The Profound Benefits of Giloy Juice

giloy juice benefits

Herbal or Ayurvedic remedies are always available for any ailment you may face. Surprisingly, a single element or plant can possess vast capabilities. Indeed, the remarkable Giloy Juice serves as an immunity booster, highly recommended by Auric for regular use!

Giloy vati, a climbing shrub and essential herbal remedy in Ayurvedic medicine, has played a crucial role in improving people's lives throughout history. It not only promotes general well-being but also offers treatment for a wide array of medical conditions.

Traditionally, Giloy has been used to treat various ailments such as fever, urinary problems, asthma, dysentery, skin infections, and many others, supported by extensive research on this herbal wonder.

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What is Giloy?

The scientific name of giloy is Tinospora cordifolia. Besides this, it is known by other names such as Heart-leaved Moonseed, Amrita, Giloe, and Guduchi. The term 'Giloe' in Hindu mythology suggests its ability to retain youthfulness. 'Guduchi,' a Sanskrit name, signifies holistic well-being, while 'Amrita' refers to immortality.

It thrives on trees and is indigenous to India, but it can also be found in some regions of China, Australia, and Africa.

Every part of this remarkable herb is employed in Ayurvedic medicine. However, the stem is particularly rich in beneficial compounds for medicinal purposes. Additionally, the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India has endorsed the plant's medicinal usage

giloy juice

Benefits Of Giloy

Numerous studies on giloy suggest its significant health applications. It is essential to acknowledge that most research has been conducted on rats, cells in laboratories, and a limited human sample. Now, let's explore the various advantages offered by Giloy.

Metabolic Benefits

Giloy may benefit individuals with diabetes or at risk of heart disease, as studies indicate lowered blood sugar levels and improved insulin resistance in body cells. Additionally, it aids in reducing cholesterol levels, as observed in lab animal tests.

The alkaloid in giloy, a traditional herbal remedy, effectively lowers blood sugar levels. Medications containing this compound also reduce body's LDL (bad cholesterol).

Immune System Benefits

Lab tests confirm giloy's antioxidant effects. Giloy Vati safeguards cells from oxidative harm and exhibits anticancer potential against breast, prostate, and ovarian cancer cells.

Giloy consumption enhances the immune system, alleviating allergy symptoms like runny nose, fever, and cough. Approximately 83% experience relief with giloy vati usage. Moreover, giloy compounds protect the immune system from bacteria and pathogens.

Giloy Juice

Now that you are equipped with what giloy is and the benefits of giloy, we shall jump on the wagon of giloy juice - the most consumed form of giloy—also throwing some light on the giloy juice benefits.

How To Make Giloy Juice?

To make Giloy Juice, you need to first clean and chop off the branches of the plant. Next, blend these in a cup of water until it becomes a nice green liquid paste. Next, sieve or strain the green paste to consume it as Giloy Juice. Certain additives like ginger, lemon, honey, etc., behave like a cherry on the cake.

Giloy juice is trendy these days and is a healthy trending option for those seeking cures for various diseases and those who are health conscious. The giloy juice benefits are a herbal solution to man's health needs.

The juice is trendy in our country as well and is very much affordable for a normal human being. The juice is available in a concentrated form in the market and hence requires to be diluted before consumption.

Thus, if you are looking forward to helping yourself with giloy juice, go ahead and grab the wide range of lists available and make your favorite choice.

Now, check out and understand the benefits of giloy juice along with its regular consumption to make a good buying decision for a healthier YOU!

Giloy Juice Benefits

Since Giloy is a strong immunity booster, anti-toxic, and anti-inflammatory, this traditional medicine is the optimum answer to every health abnormality.

1. Chronic Fever

According to Ayurveda, fever arises from two main causes: toxic residues or foreign particles. Nonetheless, Giloy actively aids in treating persistent and recurring fevers. This anti-inflammatory and antipyretic herb combats infections and promotes a speedy recovery, thereby enhancing immunity.

Usage: Take 2-3 tbsp of Giloy Juice and equal water. Mix and consume on an empty stomach in the morning.

2. Dengue Fever

Due to its antipyretic properties, Giloy Juice boosts platelet count in dengue fever, thereby reducing complications and aiding swift recovery. Boiling Giloy leaves with Tulsi leaves yields highly effective outcomes.

Usage: First, extract fresh Giloy leaves, mix with more amount of tulsi leaves (5-7), add half a cup of water, boil, strain, and consume daily.

3. Hay Fever

Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis, greatly benefits from Giloy juice, aiding in its cure. Consuming Giloy juice alleviates symptoms like watery eyes, nasal blockage, and frequent sneezing.

Usage: Take half a spoon of Giloy powder with honey to be taken before food to reduce temperature.

4. Control Blood Sugar Levels

According to Ayurveda, "Madhunashini" refers to Giloy, signifying its role as the 'sugar destroyer.' It aids insulin production, thereby regulating blood sugar levels and preventing diabetes-related complications such as ulcers and kidney problems.

Usage: Mix half tsp of Giloy juice powder with water and take it twice a day - after lunch and dinner.

5. Boost Immunity

Herbs enhance the body's immunity and promote vitality. Consuming antioxidant-rich Giloy juice aids in toxin release, detoxifying and enhancing skin health. Additionally, Giloy juice offers remedies for liver ailments, urinary tract infections, and heart conditions.

Usage: 2-3 tsp of Giloy juice, an equal amount of water, and consume once or twice a day.

6. Improves Digestion

Giloy juice aids in alleviating digestion-related concerns such as diarrhea, vomiting, and hyperacidity, leading to enhanced digestive function.

Usage: Taking half tsp of Giloy powder with one full glass of warm water shows excellent results.

7. Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Giloy extract is an excellent solution for alleviating stress and anxiety by inducing body relaxation. It possesses the ability to enhance cognitive functions, including memory.

Usage: Drinking 2-3 tsp of Giloy Juice with a similar quantity of water, on an empty stomach in the morning.

8. Treating Arthritis & Gout

In addition to its anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties, Giloy Juice also offers anti-arthritic effects, aiding in reducing arthritis and gout.

Usage: Giloy juice powder with warm milk reduces joint pains.

9. Eye-sight Improvement

Giloy Vati, when used topically, shows high efficacy in enhancing eyesight.

Usage: Boil Giloy leaves in water and applies them to the eyes when cooled.

10. Improved Respiratory Health

Asthma and related breathing problems are linked to tracheal inflammation. Therefore, the anti-inflammatory attributes of Giloy Juice provide relief from inflammation, promoting improved breathing.

Usage: Take small branches of Giloy Vati, wash them, scrape the skin with a knife, and churn them in a blender with one glass of water to make a smooth juice. Drink it regularly

11. Youthful Skin

Periodically, aging expedites because of free radicals. Giloy juice offers substantial antioxidants, safeguarding the skin from oxidative harm, leading to a more youthful appearance. Additionally, it enhances skin blood circulation, providing a natural radiant and sleek complexion.

Usage: To a cup of milk, add a stick of Giloy and boil. Drink it when it cools down. It will result in great wonders for your skin.

Side effects Of Giloy

Giloy herb is reputedly free of adverse effects. However, irregular consumption, varying doses, or concurrent use with other medicines may result in considerable complications, such as a substantial reduction in blood sugar levels.

This can lead to heightened immune system activity, exacerbating autoimmune disease symptoms. Lactating mothers may also experience mild effects. Therefore, seeking proper consultation is advisable for added safety.


Through generations, Giloy has been employed as traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India, benefiting the human immune system. However, limited studies exist to substantiate its individual efficacy. Humans focus on alleviating allergies, symptoms, rashes, diabetes, etc. Nonetheless, adhering to product instructions ensures the safe consumption of Giloy Juice.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should refrain from its consumption until fully recovered. Additionally, vigilance in dietary choices is essential to avoid undesirable reactions. Seeking advice from healthcare professionals is prudent.

Auric offers an excellent Body Defence juice enriched with Giloy's goodness, enhancing body strength and immunity. Act now and get your pack of this Ayurvedic tonic ASAP!

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