The Unbelievable Benefits Of Ghee

ghee benefits

Ghee has a special place in Indian kitchens and is also widely used as an ingredient in the ancient medical science of Ayurveda for ages. Ghee is the Hindi word for "fat" and a synonym for clarified butter. 

It is easy to fall in love with ghee. It is butter that has been caramelised in an elaborate process and reduced to a pale golden liquid that can be used while cooking or even as a condiment. 

Apart from regular ghee, there is A2 ghee as well. A2 ghee or A2 desi cow ghee is named as such because the milk used to make A2 ghee comes from the milk obtained from desi cows, and it also lacks a casein protein known as A1. A2 desi cow ghee has quite benefits over the regular A1 milk ghee.

This article will go into ghee health benefits and why ghee is good for you. We will also highlight the difference between A1 ghee and A2 desi cow ghee.Also read Amazing Gir Cow Ghee Benefits in Ayurveda , A2 Ghee


ghee benefits

What Does It Taste Like?

Ghee tastes a bit like butter and has a slightly nutty, roasted flavour in the background. Commercial brands of ghee all differ in flavour depending on the milk quality used to produce it. As all the milk solids have been removed from the ghee, it does not have the creamy feel of butter. Ghee obtains a granular texture in the refrigerator but remains soft at room temperature. 

What is Ghee and How is It Made?

Ghee, alternatively also known as clarified butter, is nothing but butter cooked over a low heat that browns the milk solids. This gives ghee its unique nutty caramelised flavour. 

Ghee, once manufactured, practically contains no lactose or casein. This makes it suitable for consumption by lactose-intolerant people, which is a good way for ghee health benefits to help those who cannot consume dairy products. Ghee can be used in a variety of dishes as a butter and oil substitute.

A significant part of the health benefits that ghee bestows is because of the presence of the fatty acid known as butyrate acid. It has been clinically proven that this fatty acid is a comprehensive energy source. It also helps heal the colon wall, prevent colon cancer and reduce the chances of being afflicted with autoimmune disease.

These are some of the reasons why ghee is good for you, and the ghee health benefits are not to be ignored but embraced. 

Some of the many ways ghee benefits Ayurveda medications is in providing its therapeutic, anti-inflammatory, and digestive healing properties.  Eradicating toxins is one of the many ghee health benefits bestowed by it. 

Auric A2 Cow Desi Ghee

Ghee Health Benefits

1. Improves Digestion

It is a well-known fact that one of the significant ghee health benefits is that it is suitable as a digestive aid. When ghee reaches the digestive system, it stimulates the stomach to secrete digestive acids, which helps to break down the food faster.

Consumption of ghee is good for you as it helps flush out the toxins from the body. 

 2. Enhances the Body’s Nutrient Absorption

Another of ghee health benefits is that apart from helping to break down food, it also enhances the intestine’s ability to absorb vital nutrients from food. Some individuals may have vitamin deficiencies. Efficient absorption of nutrients will help boost the vitamin levels in these individuals eliminating the need for artificial sources of vitamins.

Thus we can see that ghee is good for you in ways other than just aiding indigestion. 

3. Enhances the Healing Properties of Herbs

Ghee benefits Ayurveda medicine as ghee is more than a mere dietary ingredient.  Ghee is known as an excellent catalytic agent, as it has the ability to increase the healing properties of the herbs consumed for therapeutic uses right down into the tissues. Ghee is good for you as it increases the potency and effectiveness of herbs and is one of the undeniable ghee health benefits.

4. Heals the Intestinal Wall

Ghee being one of the richest sources of butyrate acid, helps increase ghee benefits Ayurveda cures to heal the intestine wall by nourishing and reducing inflammation of the gut wall and preventing afflictions such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Some more ghee health benefits are reducing excess candida along with other unwanted pathogens in the intestinal wall.

5.  Inhibits Risk of Colon Cancer

As stated earlier, ghee is good for you as its consumption works as a preventive measure when it comes to colon or any other form of cancer. Increasing the healthy bacteria in the colon and regulating the growth of colon cells are two ways in which the ghee health benefits you and why ghee is good for you.

6. Flushes Toxins From the Body

A traditional application of ghee and an essential way in which ghee is good for you is to flush out the toxins in the body. It is another way in which ghee benefits Ayurveda medicines. A2 ghee can also be used as a substitute for regular ghee.

By consuming ghee in large doses, the body eases out the toxins when ghee benefits Ayurveda medication which is then purged from the body. Otherwise, toxins will be removed from the body only on a superficial level. 

7. Ghee an Essential Ingredient in Rejuvenation Therapy

In addition to aiding in cleaning the toxins, it also helps in the regeneration of the body tissues as well. When tissues get damaged, they need to be rebuilt. Ghee can play the required role in rebuilding weakened tissues. 

Ghee is good for you as it plays an essential role in increasing energy, immunity and stamina in the individual. Ghee can be combined with herbs to rejuvenate, mixed with honey, or included as a part of your daily meals. 

8. Good for the Nervous System

One of the reasons why ghee is good for you is that it boosts cognitive conditioning, supports memory retention and increases the ability to concentrate better while carrying out day to day activities. It also keeps neurodegenerative diseases at bay.

9. Ghee Has Anti-inflammatory Properties

Ghee is made up of highly active anti-inflammatory agents, which make ghee an active ingredient in inhibiting the spread and preventing the occurrence of allergies, arthritis and even autoimmune disease.

Chronic inflammation, if left untreated, could manifest itself in different ways, both external and internal/ Some of the symptoms are premature ageing, body pain, swelling, and a burning sensation in the person. It can also lead to cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.

Many Advantages of Applying Ghee on the Skin

Provides a Soothing Effect on Chapped Lips

Ghee has a natural moisturising effect on cracked and bleeding lips and is an excellent home remedy and one of the many ghee benefits Ayurveda confers on the individual consuming ghee.

Using ghee on chapped lips makes them smooth and nourishes them from within. Usually, it is applied just before bedtime. Apply a small amount of ghee around a pinch of it on your lips, and in a few days, you will see the difference. 

Ghee Helps Hydrate the Skin

Environmental causes and changing seasons wreak havoc on the skin, leaving it dry and damaged. Ghee can be used as a facemask to hydrate the skin.

Mix a spoon of ghee into two tablespoons of water and apply it liberally to both the face and neck. Wait for 20 minutes before washing it off to reveal glowing skin underneath.

Reduces  Dark Circles 

Oversleeping, excess fatigue or even less sleep as the most common causes of dark circles. Ghee's moisturising and nourishing characteristics aid in restoring and protecting the sensitive skin around your eyes. This is crucial if you want to lighten up your eye region and rapidly get rid of dark circles. 

Apply a minimal amount of ghee to your eyelids and under the eye and leave it on overnight, and wash the face with cold water the moment you wake up. In just a few days, you'll have better-looking skin. 

Benefits Of Ghee

Reduces Pigmentation and Brightens Skin

Ghee aids collagen development, and individuals who regularly consume ghee will see a marked improvement in their skin and reduced pigmentation. The presence of antioxidants in ghee brightens the skin and reduces damage due to oxidative stress.

Main Differences Between A1 and A2 Ghee and Why A2 Ghee is Considered Healthier

You may think there is not much difference between A1 and A2 ghee. Believing that, however, would be a mistake. There is a big difference in the way they are sourced and their respective health benefits too. 


When A2 milk is the source from which the ghee is made, it is referred to as A2 ghee or A2 desi cow ghee, as the milk is sourced from cows indigenous to the region. It also has only the A2 beta-casein protein found in native breeds of cows and other animals like goats, sheep, camels, etc.

Ghee made from milk containing only the A1 beta-casein or, in some cases, both A1 and A2 beta-casein is known as A1 ghee. A1 beta-casein is usually found in all commercially available dairy products. These cows are generally a crossbreed.

Quantity of Milk

The cows which give milk to make the healthier A2 desi cow ghee yield a lower quantity of milk, yet their quality is better, and it is more beneficial to consume. The quantity of milk from hybrid cows is greater in quantity, but it is not as healthy.

Purity of Ghee

In the case of A2 desi cow ghee, they are made in small batches. This helps in ensuring high quality of the product. A2 desi cow ghee has no additives, and the cows which yield the milk for it are fed only organic fodder. 

With A1 ghee, sufficient quality control checks are lacking as it is a mass-produced product. Even additives and preservatives are added to A1 ghee to preserve the texture and flavour and also to extend its shelf life.


Ghee in India is highly regarded as a miracle food, and rightly so. It is beneficial for skin, hair, and the human body's overall wellness. To gain maximum advantage from this superfood, make sure you buy your ghee from a reputed brand that sells only organic A2 desi cow ghee. 

Purchasing a reputed brand of ghee will ensure that you will gain all its health benefits and none of the side effects associated with inferior quality ghee.  

Ghee is a truly versatile food that has been in use in India for ages. The western world has only recently been made aware of its healing properties and is making efforts to include it in their diet. Also read What is A2 Ghee? What are the Benefits of A2 Ghee?


Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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