Coconut Bowls All You Need To Know About Coconut Bowls and Spoons

Auric Coconut Bowl with Spoon

Coconut bowls are a unique product and a symbol of sustainability. It is a product out of waste but a fantastic innovation that portrays how to dispose of a natural resource usefully.  Consuming food from a coconut bowl and spoon make us feel close to nature. Have you ever wondered what is special about coconut shell spoons and bowls? Coconut bowls are made of natural biodegradable resources and produced from coconut shells that would go to waste otherwise. Therefore, this is the best way or a great example to show how products can be reused or up-cycled. Amidst all synthetic and over-processed products, coconut shell spoons and bowls keep it natural, crafted only from waste coconut shells. Nothing quite like coconut bowl and spoon as they are organic. The minute we think differently to touch nature and create a change, everything works differently. Coconut shells also make special décor items and toys, and they have the same characteristics as bowls and spoons. 

Journey of Coconut Bowls

Coconut bowl was produced in large quantities in Vietnam as they realised that 99% of the coconut shells were disposed of as waste. It ranges to billions of shells every year. Therefore, they planned on using a team of talented artisans to make a super safe and uniquely different product, 100% natural with no toxins, BPA, plastics and synthetics.

How to Make Coconut Bowls?

The materials needed to make a coconut bowl and spoon are:

  • Mature coconuts
  • Handsaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Brush
  • Linseed oil

Coconut bowls are made by primarily harvesting the milk, meats and oils from the coconuts. The first step is to cut the coconut in the middle with the handsaw. Then, open it precisely in the centre and save the water to drink. Next, remove the coconut meat using a blunt knife. Once all the meat is dismantled, it can be made into shredded coconut, flakes or coconut milk. Now it is time for the sandpaper to sand the surfaces of the halves till it grows smooth. Medium grit sandpaper is the ideal choice as it will not ruin the natural patterns on the shells. 

After these, the unwanted coconut shells are disposed of or burned. But when these unwanted coconut shells are burned, they result in carbon dioxide and methane emissions, harmful to the atmosphere. Hence the shells are well cleaned and evenly scraped off inside to make a flawlessly smooth texture and create coconut shell spoons and bowls. It makes the entire coconut waste free. The outer layer of coconut shell spoons and bowls have a natural shine, and in certain circumstances, they are further polished to accentuate their beauty. Finally, lacquer the shells with linseed oil on both inside and outside. But for a more natural outlook, polish the inner side of the coconut bowl. Repeat this final step five times, permitting it to dry at room temperature to enhance food safety.

Beautiful drawings and designs are carved on the outer layer of the coconut bowls to create unique and prettier products. This carving on a coconut bowl and spoon displays artwork and the talents of the craftsmen who perform it. Sometimes the craftwork on the outer layers of the coconut bowl and spoon is given so much importance that they are priced depending on the work precision and intricate patterns. 

Auric Coconut Bowl with Spoon

Highlighting Features of Coconut Bowls

Made out of coconut, get the look and feel of wooden kitchenware with exclusively unique features. Coconut bowls are considered a gift from nature as, unlike other products, they can be disposed of at a point in time without polluting the environment. The special features of coconut bowl and spoon are:

  • It has high sustainability, and this kitchenware item is 100% biodegradable.
  • Coconut bowls production gives work to the labourers and workers who are below the poverty line. Therefore, we have to be responsible citizens and take care of both nature and the people.
  • Coconut bowls offer peace of mind as they make one know that they are contributing a small part of what they can to the planet. 
  • A coconut bowl and spoon reduce the devastating impact of plastic in our environment as it is the best waste-free product.
  • Coconut bowls are reusable and do not pose any threat to oceans, wildlife, lands, etc.
  • A coconut bowl and spoon are artistic natural resources at your disposal that look very presentable with salads, smoothies, and stir-fried food.
  • Coconut bowls unintentionally are seen to encourage healthy food habits and mindful eating in people. It is because a plant-based bowl deserves a plant-based food that also reminds of the gratitude for food. All these coconut bowls feeling in turn, have a positive impact on the wellness of a person.

Care Guide for Coconut Bowls

Maintaining coconut bowls are super effortless owing to its high sustainability! However, they will require a little love to keep them shiny and beautiful for a prolonged period. So let us quickly look into it. Coconut bowls are not treated with any form of chemicals or processing techniques, and so they are planet friendly. However, as coconut shell spoons and bowls are naturally made with no additional production methods, they are not as durable as plastic or synthetic bowl. Therefore, the only technique to keep the coconut bowls in good condition is by polishing them frequently. It allows them to look like brand-new items and also make them last a little longer.

Things that make coconut bowls special are their easy cleaning techniques. It is relatively effortless to perform when compared to the other wooden kitchenware. Rinse the coconut bowl with warm and soapy water and use a gentle cloth to clean it. Let it dry on a dish rack for some time. It will ensure that the coconut bowls are in good condition for a prolonged period. They must be stored in both dry and pleasant temperatures. 

Wood tends to change coarse with time due to the exposure to oxygen in the air and exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun. The only possible way to slow this down is to polish the coconut bowls. The polishing task is also effortless with less cost involved. Take an old rag or any soft fabric and drip a few drops of flaxseed, virgin coconut or linseed oil onto it. Rub the surface of these natural resources, and this brief polish is sufficient to regain its shine. 

Auric Coconut Bowl with Spoon

Dos and Don'ts of Coconut Bowls

There are a few dos and don'ts associated with coconut bowls to make them stay in their best form for a longer duration. 

Dos of Coconut Bowls

Make use of coconut bowls to self-motivate and eat healthily. You are what you eat, and therefore eating natural food items will reward your physical health ultimately. There are numerous healthy recipes available on the net when searching the serving techniques. So, research and make good use of it. Then, share the healthy bowl you prepare with banana, chia seeds, red berries and cashew butter to make more people aware of the goodness the coconut bowls create for the world. 

Don'ts of Coconut Bowls

Do not place the coconut bowls in a microwave oven. Wood products naturally tend to get affected by exposure to heat, and with conditions like a microwave's extreme heat, it will expand and crack. In addition, it can cause thermal expansion in the coconut bowls, so it is highly recommended not to be put into any oven. For this same reason, it is advised to keep the coconut bowl off the dishwasher as it uses hot water for cleaning. 

Do not place a coconut bowl in a freezer. It is made of wood it can withstand moderate cold conditions of a fridge but not a freezer. In addition, the moisture content in the coconut bowls increases with too much cold, leading to developing cracks. However, you can drop hot and cold foods in this bowl as they can handle the temperatures for quite some time.

Do not leave the food items in the coconut bowls overnight with more quantities of liquid like soup, curry and porridge. Wood is porous, so it absorbs water and even flavours when left in it for a long time. It does not affect the quality of the food, but the coconut bowls will deteriorate soon.

Coconut bowls are natural resources at your disposal, and it will stain over time or when it comes in contact with colourings. So do not place food with artificial colours into them. The same applies to coconut bowl and spoon as it is also made of wood.

Do not use any oils other than pure coconut, linseed or flaxseed oil to polish the coconut bowls. In unfortunate circumstances, few vegetable oils react and turn rancid. Foods made with these bowls affect the consumer.

Auric Coconut Bowl with Spoon


The Takeaway

Everything tastes better in a Coconut Bowl! Even  You are sure to be whisked away with each bite to a tropical paradise. A waste product directly sourced from nature, its sustainability is unmatched with various items in today's scenario. Touch nature and produce valuable items that make special life-changing activities like crockeries. Auric’s Coconut Bowls are made out of real coconut shells that artisans handcraft. Use this gift of nature for your meals and touch base with nature every single day. 

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