Auric Wedding Combo is All You Need for Your Wedding Day

Auric Wedding Combo is All You Need for Your Wedding Day | Auric Ayurvedic Juices

Auric is a beverage brand that solely focuses on bringing the goodness of Ayurveda in the form of health and wellness drinks for its health-conscious consumers. The fantastic blend of ancient ayurvedic herbs with the contemporary millennial lifestyle makes Auric a widely popular brand of current times. Be it the regular desires of a healthy lifestyle or special wedding day wishes, Auric has the perfect healthy juices to fit every scenario of life. For the holistic development of an individual, Auric is the go-to brand anytime, anywhere by anyone and everyone.

Auric Wedding Combo To Fulfill Wedding Day Wishes 

Auric Wedding Combo, as the name suggests, is a combination of classic Auric beverages brought together in a pack to make it most suitable for the bride-to-be and fulfills all her long-listed wedding wishes. For the bride as well as someone who is going to be a part of the wedding, Auric Wedding Combo is of great use. The wedding juice is a valuable present to convey your wedding day wishes to the bride in addition to the wedding messages.

Auric Wedding Combo effectively attacks all the unhealthy aspects of the bride-to-be with its super nutritive juices that are made up of the best Ayurvedic herbs. Right from the deep rooted physical problems of skin, hair and weight to more complex issues like stress, and lack of energy and immunity, Auric Wedding Combo is the answer to all wedding day wishes compiled for all these years by the bride in the healthiest way ever. The wedding wishes of a bride to look and feel her best gets fulfilled with this juice combo entirely. Get set for your wedding day with one bottle of goodness gulping down your body everyday for the best results. Auric Wedding Combo is the perfect preparation pack needed by the bride-to-be for the healthiest glow on her wedding day.

What Does Auric Wedding Combo Contain?

Auric Wedding Combo is the best pre-wedding gift for oneself or the other brides-to-be which makes all the wedding day wishes come true with its carefully curated health and wellness drinks. Contents of the Auric Wedding Combo are as follows.

  • Auric Skin Radiance for Naturally Glowing Skin

A glowing skin that shines from within is the dream of every bride and Auric ensures to make this dream come true without a lot of effort or expense. Auric Skin Radiance for Naturally Glowing Skin is a widely popular health and wellness drink that directly affects the skin with its natural goodness. Do you know what makes for the best juice for skin? The 4-in-1 formula of Ayurveda nutrition is followed in the making of this detox drink which contains the multiple properties of four fantastic Ayurveda herbs, namely Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Amla and Gotu Kola. The goodness of the amalgamation of the four prime herbs in this drink directly attacks signs of ageing, like wrinkles, dark spots, enlargement of pores along with improving the elasticity of the skin while speeding up the production of collagen that eventually makes the skin super soft and supple. Auric Juice for skin works not on the surface but within the 7 layers of the skin that is detoxified, nourished, repaired and restored with the herbal amalgamation in the form of yummy juice.

  • Auric Hair Boost for Strong Nourished Hair

Auric Wedding Combo is All You Need for Your Wedding Day | Auric Hair Boost Juice

Healthy hair is not only a matter of hygiene but also better impressions on others as your hair is a big part of your personality that can’t be left alone while preparing for your big day. Auric Hair Boost for Strong Nourished Hair is there to take away all your hair problems and bring in a super nourishing treatment for your hair that makes them voluminous, thicker and shinier in every way possible. Auric hair boost is made up of a 3-in-1 unique formula of Ayurveda that brings the goodness of Brahmi, Aloe Vera and Amla together to treat your hair from within. The nutrition in the form of a healthy drink not only reduces the common problems of hair fall, dry and dirty scalp but also promotes shine and bounce in the hair along with making them longer and voluminous. Get your hair wedding ready with the delicious taste of Guava in the form of Auric Hair Boost Drink.

  • Auric Weight Balance for Effective Fat Loss

An ideal body weight is a must for the bride-to-be to look her best on her big day. The maintenance of an ideal weight balance is not as easy as it might sound because a lot of factors go behind the complex concept of weight loss. However, most of the factors that affect the weight of an individual are internal, that is where Auric Weight Balance for Effective Fat Loss Juices comes in the pictures. Are you wondering how to lose weight with weight loss drink? The weight loss juice for wedding by Auric is a tasty combination of three premium Ayurveda herbs, namely - Beetroot, Garcinia and Curcumin (Turmeric). Auric Juice is best for the natural fat loss from the body because of the naturally detoxing ingredient beetroot that works magically with the curcumin that burns the fat naturally. Get slim with Auric Weight Balance for Effective Fat Loss that improves the metabolism of your body by multiple folds ultimately resulting in balancing the body weight effectively.

  • Auric Women Wellness for Happy and Stress-Free Periods

Only women can truly understand the complex issues that periods bring every month without a warning. Periods are here to stay but not the pain because you have Auric Women Wellness Drink for Happy and Stress-Free Periods. Periods can be a big pain figuratively and literally for your wedding day preparations that is why you need the Auric Women Wellness Drink for happy and stress-free periods. This plant-based drink is the perfect way to get rid of that stubborn period pain as it is full of herbs like Shatavari that successfully promotes hormonal balance along with incredible pain-relieving properties. Full of digestive enzymes, Auric juice for easy and stress-free periods also reduces bloating and other such menstruating related issues faced by the bride-to-be. With Auric Women Wellness Juice not just your wedding wishes but every day wishes of happy and stress-free periods come true without any extra efforts.

  • Auric Body Defence for Ayurveda’s Immunity Boost

Boost your immunity with our fighter: Auric Body Defence. You need to look your best on your most special day of life but you also have to feel your best as both the aspects go hand-in-hand. To feel happy it is a must to be healthy and Auric juice for wedding takes care of this part very well. Auric Body Defence for Ayurveda’s Immunity Boost is the one healthy drink that you need in your life to keep all the infections and other such worrisome health problems at bay. An immunity booster is a must for the wedding as it is an extremely tiring and exhausting event that needs you to be full of energy and stamina to carry out all the functions in the best possible manner ever. The presence of Ashwagandha, Moringa and Amla in this immunity booster by Auric with refreshing lemonade flavour improves your immune system and gets it wedding ready. Every bride’s wedding day wishes include a healthy body and Auric Body Defence Drink ensures to make it come true so that the bride not only looks happy but feels healthy for her special day.

  • Auric Mind Rejuvenation for a Rejuvenating Experience 

Auric Wedding Combo is All You Need for Your Wedding Day | Auric Skin Radiance Juice

Weddings can be hectic not just for the body but also for the mind especially when you are the bride. With hundreds of things in mind and the pressure to ensure everything is perfect can be stressful and downright exhausting. As the centre of attraction, you don’t just need to look good but also feel good from inside to enjoy your biggest day of life. Here comes Auric Mind Rejuvenation Juice to calm down the nerves and de-stress you from the never-ending wedding preparations. Loaded with Shankhpushpi, Auric Rejuvenating Drink relaxes your mind and gives you the needed calmness in such stressful schedules. But you just don’t need a calm mind but also an improved memory to handle hectic surroundings around you and the presence of Brahmi in the wedding juice takes care of that part as well. For a rejuvenating experience that lets you enjoy your special day fully, just indulge in the regular consumption of this calmness drink by Auric.

Why is the Auric Wedding Combo the Wedding Juice You Need?

Auric Wedding Combo prepares you for your big day in the healthiest way possible. Healthy juice for wedding may sound out of place but if you really give it a good thought, you will realize that it is the wisest idea ever. By now we all agree that we are what we eat or drink and our diet, be it solid or liquid, immensely affects our outer and inner functioning of the body at all stages of our life. Therefore even for preparing for your wedding day you need to keep this concept clear in your head. Your wedding day look will obviously be the result of whatever you consume during the preparation days and Auric Wedding Combo doesn’t disappoint the long-listed wedding day wishes of a bride. A fairly new wedding concept of health and wellness drink as a preparation liquid diet for the wedding day but it is here to stay because of its authenticity, credibility and long term effects. Unlike the old pre-wedding regime that used to be full of salon-sessions and skin-treatment, Auric Wedding Combo is all about health and wellness drinks that prepare your body and mind for the big day in the best possible way. Weddings are already a tiring and expensive deal which gets intense with the multiple pre-wedding sessions needed to prepare your body and mind for the big day. Therefore, keep all the fuss aside and get your hands on Auric Wedding Combo, a one-stop-solution for all the wedding wishes of yours. Auric Wedding Combo is the perfect pack of premium powerful drinks full of Ayurvedic herbs and coconut water to make your wedding preparations fun, tasty and healthy at the same time. The best features of the Auric Wedding Combo that ensures that it fulfills all the wedding wishes are as follows.

  • No Added Preservatives or Chemicals as Auric Juices are made up of Ayurvedic Herbs
  • For Preparing the Wedding Juice, 100% Natural Process and Herbs are Used
  • No Added Sugar, Only Natural Sweetness of the Ingredients Used
  • Tasty and Healthy For the Body At the Same Time
  • Ready To Drink Juices Anytime and Anywhere
Auric Wedding Combo is All You Need for Your Wedding Day | Auric Ayurvedic Juices

Every bride-to-be has multiple wedding day wishes on the wedding day that should definitely come true because it’s her day. This care package in the form of health and wellness drinks fulfills all the wedding wishes of the bride in the most delicious and colourful way. Auric Wedding Combo compliments the wedding season with healthy wedding day wishes for the bride-to-be. The only preparation package you need to be all pumped and ready for your wedding day from inside and outside alike. Auric Wedding Combo ensures that all the wedding wishes of a bride are fulfilled and she feels most special on her big day in the best possible way. So, other than the wedding dresses, now we have something to make us look beautiful on the wedding day.

Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.


  • Bhavishya Pahwa

    @Trushna, as our juices are specially created to target issues, no one drink can be suggested for both the issues. We recommend you to opt for our Hair Boost Juice for helping with hair-related issues and Skin Radiance Juice for helping with glowing skin.

  • Trushna Mohan Vaidande

    My skin is very dry no glow unhealthy have hair fall issue also . In 1st week of January my wedding date has fixed,kindly Suggest 1 drink which improve my skin and hair.

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