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A healthy food plan includes 400gm of fruits and vegetables, excluding sweet potatoes, potatoes, and cassava. It contains nuts, millets, whole grains, wheat, brown rice, and legumes, including lentils and beans. 

Healthy food protects us against malnutrition and protects us from diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Healthy food in a healthy diet includes carbohydrates and not crabs. It includes protein food like fish, poultry, nuts, beans, and low-fat skimmed milk.

Weight Balance Juice

We should prefer healthy food rich in fiber, like vegetables, whole grains, and fruit. We need to even include calcium in our plan of healthy food. Only milk is not a source of calcium. Water should be used to quench the thirst and not any sugary drink. Unprocessed food is also healthy food. 

Unhealthy diets and lack of physical activity may lead to global risks to health. Healthy food for a baby includes breastfeeding, which brings growth in the baby mentally and physically. The immunity power of the babies gets increased, and babies are less prone to diseases and overweight. There should be an equal amount of exercise for a healthy diet with every healthy food intake.

Suppose you are underweight; you may have weight gainer food, such as protein shakes with added sugar, milk, rice nuts and butter, red meats, potatoes, food with starches, protein supplements, etc. It equally gives you a healthy food diet if you work out after the number of fats you intake. You are neither overweight nor underweight.

If you want to go for healthy food, you have to make meal plans beforehand. You must make a meal plan in such a way that it saves money as well as energy in preparing it. It should also contain healthy food and weight gainer food and consume less time.Also read Healthy Breakfast Recipes To Start Your Day

Healthy Meal Plans

1. Overnight oats

For breakfast, we can prepare dishes related to oats. It requires less time and is not much costly, provided the oats should be overnight. Oats are low in calories and also control our cholesterol levels. It is also good as beta fiber, and it lowers the risk of heart disease. Using dairy products instead of hot water with oats acts as a weight gainer food.

2. Loaded avocado toast

Avocado toast is very nutritious when consumed as breakfast. It is almost filling and can suppress our hunger. It is a good source of whole grain, rye, and sourdough bread. On top of the bread, spread the smashed avocado with lime juice.

3. Broccoli and cheese egg bake  

Eggs are a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals and are essential for a healthy food diet. Broccoli baked cheese egg baked dish is delicious as a healthy meal plan and can be preserved too to have them for 2-3 days.

 Healthy meal plans include three meals and three snacks to keep ourselves filling. It is necessary to add some beverages to healthy meal plans. It begins with a morning breakfast, afternoon lunch, and dinner. Between lunch and breakfast, we need to have some healthy food snacks. The same can be done between lunch and dinner.

  • Breakfast-Healthy Meal Plans for breakfast means eating a heavy breakfast that provides plenty of energy throughout the day. Your breakfast should be rich in protein and fiber. You can also include some fresh fruits in your breakfast.
  • Mid-Morning snack – Healthy meal plans for mid-morning snacks may be optional. You've almost had a heavy breakfast in the morning, but you can add some low-calorie snacks if you feel hungry. Healthy meals may include mid-morning snacks. 
  • Lunch- Healthy meal plans for lunch may include veggie, soup salad, rice dal, chapati, or any carbohydrate-rich foods, provided these all total as lower than the calories consumed in breakfast. It will be better to consume bananas or other carbohydrate-rich food for lunch.
  • A Mid Afternoon Snack- A mid-afternoon snack option is a part of healthy meal plans. If you are hungry, you may consume some beverages like coffee and tea and some small snacks.
  • Dinner- Healthy Meal Plans discourage heavy dinners. It includes light, healthy food rich in proteins and carbohydrates but low in calories because it is not easy to digest dinner. After a stressful day, it is not easy to walk at night, so it is better to have light-weighted food to avoid obesity.

To gain weight, you should enjoy snacking on foods that contain a balanced amount of protein and rich carbohydrates food.

Weight gainer food :

The following act as weight gainer food:

  • Chocolate banana nut shake
  • Super Green Shake
  • Vanilla blueberry shake
  • Caramel apple Shake

All of the above shakes are high in calories. They act as weight gainer food. As it is homemade, you have control over the ingredients of how much sugar to add that you need to gain weight. Since you make these shakes at home, you will also get the taste of the flavor of the juice.

  • Milk  

We have used milk as a weight gainer food for decades. It has been used in muscle building. It is a great source of calcium and vitamins and minerals. Additionally, scientists have found out that milk is rich in protein and helps in increasing weight.

  • Rice

Consuming rice increases calories; therefore, it acts as a weight gainer food. It is also a rich carbohydrates food. It is high in calories and carbohydrates, making you eat more, thereby increasing your body weight. They act as weight gainer foods.

  • Nuts and nut butter

Nuts and nut butter are rich in calories and rich in carbohydrate foods. They are eaten as snacks, but a handful of them increases calories and body weight, becoming a weight gainer food.

  • Starches

Potatoes and starches not only add calories to the diet but are also carbohydrate-rich food, it also increases body fat and is weight gainer food. Many of these carbohydrate-rich food provides nutrients and fiber and are starch resistant.

Healthy meal plans include three meals and three snacks to keep ourselves filling. It is necessary to add some beverages to healthy meal plans. It begins with a morning breakfast, afternoon lunch, and dinner. Between lunch and breakfast, we need to have some snacks, and snacks should also be there between lunch and dinner.

For healthy meal plans, you should also include carbohydrate-rich foods.

  • Brown Rice: Brown rice is a very rich carbohydrates food. It is digested slowly, so it provides stored energy. It provides a low glycaemic index. It is loaded with other nutrients such as vitamins and fibers.
  • Whole Wheat Pasta: It is a good source of rich carbohydrates foods. It provides energy for the whole long day. It discourages fat promotion.
  • Whole Wheat Bread: It comprises three parts of the grain and is full of dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates. It suppresses hunger and gives the body the essential nutrients needed in healthy meal plans. 
  • Quinoa: It is included in rich carbohydrates foods. It provides fiber and many other essential nutrients. If you have it for breakfast, it keeps you full the entire day.
  • Banana: Bananas are rich in carbohydrates and potassium. It provides a great release of energy and carbohydrates, which helps work the entire day.

No single food or grain provides all the nutrients to stay healthy. It constitutes all five major food groups, including micro and macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. A balanced diet and a healthy diet should include a Carbohydrates diet plan, Proteins Diet Plan, Fats Diet Plan, and Vitamins and Minerals diet Plan.


Carbohydrate Diet Plan: 

For a balanced diet, carbohydrates are the main source of energy, and it constitutes half of the body's calories. For a weight loss diet, we go for consuming complex carbohydrate-rich foods because they are tougher to break down and thus suppress our hunger, and thus we tend to lose weight.

Protein Diet Plan: 

Most fail to meet the protein diet plan. Proteins help repair the tissue and muscles and help the arteries pump blood to the entire body. A protein diet includes dals, chana, milk, green veggies, white meat, or sprouts.

Fats Diet Plan: 

It is a food group that is not reputed as a good one in the food group. It is considered to encourage obesity. For a healthy and balanced diet, Fats Diet is essential for the body as it synthesizes hormones, stores vitamins, and provides energy. Nutritionists suggest that the body should consist of 20% of fats only. It is not as such that you should not consume Fats for loss. For weight loss, you should only consume a small amount of it that can be digested. 

Vitamin and Minerals Diet Plan: 

A healthy and balanced diet should include vitamins and minerals for weight loss. It encourages metabolism, calcium, vitamin A, E, B12, and iron. So, avoid weight gainer food by consuming more vitamins and minerals.

healthy meal plan


To stay healthy, you must consume all the five types of diet plans and healthy food adequately and follow them tactfully. For weight loss plans, you must consume low carbohydrates and fats and consume more proteins, vitamins, and minerals in your diet. For a healthy weight loss plan, you must ensure that you intake plenty of green veggies, lowering your appetite and consuming less solid food.


Authored by: Bhavishya Pahwa

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