TDS of below 100, therefore making it devoid of natural minerals. 

    For this, you should buy a TDS meter and check the TDS of the running water. If it turns out to be less than 300, you do not need a water purifier as if you get one, you are going to eliminate the natural minerals that are beneficial for the body. You can, however, install a UF+UV filter which will eliminate the tiny microorganisms and impurities. If it is from 300-900, going for the UF+UV is the appropriate choice. Unlike popular opinion, you should install the RO type of water purifier only if the TDS is above 900 level to ensure you are obtaining the health benefits of mineral water.

    How to Improve the Quality of RO Water?

    While it is not recommended to use RO for water with TDS level of below 900, if you have no choice but to use RO, you can buy copper bottle for the benefits of copper for a human body as it makes up for the lost minerals and significantly improves the quality of water and helps you reap health benefits of mineral water.

    Which Water Purification Technology Should I Use? | Auric Copper Bottle

    Marketing Gimmicks by Water Purification Companies

    While there are a lot of water purification technologies available, we need to pick the right one for us, rather than opting for all of them. A lot of companies provide water purifiers with all technologies, like RO+UF+NF and more. It does not make sense as RO has tinier pores than NF. One water is passed through the tinier holes, passing it through larger pores would make no difference. 

    Food grade stainless steel is what should be used for anything to do with water. As aluminium is cheaper, water purifier companies use UV chambers made out of aluminium, thus lowering the price point of their product. Aluminium oxides are released by aluminium, which damages the brain 

    A water purifier requires up to four filtration layers to deliver clean water, namely sediment filter, carbon filter, membrane, and finally UV chamber. However, water purifier companies market their products with 7, 8, or even more filtration layers, which is illogical as they serve no purpose but they end up gaining traction


    With this guide, we hope we have helped you understand the whole truth about mineral water and why you should buy copper bottle.

    Mineral Water is how bottled companies market their water, but it is no more than a ploy as the TDS of this water is below 100, which means it is devoid of the natural minerals present in water. Therefore, we shouldn’t fall for this trap and if we ever have to buy bottled water, we should mindfully pick the company which bottles water with TDS levels of 100-300.

    Even when we buy water purifiers, the lack of information makes us purchase types of water purifiers, like RO, which eliminate natural minerals of water, making it hollow. Minerals are highly beneficial for the human body, so its inclusion in the water we drink daily is imperative. If we cannot change the RO for something more appropriate, we can buy copper bottle from Auric as it improves the quality of water, which is one of the immense benefits and significance of copper.

    Additionally, we should not fall for the marketing gimmicks of water purification companies and make a mindful decision while purchasing a water purifier to ensure we are drinking actual mineral water and not some hollow liquid which does nothing other than quenching our thirst.

    Which Water Purification Technology Should I Use? | Auric Copper Bottle

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