The Many Health Benefits Of Himalayan Shilajit

Shilajit Benefits
Mother Nature has blessed us with everything we need to thrive as well as survive. The natural world around us offers water, food, climate, materials for shelter, and even medicine. It has gifted us with many magical ingredients to improve wellness and health. Among those is the Himalayan Shilajit, which has time and again proven to be a valuable Ayurvedic ingredient. Read below to know what a Himalayan Shilajit is and the health benefits of pure Shilajit. 

What is Pure Himalayan Shilajit?

A Himalayan Shilajit is a magical herb that provides many health benefits. As the name indicates, pure Shilajit is found in the mountainous regions of the Himalayas and is a mineral pitch. In the Himalayan mountain ranges, pure Shilajit is found and extracted. If you are wondering why pure Shilajit resin is found only in those areas, it is because of the extreme conditions that enable the nutrients to be preserved. 

To ensure that the pure Shilajit resin is free from heavy metals, after the extraction from the rocks in solid form, a meticulous process is followed. Many manufacturers convert this solid pure Shilajit resin into consumable forms like powder or tea with pure shilajit resin. Shilajit capsule is also another way to consume this Ayurvedic ingredient. Now that you have a brief overview of what it is, listed below are the Shilajit benefits. 

Himalayan Shilajit Benefits Health

Though it is an ingredient that has come to the forefront recently, Himalayan Shilajit has been used by people for centuries. That is because of the Shilajit benefits for health, which are attributed to the high amounts of fulvic and humic acids. 

Increases Brain Functioning

In a competitive world, people are on the lookout for products that can give them an edge over others to stay ahead physically as well as mentally. Pure Himalayan Shilajit is one such ingredient that is found helpful in boosting brain function. It has antioxidants that sharpen memory and improve attention span. Shilajeet capsule or powder form can help retain cognitive abilities and improve overall brain health. 

Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Among the important Shilajit benefits for males is that it can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. As per the research on Alzheimer’s disease by an International journal, consuming Shilajeet capsule or powder can reduce the process of ageing and improve longevity. Some components reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and other cognitive problems. The formation of Tau, a protein that causes neurofibrillary tangles, is prevented because of fulvic acid in pure Himalayan Shilajit resin.

Improves Testosterone Levels and Fertility

Among the Himalayan Shilajit benefits for males is that it can increase testosterone in men. This has been a tried and tested formula for many centuries and can increase sperm motility as well as count. These factors help in improving the chances of conception. As per the research done on men between 45 and 55 years of age, those who consumed a Shilajit capsule or other forms for 3 months saw a significant increase in testosterone levels. 

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Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness is common in some people when they are at high altitudes. It can cause body pain, fatigue, and breathing trouble. A cure for this is the consumption of pure Himalayan Shilajit. It contains many minerals, including fulvic and humic acid, which help treat altitude sickness.

Treats Anaemia

Iron deficiency is the leading cause of anaemia. Not having enough haemoglobin in the blood is the reason behind anaemia. The symptoms of this condition include headache, irregular heartbeat, fatigue, and weakness. Shilajit resin which is rich in humic acid and iron is a great way to improve haemoglobin and also blood iron levels. It is not just for women, but the Himalayan Shilajit benefits for the male population to treat anaemia been known for many centuries. 

Boosts Heart Health

One of the important Shilajit benefits is that it can help keep the heart in good condition. Consuming pure Shilajit can increase glutathione, an antioxidant that is great for the heart. Additionally, the humic acid reduces the bad cholesterol and hence lowers the risk of stroke and other heart diseases. 

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It Makes you Look Younger

The presence of fulvic acid in Pure Himalayan Shilajit helps in controlling ageing. It also has many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which enable maintaining vitality. So Shilajit benefits males more than any other ingredient. The presence of antioxidants reduces free radicals and cell damage, contributing to slowing ageing. 

Reduce Stress

Stress is seen in most people, and the use of this ingredient has a calming effect on the body due to high amounts of magnesium and potassium levels. It can also enhance the secretion of dopamine in the brain, which in turn reduces stress and anxiety levels. Additionally, it has components that relax muscles and have a soothing effect that lowers stress, so regular consumption of the Shilajeet capsule or other forms is beneficial. 

Lowers Fatigue

The Shilajit benefits for males are that it can reduce chronic fatigue, which is common among men. It can curb the dysfunction in mitochondria and helps you get energised. When pure Himalayan Shilajit is had with milk, you feel revitalized.

Himalayan Shilajit’s nutritional benefits make it a great supplement to have. Shilajit's benefits make it ideal for daily consumption for better vitality and health. 

Authored By: Divya Shankar

About Author: Divya Shankar is a multifaceted content writer with 7+ years of experience. She has exclusive writing expertise in Ayurveda.

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