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Auric Copper Bottle Combo

Water is an elixir of life! There is no life without water. No one can survive without water for more than two days. This odourless, colourless and tasteless liquid is a vital part of all living organisms on this planet. Water has no organic nutrients, and the human body still totally relies on it for proper functioning. Our body constitutes 70% of water, and the most crucial fact to be noted here is that human blood contains 90% water. If we keep discussing water, there are numerous facts and science behind it as water is life. Water is an indispensable element and is therefore essential to improve its quality. In India, Ayurvedic medicine has been used for centuries, so everything you need to know about copper bottles is elaborated below.

Importance of Storing Drinking Water

What you need to know about storing drinking water is that it is stored in bottles for usage in most households. The drinking water storage is not good and can harm the body when accommodated in low-grade plastic or recycled bottles. In India, our ancestors stored water in copper containers, and this practice died out gradually with the invention of UV filters, RO purifiers, etc. The marketing strategies of copper water bottles vanished out of sight and made them sound old-fashioned to many.

Various studies and research state that copper water bottles can kill bacteria and other risk causing potential matter. Copper bottles also experience an oligodynamic effect that eliminates all the harmful entities from the water when stored for more than eight hours.

Advantages of Drinking Water from Copper Bottles

The top 10 benefits of ayurvedic copper bottle should be enough to make you adopt its usage. The fact that copper water bottles are a natural purifier is proved through the below points. 

  • Copper water bottles kill the microorganisms that are present in water
  • It  passes on a few of their qualities into the water
  • Copper bottle helps to neutralise the toxins in water 
  • It slows the ageing process in the system with its water
  • Water (H2O) in a copper bottle kills algae, fungi, bacteria and moulds that are found in the drinking water
  • It prevents the spread of water-borne diseases
  • H2O in a copper bottle treats the anaemic condition
  • It offers health benefits like regulating the thyroid function
  • Copper water bottles help to keep the digestive system sound
  • Water in a copper bottle stimulates the brain with other health benefits linked with various parts of the body
  • Copper bottle improves the functioning of the nerves and brain with the enriched copper water

When there is so much evidence on the health benefits of drinking water stored in a copper bottle, what stops our usage? There is so much scientific information stating that copper water bottles can boost the body's metabolism and help recover all the functionalities of organs. There are many arguments strongly projecting that copper material is the best anticarcinogenic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent. In Ayurvedic medicine, there is a strong belief that copper enriched water, when taken in an empty stomach in the early hours of the day, can balance the three doshas in the body.  You should check your ayurvedic knowledge - debunking 5 common myths.

Benefits of Consuming Quality Water with Copper Enrichment

We have studied the virtues of water from our childhood, but we forget entirely about it most of the time. One must be aware of the ayurvedic facts behind drinking water. There is no magic or secret in how it manages excellent health still, we all fail to consume the required intake regularly and correctly. We need eight glasses of water every day to accomplish all the essential functions in the human system. But experts reckon that quality water enriched with copper ions is also vital to fulfilling various functioning activities and managing good health conditions.

Quality water infused with copper helps regulate body temperature and flush out the waste and toxins in urine, sweat, and faeces effectively. In addition, copper enriched water forms lubricants to keep the joints healthy and free of friction. The internal part of the body is cushioned well only when quality water from copper water bottles surpasses the entire system and keeps the tissues and muscles in perfect condition. The best quality of copper-infused water is helpful for proper kidney function and maintaining blood pressure at normal levels. Furthermore, copper water bottles provide water that enables us to carry oxygen in reasonable quantities to any part of the body, thereby promoting healthy skin and regulating metabolic rate.

How Can Copper Water Bottles Save Us?

Copper is a material that is not produced in the human body, so we need to acquire it from external sources. Another attractive fact about copper-infused water is that the best way it complements human health is that it effectively enhances red blood cells. The copper bottles create copper ions in the drinking water, which helps and balances an individual's physical health. 

  • It saves human health by aiding in digestive disorders
  • Helps with better absorption of iron
  • Regulates thyroid gland function
  • Enables melanin production
  • Protects the body from the sun and its damage
  • Regenerates cells and stimulating them
  • Makes healing happen fast
  • Treats joint aches and problems

For best results, start the day healthy with copper enriched water and attain its antibacterial benefits for the entire day. However, all these benefits are obtained only when the water is stored in them for more than eight hours. Therefore, fill the copper bottle with water late in the evening and allow it to stay overnight. 

How to Care for Copper Bottles?

This is the most exciting section on everything you need to know about a copper bottle combo and how to care for them. A copper bottle combo is made only with pure food grade copper with a part of its top made in silicon, which makes them light in weight. Rubber seals are not used, keeping in mind the general health of the consumer. To take good care of a copper bottle combo, keep in mind the following points.

Copper tends to keep the water cool, and its material is an excellent conductor of heat. Therefore, if you are going to wash your copper bottle combo in warm water, wear washing mittens to prevent burning your hands. 

Do not drop any flavoured or acidic drinks into the copper bottle. The reaction might be unpredictable and cause harm to the body. So, if you want to use water from your copper bottle combo to make a smoothie, tea or juice, pour it out and make them. While cleaning, do not use dishwashers, and the copper materials will react and turn green. 

As years roll down, the copper material will develop a hue and darken due to oxidation. It is a part of its ageing process, but can restore the shine by treating it with a homemade vinegar and salt solution or lemon juice with salt. Rub the solution onto the copper material, wipe it clean and allow it to air dry.

Benefits of Auric Copper Bottle Combo

Science Behind Copper Vessel Usage

There is infinite science confirming the health benefits associated with copper enriched water. But one essential point about copper bottles is that the design and shape of the copper bottle also play a significant role in impacting human health. The unique property of copper water bottles was first recognised by the Vedic Indians so many years ago. They incorporated their daily practice with copper-infused water, and seeing the benefits they bestowed, many other people around the world later used it. The quantity of copper in the bottle is also a critical factor in determining the intensity of the oligodynamic effect. Depending on this is the rate at which the water destroys microbes, bacteria, fungi, etc.

Tips on Consuming Water Safely from a Copper Vessel

The water stored in the copper bottle must be first properly stored and then consumed. A copper bottle combo offer allows you to save money as it contains more bottles in a simple pack. 

  • The copper water bottle business is flourishing with varied grades of copper materials. The quality of copper in every copper water bottle combo pack must be closely checked as an improper, contaminated, or low-grade copper container will negatively affect health. 
  • Question the vendor on the specification and details of the copper bottle combo offer. Analyse the warranty and guarantee details before purchasing them. These terms vary with every copper water bottle business.
  • Cross verify if the copper water bottles are authentic and whether the brand is trustworthy and reliable. The copper water bottle business increases tremendously every day, with fake copper materials pricing the bottles at a comparatively lesser cost.
  • Use a natural acidic solution like lemon and water to rinse a newly purchased copper bottle combo thoroughly before putting it out to use.
  • Before consumption, ensure that the bottle is well cleaned and dried. Then it has to be filled with water and allowed to stand for at least eight hours. Leave it overnight to make it entirely ionised for healthy consumption the following day. Getting a copper bottle combo offer allows us to get more water instantly through a more significant number of bottles.
  • According to ayurvedic medicine drinking, copper enriched water twice a day is sufficient to help the body get benefitted. But if you are carrying it with you all day, keep refilling it regularly. A copper water bottle is of great help here, as more the number of bottles, the lesser the chance to refill.
  • Regular copper-infused water consumption gives a break for the body once every three months as an excess of anything is not good. More about copper bottles combo are being studied each day to state their significance to the world.
  • Changing the copper bottle combo once every three years is highly recommended keeping in mind the safety of the consumer. Again, a copper bottle combo offer is the best choice to retain a few bottles for later use.


A big goodbye to toxins with a copper water bottle combo pack. It is a perfect product that serves as a healthy alternative to various trending plastic and other harm causing water bottle materials. So hesitate no further and get your copper water bottle combo pack today to enjoy its advantages. Auric’s copper water bottle combo pack is made from 99.9% pure copper and offers great benefits. Try one today and drink the benefits!

Authored By: Divya Shankar

About Author: Divya Shankar is a multifaceted content writer with 7+ years of experience. She has exclusive writing expertise in ayurveda.

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