A Guide to Weight Loss: Losing Weight With Weight Loss Ayurvedic Drink

Weight Loss Ayurvedic Drink

Gaining some kilos is easy, but it is equally challenging to get rid of it. We all have gained weight during lockdown and work from home, especially belly fat. However, we all know that eating healthy and exercising is the most reliable way to lose weight. But everyone cannot do that. We need something additional that can help us to lose weight quickly. The weight loss ayurvedic drink is one of the best ayurvedic weight loss products. The main reason behind unreasonable weight gain is an unhealthy lifestyle. Nowadays, people are not eating healthy, avoiding exercise, using the phone, and doing sitting jobs only. What else can we expect from such a lifestyle? An unusual weight gain only. If you have a terrible lifestyle and gained some weight recently, it is alarming for you. Please keep a check on your health.

Do you know obese people also have a higher risk of contracting other diseases? So, it is crucial to control unusual weight gain. When problems start progressing, then people start looking for ways to reduce obesity. A weight loss ayurvedic drink along with a healthy diet and regular exercise will help you reach your goal. But is it safe to try ayurvedic weight loss products? If you are wondering about it, it is essential to get an answer to this question before you start losing weight. Ayurveda arose in India around 5,000 years ago and extended a holistic and healthy approach to shedding kilos. So, no need to worry; it is the safest way to lose weight. It is crucial to enhance our knowledge about ayurvedic weight loss. So, continue reading further to know more about what Ayurveda says about weight loss, tips to lose weight, and which weight loss ayurvedic drink can help you.

ayurvedic weight loss products

What Does Ayurveda Say About Weight Loss?

Ayurveda doesn't believe in short-term results. Its approach is always gradual and reflective. Firstly, Ayurveda believes in understanding the body to get the best results. It works on the theory of dosha. Every person has different types of doshas, and a particular dosha is responsible for weight gain. You should read the complete guide for ayurvedic weight loss.

According to Ayurveda, if a person has a strong Kapha dosha, they are more prone to weight gain. If you have a heavy and slow metabolism, you might have Kapha dosha because these are the attributes of Kapha dosha. To lose weight is crucial to balance the Kapha dosha in your body. Ayurveda advocates can help to take steps to oppose the Kapha dosha and lose some kilos. They suggest ayurvedic weight loss products like Auric’s Weight Balance Drink as these products can balance the Kapha dosha.

Tips for Weight Loss

Here are the succeeding tips for weight loss that you can follow along with a weight loss ayurvedic drink.

Eat Healthy As Well As On Time

Weight loss doesn't mean you have to forget about food. You just have to switch to healthy eating options. Instead of eating junk and unhealthy food, you have to eat varied, colorful, and nutritional food. Healthy meals should form the basis of the human diet. As per experts, each meal should have 50% fruit and veggies, 25% whole grains, and 25% protein. Also, total fiber consumption should be 20 to 30gm every day. You should avoid extra oils, butter, sugar, processed meats, white bread, canned foods, bagels, etc.

Auric Natural Plant Protein Powder

Do you know when you are eating is also essential along with what you are eating? Don't eat too late at night as it will not digest properly and lead to weight gain.

Get Enough Rest and Exercise

Exercise for Weight Loss

Ayurveda has given importance to sleep and exercise. Ayurveda says if you want to lose weight, you have to maintain sleep-wake timings. Sleep-wake timings are crucial for average to moderate levels of exercise at particular times of the day. Due to a frenetic schedule, it is not likely to exercise daily, but you should try to do at least three days a week. If you don't get time during the day, do it in the evening. Around 15-20 minutes of exercise that increases your heart rate will be helpful in the long run.

What is the best time to do exercise? Ayurveda suggests exercising from 6-10 am or pm. As per Ayurveda, it is best to set your exercise routine within these time brackets. Also, make sure that you exercise at the same time every day.

Along with exercise, deep restful sleep also plays an important role. Improper sleeping urges people to eat more significant portions of all foods and leads to weight gain. So, sleep on time and take at least 8 hours of sleep.

Set a Daily Routine

Do you know that your body passes through different states and energy during the daytime? These forms of energy are natural, so it is essential to set them to work to your benefit. Do you know the best time to go to bed? It is around 10-10:30 pm. You naturally feel tired and exhausted when your body is in the Kapha phase (6 pm-10 pm). If you resist sleeping during this time, you intrude into a higher sleeplessness state, and it becomes harder to fall asleep.  

Generally, you need eight to nine hours of sleep, but still, it can vary from person to person. But it is a good idea to sleep early, around 10 pm, and wake up at 6 am. Same as a sleeping routine, you need to set a fixed time for meals. For instance, have breakfast at 8 am, lunch post noon (2 pm), and dinner around 6 -7 pm. The main idea behind eating dinner at 6 pm is that the body can properly digest the meal before you go to sleep.

Remember, the Ayurvedic approach is not for a short duration, and it works for long-lasting results. You have to be involved more intensely with your weight loss journey and transformation.

While following these tips, you can try trustable ayurvedic weight loss products also. A weight loss ayurvedic drink is a must in your diet. Let's check out the weight loss ayurvedic drink that can help your weight loss journey.

List of Ayurvedic Weight Loss Products | Ayurvedic Drinks

Cumin Weight Loss Ayurvedic Drink

Cumin Weight Loss Ayurvedic Drink

Cumin weight loss ayurvedic drink is the most beneficial for reducing weight. Ayurvedic weight loss products like cumin drinks hasten metabolism. The main ingredient in this weight loss ayurvedic drink is cumin. Along with improving the digestive system, cumin also controls appetite and helps to reduce belly fat and overall weight.

Always consume cumin drink in moderation, and you can discuss it with an Ayurvedic doctor before you start having it. Other than eliminating iron deficiency and boosting immunity, cumin drinks do wonders for health.

Cinnamon Weight Loss Ayurvedic Drink

You should drink a cinnamon weight loss ayurvedic drink daily to speed up the weight loss process. To make a cinnamon weight loss ayurvedic drink, add cinnamon powder or stick to boiling water. Let it cool for 10-15 minutes, and then have it. Consumption of cinnamon is also beneficial for people with diabetes.

Carom Seeds Weight Loss Ayurvedic Drink

Carom seeds help to remove the toxin substances from the body and improve metabolism also. Better metabolism means the body will absorb the nutrients well, leading to the consumption of extra calories. Due to all these reasons, your weight starts decreasing steadily. It would be best to consume a carom seeds weight loss ayurvedic drink on an empty stomach every morning as it will be beneficial for you.

Soak 25 grams of carom seeds in a glass of water for the whole night. Then remove the seeds from the water, pour this carom seeds water into the glass, and add organic honey. Now your carom seeds weight loss ayurvedic drink is ready. Drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.

Jaggery and Lemon Weight Loss Ayurvedic Drink

Jaggery and lemon weight loss ayurvedic drink is one of the best Ayurvedic weight loss products, and it helps reduce weight and belly fat. Do you want to prepare it at home? You just need jaggery and lemon.

1. Take one teaspoon of jaggery powder and mix it in a glass of lukewarm water.

2. After that, add a spoon of lemon juice. Stir it well, and your drink will be ready to fight the extra weight.

3. You can use the drink daily to lose weight on an empty stomach.

Auric Weight Balance Juice

Auric Weight Balance Ayurveda Drink for Weight Loss

It is Auric's ready-to-drink weight balance juice. It contains all the essential ayurvedic ingredients you need for weight loss, and it is a single stop for all your weight-related problems. It does not only come with an Ayurvedic blend, but it has an extra pinch of fruit juice benefits. Being one of the most beneficial ayurvedic weight loss products is one of the top 5 benefits of Auric's weight loss drink. It has garcinia cambogia, cumin, turmeric, beetroot, and coconut water, and a refreshing taste of nimbu pani.

We know that the weight loss journey will never be easy for you. But how will you reach your desired goal until and unless you don't start it? You can get prone to various diseases with weight gain, so it is essential to maintain a required weight. Not tomorrow, not today, but this moment is the right time to choose what is best for you.

It is essential to embrace yourself whether you're fat or thin; self-love is essential. So start your weight loss journey with Auric’s ayurvedic drink because a healthy body is a chest of gold.


Authored by: Vijeta Rana

About the Author: Vijeta Rana is a Wellness and Fitness Blogger from Punjab, India.


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