Ayurvedic Facts to Drink Water that You Didn't Know

Ayurvedic Facts to Drink Water that You Didn't Know

The Ayurveda Way of Drinking Water:

Ayurvedic facts behind drinking water water so important to our day to day life? Why should we drink water at all? Most people will be unaware of the answer to these questions. But you must know the answer to see the importance of water. The undecorated answer to these questions is that 70% of our body is water. Our body requires water to keep this 70% stable. Otherwise, the body will get dehydrated. Keeping your body hydrated is a crucial thing to live a healthy and satisfying life. There are many long-term and short-term diseases like obesity, uterine cancer, sinusitis, kidney stones, migraines, dyspepsia, breast cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, and hypertension that can attack you due to dehydration.  

The oldest alternative medicine system, Ayurveda, explains the various facts about drinking water that everyone must know. Let's understand the fascinating facts and logic behind them. Hey, you forget to scroll down!

Ayurveda drinking water in the morning:

Do you know what Ayurveda suggests doing first thing in the morning? According to Ayurveda, humans should develop a habit of first drinking a glass of lukewarm water in the morning. It is known as Ushapan. What is the logic behind drinking a glass of lukewarm water in the morning? Before you start your day, It is vital to clean your body from inside. A glass of lukewarm water flushes out all the toxins insides the body and cleanses the intestines. It saves you from various kinds of diseases that can be developed. The morning habit of drinking water satisfies your body water requirement and flushes all the toxins inside the body.

Ayurveda drinking water standing: 

Are you fascinated to know what Ayurveda says about drinking water while standing? As per Ayurveda drinking water in a standing position is a bad idea. It has no benefits for the body. What happens when you drink water while standing? When a person drinks water in a standing position, the body cannot benefit from the water. Water moves at high speed through our food pipe to the lower stomach and harms the nearby areas. It damages the whole digestive tract and all the nearby organs. That is why no one should drink water while standing. The body posture in which you are consuming water can have a severe effect on your body. Always have a seat whenever you want to drink water and drink it sip by sip.

Ayurveda drinking water after food:

Ayurveda says a big NO to drinking water before or after food. But why is it so? Are you curious to know the science behind it? The gastric fluids in the stomach help to digest the food and convert it into energy. Water behaves like a cooling system in the stomach when you drink water before or after the food and dilutes the stomach fire or call it gastric fluids. This habit is harmful in the long run. And you can end up with a prolonged digestive illness.

This bad habit of drinking water allows the body to consume more of the fat from the food being digested rather than abolishing it. Toxins start storing in the body that can lead to various kinds of disorders.

Ayurveda drinking hot water:

If you live in the fancy dream of a healthy life, stop living in such a fancy dream. These days our life is far from a healthy lifestyle. It doesn't matter how desperately we want it. The pollution around us, chemically processed food and our hectic lifestyle snatching away our perfect lives from us. As a result of this, toxins are building up inside us. But adopting healthy habits in your routine can be a life-changer.  


According to Ayurveda, hot water has the quality of sukshma. It infiltrates deep into the body and clears the complex ways of the body. There are other benefits also that hot water offers, as per Ayurveda.

  1. Hot or warm water removes all the toxins that access our body from the external world. These toxins tend to be sticky, slimy, and challenging to get freed of. In Ayurveda, Ama means toxins. So hot or warm water removes Ama from the body.
  2. Hot boiled water improves the digestive system of the body. If you drink hot water between feeds, it also cleans the toxins from the dhatus, i.e. bodily tissues.
  3. Hot water helps you to shed weight. How does it happen? Drinking hot water increases the Agni in the stomach, which help to digest the food quickly and speed up the metabolism. You can add lemon as well honey for an exquisite flavour and results.
  4. Drinking hot water gives relief from cold and cough. It also hydrates the mucus membrane, slackening the buildup of mucus and clearing the nasal passage.

Ayurveda drinking from copper:

Copper is proven as a miracle metal. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. In the Ayurveda lifestyle, drinking from copper vessels has been practised for a long time. Copper not only kills bacteria but aids to balance the three body's doshas, Vata, Kapha, and Pitta. What does Ayurveda say about it? As per Ayurveda, water kept in a copper vessel can balance all three doshas by positively charging the water. 

There are other benefits also that Ayurveda introduces us with the facts. Are you excited to know? Let's move down.

  1. Water stored in the copper vessel doesn't become stale and extends its life.
  2. The anti-bacterial properties of copper kill all the harmful bacteria present in water and make it safe to drink.
  3. When you drink water kept in a copper vessel, your digestive system starts performing better. It helps to break down food particles more efficiently; it has a significant effect on digestion.
  4. If you are willing to lose some kilos, water from a copper cup can help you out. Drinking water regularly from the copper cup will tear down fat and reduce it more efficiently. 
  5. Drinking water from copper vessels decelerates the ageing of the person. The main reason behind this is that copper water is loaded with antioxidants and has cell-forming properties that reduce fine lines and other ageing problems.
  6. The water from a copper vessel is perfect for our heart health. It maintains blood pressure, heart rate and alleviates lousy cholesterol. 
  7. The anti-inflammatory properties of water stored in copper cups help to reduce the pain caused by inflamed joints.

Water stored in a copper vessel has fantastic benefits. That is why Ayurveda suggests drinking water from copper cups.

These simple Ayurvedic facts behind drinking water can be a game-changer if you start making it a habit. A single, wise decision can result in a healthy lifestyle.

You are the only one who is responsible for your health. So be smart and start taking care of yourself.

Authored by: Vijeta Rana

About the Author: Vijeta Rana is a Wellness and Fitness Blogger from Punjab, India

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