Drinking water from a copper bottle: A guide

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Copper, commonly found in coins, wiring, and equipment, holds invaluable utility in daily life. As the first metal discovered by humans, it remains widely used due to its malleability, ductility, and excellent conductivity. It is utilized in currency, industrial equipment, machinery, building materials, appliances, medical devices, and utensils.

Beyond its conventional applications, ancient civilizations like Egypt, India, Greece, and Rome employed copper to shape vessels for eating and drinking. However, accessibility to cheaper alternatives like stainless steel, glass, and plastic gradually led to a decline in this practice.

Nevertheless, the resurgence of the ancient tradition of using Ayurvedic copper water bottles has gained momentum. The associated health benefits have attracted widespread adoption, prompting the need to understand the unique qualities of these vessels.

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Properties of Copper Bottles

  1. Good conductor of heat: Due to its high conductivity of both heat and electricity, ayurvedic copper bottles provide excellent insulation, effectively maintaining the desired temperature of your drink, whether hot or cold.
  2. Low chemical reactivity: Copper exhibits low chemical reactivity, rendering copper bottles highly resistant to corrosion and biofouling. This inherent property imparts antimicrobial characteristics to copper, making it impervious to contamination by biological agents.
  3. Antioxidant in nature: Copper possesses antioxidant properties, enabling it to combat free radicals and mitigate their detrimental effects.

Benefits of drinking water from the copper bottle:

Due to its natural physical and chemical properties, copper is increasingly being used to manufacture copper bottles for drinking. When water is stored in a copper bottle, copper releases its ions into the water. This imparts certain properties to the water as well. Therefore, by drinking water from an ayurvedic copper bottle, we can reap the many benefits of copper, which are detailed below:

  1. Cancer Prevention: Drinking water from Ayurvedic copper bottles can counteract the effects of free radicals, known to be a major cause of cancer in the human body.

  2. Improved Melanin Production: Copper facilitates the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin and eye coloration, as well as protection against harmful sun radiation.

  3. Anemia Prevention: Water stored in copper bottles aids in iron absorption, helping to prevent anemia, a condition characterized by low hemoglobin levels.

  4. Management of Hematological Disorders: Copper deficiency can lead to hematological disorders due to a reduced white blood cell count. Ayurvedic copper bottled water can supplement copper levels and address this deficiency.

  5. Hypertension Management: Copper regulates cholesterol and triglyceride levels, contributing factors to hypertension, making it crucial for maintaining healthy blood pressure.

  6. Thyroid Function Optimization: Adequate copper levels support optimal thyroid gland function, while deficiencies or excesses can cause malfunction or hyperthyroidism.

  7. Antibacterial and Antiviral Properties: Copper's natural antibiotic properties make water stored in copper bottles effective against waterborne diseases caused by E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Cholera bacillus.

  8. Enhanced Cardiovascular Function: Copper aids in removing plaque and dilating blood vessels, improving blood flow to the heart. However, copper deficiency can lead to heart muscle dysfunction, poor circulation, and reduced stress response. Storing water in Ayurvedic copper bottles for at least 8 hours optimizes its copper content.

  9. Alleviation of Arthritis and Joint Inflammation: The anti-inflammatory properties of copper bottled water can provide relief and reduce pain associated with arthritis and inflamed joints.

  10. Accelerated Wound Healing: Copper's anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral properties contribute to faster wound healing, skin regeneration, and enhanced immune system performance.

  11. Digestive benefits: Historically, copper-based medicines were used in ancient Rome to eliminate harmful gut microbes. Ayurvedic tradition suggests drinking Tamra Jal or copper-treated water for gastrointestinal infections and improved digestion. Copper stimulates peristalsis, reduces stomach inflammation, and aids in detoxifying the stomach and gut. Water from a copper bottle can also be beneficial for stomach ulcers.

  12. Anti-convulsive properties: Copper possesses anti-convulsive properties, making it beneficial for individuals with a history of strokes or seizures. Drinking water stored in a copper bottle can help prevent seizures. Additionally, as an antioxidant, copper deficiency hampers the optimal functioning of oxidants, thereby increasing the risk of strokes.

  13. Skin benefits: The utilization of copper in beauty products is not a recent phenomenon but traces back to ancient Egypt civilization. Acting as an antioxidant, copper aids in cell regeneration and mitigates the adverse effects of other reagents on the skin.

  14. Weight management support: Incorporating an Ayurvedic copper bottle into your weight loss journey can prove advantageous. Copper can assist in dissolving excess fat deposits in the body, leading to weight reduction. However, it is essential to exercise caution, as excessive copper intake can result in poisoning. A balanced amount of copper helps maintain a high metabolic rate and facilitates fat and energy loss.

  15. Cognitive enhancement: Being an excellent conductor of electricity, copper plays a vital role in facilitating the transmission of electrical signals between the brain and the body. By promoting efficient cell communication, copper enhances overall brain function.

  16. pH balance maintenance: The antioxidant properties of copper can contribute to maintaining the natural pH levels of the body. Water stored in a copper bottle can help regulate the body's pH, promoting a balanced internal environment.

Tips For Storing And Drinking Water From Copper Water Bottles

  1. Before utilizing a new copper water bottle, it is advisable to thoroughly rinse the bottle using a natural acidic solution, such as lime water. Prepare a mixture of lemon and hot water, carefully scrub the copper water bottle, and allow it to soak in the mixture for a few hours. Rinse the bottle thoroughly before use.

  2. To ensure proper treatment and purification of the water, it is recommended to pour water into a copper water bottle and let it rest overnight for a maximum of 6 hours.

  3. Caution should be exercised not to pour boiling water into the copper water bottle, as this can lead to excessive absorption of copper, potentially resulting in poisoning. Instead, opt for filling the bottle with warm or room-temperature water.

  4. For optimal copper intake, it is recommended to consume water from the copper water bottle up to three times a day, thus ensuring an adequate daily intake of this essential mineral.

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What To Check When Buying Copper Bottles Online

When purchasing a copper bottle online, it is imperative to ensure that it is composed solely of pure copper and does not contain any mixture of alloys or other metals. If the bottle is indeed made of pure copper, there is no need for any additional coating.

In the event that your copper water bottle exhibits noticeable dark spots, there is no cause for concern. These dark spots serve as indicators of the bottle's purity and authenticity. Rest assured that these spots are neither unclean nor harmful.


The price of copper bottles varies based on the brand and location, ranging from a few ten to a few hundred per piece in India. Ayurvedic copper bottles, especially high-end brands boasting additional features like leak-proof technology and temperature control, command a higher price. Leak-proof copper water bottles may have a slightly higher price compared to standard options in the market. To ensure optimal results, it is crucial to choose quality or branded bottles.

Investing in ayurvedic copper bottles, despite their relatively higher price, is a wise decision for your health. Before purchasing, conduct thorough online research and read user reviews to assess the performance of different copper bottle options. Opting for an Ayurvedic copper bottle with a warranty guarantees its legitimacy and purity.

If you are unsure about which brand to choose, consider - Auric, which has its own 99.9% pure copper bottles that can be conveniently ordered from home.

Are you still hesitating? Trust your ancestors and give that copper water bottle a try! If you like the results, recommend them to your family and friends too.

When faced with hesitation, draw inspiration from the wisdom of your ancestors and give a copper water bottle a try. If you experience positive results, don't hesitate to recommend them to your family and friends.

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