How Coconut Bowls And Spoons Are The Best?

auric coconut bowls

One of the largest producers of coconuts in the world is India. It has a presence in almost every facet of life in India. People use it for applying coconut oil on the hair, in the form of coconut chutney, etc. Even the shell of the coconut has its uses as it is an eco-friendly product.

People worldwide are turning to eco-friendly products like Auric coconut bowls. There is a reason for this shift. The realisation has been dawning on people to the damage over-dependence on perishable single-use utensils is causing to the earth. 

Millions of tons of this waste end up being discarded and find their way to the ocean and soil. The aquatic life ingests these toxic containers as they do not know any better. When we eat seafood, we harm our bodies by consuming them.  It takes several years for these products to decompose when introduced to the soil, and they are detrimental as they negatively affect the food grown.   

The problem with the mass-produced and cheap solutions is that they don’t consider the environmental cost of their actions. Thankfully awareness of the damage caused by these products is increasing. Individuals these days prefer eco-friendly alternatives to popular products, and firms now work to accommodate their demands by producing them.

A plethora of sustainable products are being made to substitute the harmful mass-produced ones. Examples of these products are eco-friendly coconut bowls and coconut shell spoons. Made from the humble coconut shell that is otherwise discarded, it can be transformed into an aesthetically pleasing product worthy of any home. Because of the awareness, there is an increased usage of coconut bowl India. 

Not only can eco-friendly coconut bowls and coconut shell spoons go well with your Instagram worthy smoothie creations, but they also help save the environment. Read on to know how they help promote an eco-friendly and sustainable earth.Also read Sustainable And Healthy Eating With Organic Coconut Bowls

Auric coconut bowls

Help To Reduce Waste

Around 50 billion coconuts are produced around the world each year. A large percentage of these coconut shells are discarded as waste. Some people may use coconut shells for making charcoal, but the majority of them are thrown away. In most cases, they are disposed of by burning, which is a major cause of carbon dioxide and methane emissions. Repurposing the coconut shells to be used as utensils will reduce these emissions that cause climate change and global warming. At the hands of a good craftsman, these shells can have a new lease of life in the form of numerous and inspiring designs.  

Unlike regular bowls and dishes, which require raw materials to be sourced before they can be used to produce various utensils, eco-friendly coconut bowls and coconut shell spoons face no such hindrance as the only raw materials used are discarded coconut shells. Reclaimed and repurposed, These eco-friendly coconut bowls and coconut shell spoons are ideal for those pursuing a zero-waste and sustainable lifestyle.

Promote Sustainability

More than 50 billion coconuts are grown every year the world over. About 10 million farmers are engaged in the activity of growing coconuts. The shells of most of these coconuts end up being disposed of in landfills and incinerators.

The shells are sourced from coconut farmers converted into eco-friendly coconut bowls, which helps promote a sustainable form of coconut farming. Purchasing coconut bowl India will help increase sustainable farming implementation too. 

Leading sustainable lives would mean changing consumption patterns that encourage the depletion of natural reserves. Coconut bowl India promotes the concept of sustainability by recycling coconut waste rather than consuming other natural resources such as ceramic, plastic, metals, etc. 

Harvesting the coconut shells also encourages social entrepreneurship as it helps farmers earn some extra income from selling their coconut shells which otherwise are destined to be scrapped in any case. So not only do these eco-friendly coconut bowls and coconut shell spoons encourage sustainable living, but they also help provide an additional means of income for the coconut farmers. 

Crafted by Hand

The sourced from waste coconut bowl India is made possible thanks to the skills of the highly talented artisans. Discarded shells are given a new lease of life in the form of beautifully handcrafted eco-friendly coconut bowls and coconut shell spoons. The painstakingly manufactured eco-friendly coconut bowls are polished with natural coconut oil, which gives the bowls their shiny appearance.  

Because coconut bowls are usually hand-crafted, no chemicals are used in their production. This would mean eco-friendly coconut bowls and coconut shell spoons are food-grade products and totally safe. Hence coconut bowl India is entirely free of toxic substances that could have potential ill effects on our health.

Making mass-produced utensils is an energy-intensive process that takes a considerable toll on natural resources. It leads to overexploitation and available resources and uses a lot of energy, contributing to increased pollutants and other less than desirable environmental side-effects.  

Handcrafted eco-friendly coconut bowls and coconut shell spoons place a minimal burden on the environment as the entire process of manufacturing involves only naturally occurring raw materials and has little or no energy requirements.

Encourage Sustainable Eating

Choosing to live sustainably is by no means easy. Having grown used to using plastic items and other mass-produced products, it may be hard to make the switch. But, once a sustainable form of living is embraced, it soon becomes second nature. 

By procuring eco-friendly coconut bowls and other products of a similar nature, you may even consider changing your lifestyle and extending it to the food you eat. This facet of life will see a change because it gets along with the eco-friendly nature of the coconut shell spoons and eco-friendly coconut bowls. A change in diet will include eating more healthy and organic products. This may happen because the environment you live in can influence the decisions and habits that define you.

Auric coconut bowls

Biodegradable and Compostable

Eco-friendly coconut bowls and coconut shell spoons made from coconut shells are very durable. Thus coconut bowl India will last for years, especially if it is maintained and taken care of well.  

Eventually, if and when your eco-friendly coconut bowl does break, you won’t have to worry about the harmful effects of discarding it. As coconut bowls are 100% natural, they are biodegradable products. They will break down into organic fertiliser and compost naturally after they are discarded. 

Coconut bowls can be used as eco-friendly pots. Using them this way will make the plants look better and give an interesting aura to your home. Even after their life cycle is complete, eco-friendly coconut bowls and coconut shell spoons and being sustainably made are also environmentally friendly. 

They’re A Zero Waste Product

The desire to reduce waste and the adverse impact of single-use plastics on the environment gave rise to the initiative of utilising coconut bowls India. They are biodegradable and reusable. They also are less likely to end up in landfills, harm the wildlife or pollute the oceans like the way single-use plastic does. 

Add A Rustic Look To Your Kitchen

Coconut bowls and spoons exhibit a rustic and authentic look to your kitchen. Being easy to wash and store, they are low maintenance. They are totally safe for serving food. Anything from soups to ice cream can be served in them.  Eco-friendly coconut bowls and coconut shell spoons also can make an ideal housewarming gift for co-workers and friends.

Helps to Restrict Overeating 

Many people struggle to maintain their weight loss. The crucial thing in any weight loss plan is to control the diet. It can be advantageous to eat your meals in a coconut shell in this regard as due to its compact size, only a limited amount of food will fit in. The compact size of the coconut bowl will encourage you to eat less and promote good health.

Gives The Food Aroma 

There are many people who like the fragrance of the earthy aroma that is present in coconut bowls as it wafts its way into your nose. Replace your fancy china and embrace the use of eco-friendly coconut bowls and coconut shell spoons. 

Cooking and eating in coconut bowls will enhance the smell and flavour of whatever you cook. Coconut bowls transfer the subtle aroma into the food. And when you pick up the first morsel of food and put it into your mouth, it will be an elevating experience. 

Good For Your Stomach 

There are nutritional elements that can benefit your stomach packed in coconut shells. It will help to reduce instances of constipation and other stomach related ailments. Switching your cutlery from your fancy china with natural coconut shell bowls will help. The naturally occurring fibre and the vitamins in the shell will improve your bowel movements as this attribute will be infused in the food and work towards making you a healthy individual.

You’ll Have An Instant Instagrammable Meal

Well, there are better reasons why you must eat your next meal out of a coconut bowl. But having an Instagram worthy dish at home is definitely a perk. Being crafted from natural coconut shells gives it a unique texture and the food an out-of-the-box appearance. There are plenty of hand-crafted coconut bowls with unique handcrafted designs for you to choose from. 


Using coconut bowls helps in a small way to sustain life on Earth. Even though it may sound dramatic, the humble coconut does help the environment. They help to promote a sustainable approach to farming and encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle among the community. In addition, they use natural materials and are biodegradable, so they altogether avoid the usage of scarce natural resources. 

Considering the great utility of this, Auric has come up with its coconut bowl and spoons which can be home-delivered easily. So, what are you waiting for? Order now!

Plastic pollution on earth takes its toll on all of us. It even affects the oceans, not even sparing marine life. Switching to eco-friendly products like eco-friendly coconut shell bowls will help reduce plastic pollution to a large extent. Also read Coconut Bowls All You Need To Know About Coconut Bowls and Spoons


Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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