Benefits Of Using Dhoop Sticks & Agarbatti

Dhoop Sticks Benefits

The pleasant fragrance influences everyone, and that too, mainly the scents of various flowers and other perfumes, attack the mind through the sense object nostrils. The thought process, mental activities, and other negative aspects change due to the sudden, beautiful fragrance you inhale. You may unknowingly get attracted to the environment—this is why you offer incense sticks and dhoop sticks to the Lord. 

The fragrant smoke of the dhoop agarbatti satisfies all your senses and gives immediate pleasure to your mind. The dhoop sticks or dhoop agarbatti can invoke good qualities in everyone's heart. From the perspective of spirituality, the dhoop sticks connect to the Lord through their fragrance. The "dhoop agarbatti" instantly pleases everyone, and the devotees of the Lord believe that God will listen to their prayers, so they light "dhoop agarbatti" to awaken spirituality. 

There are various kinds of fragrant organic incense sticks available in the market, such as:

Incense Sticks

It is also known as Agarbatti and originates from ancient Egypt. Later, this lighting of incense sticks spread to Greek, Rome, and all over the world. This fragrant incense stick is of natural products such as bamboo, sandalwood, etc. The bamboo is cut into thin bars and added scented oils to get these bamboo sticks for agarbatti. Since bamboo and sandalwood bring good luck, victory, and prosperity, these bamboo sticks for agarbatti also find many uses at home. These incense sticks captivate the heart of the entire house with their beautiful, pleasant fragrance. 

Different fragrances of incense sticks are available in the market, such as rose flowers, jasmine, sandalwood, sweet musky, natural herbs, lavender, amber, etc., that revitalize the entire room with their aromatic perfume.

Dhoop Sticks

The dhoop sticks produce the same effect when you light them. Manufacturers make dhoop sticks using cow dung, charcoal, and other natural ingredients instead of bamboo sticks. According to Hindu mythology, cow dung is sacred and purifies one's heart instantly. It negates all bad omens and brings wellness and prosperity. Thus cow dung has the property of removing impurities and cleansing your room. These bamboo-less dhoop sticks are not as dry as incense sticks but have slight dampness. There are two types of bamboo-less dhoop sticks available in the market - charcoal and masala dhoop sticks. Later, adding the paste of essential oils and other natural ingredients to the bamboo-less dhoop sticks gives a lovely fragrance.

Benefits of using Organic Dhoop Sticks

You can derive many health benefits simply by lighting the organic incense sticks. Some of their benefits are listed below:

Help Heal Skin Disorders

When you burn the dhoop sticks in your room, it produces beautiful fragrant smoke. The smoke can heal some skin infections as it has organic properties. The best is the sandalwood dhoop stick which has a cooling tendency that helps remove nasty infections. It soothes your skin, and therapeutic and traditional healers use this technique to cure skin disorders.

Kills Germs and Bacteria

The antibacterial property of the dhoop sticks kills harmful bacteria and other microbial germs. Burning dhoop sticks in your room remove all the germs and contagious infections and purify the environment, which is mandatory nowadays due to the pandemic.

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Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Dhoop sticks relax your brain nerves that immediately give relief to your body. You would become tension-free due to the organic aromatic property of the dhoop sticks. Some people burn this "dhoop agarbatti" in their study rooms to get total concentration and focus on their studies. While performing meditation, maintaining harmony in the surroundings, bringing a peaceful environment, etc., many people often light the "dhoop agarbatti."

Cure Severe Headaches

The bamboo sticks for agarbatti are very helpful in relieving headaches. Make it a practice to light these organic incense sticks whenever you have a headache. Its organic natural products soothe your brain nerves, removing stress, tension, and choked-up feelings. 

Act as an Air Purifier 

Bamboo fewer Dhoop Sticks contain camphor, cow dung, ghee, and other organic natural products that purify the air in your room, and the smoke, wherever it spreads, cleanses the area - so it is an environmental air purifier. Therefore, organic incense sticks freshen your space. 

Mosquito Repellent

These bamboo sticks for agarbatti repel the mosquitoes and, therefore, prevent most diseases caused by mosquitoes. The mosquitoes do not enter your room due to the aromatic smell. The natural products used in the bamboo-less dhoop sticks keep away mosquitoes and other insects. 

Help In Sound Sleep

When you have sleepless nights, remember to light the bamboo sticks for agarbatti. It solves the problem of insomnia by calming your mind, relieving your stress, and other sleep-related issues. These bamboo-less dhoop sticks contain cow dung and other natural products to chase away black magic, evil spirits, and harmful elements that disturb sleep. 

Other benefits include clearing your lungs, bronchitis, depression, asthma, negative thoughts, etc.; the incense sticks can also remove any doshas that harm you. The ancestors created a tradition of lighting incense sticks at the altar, once at dawn and dusk (even during festivals or any celebration), to ward away all the evils and pave the way for the Gods to enter your house. Therefore you worship them at these times to achieve fruition results.  


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