Healthy Breakfast Recipes To Start Your Day

healthy breakfast recipes

Healthy food never goes out of fashion as “Health is Wealth” as a practice never gets old. However, the importance of healthy food is realized now more than ever due to the degrading quality of life along with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic all over the world. People are forced to follow the rule of “Precaution Is Better Than Cure” due to widespread fear. Hence, the enforcement of the inclusion of healthy food in healthy meal plans of the day starting with a breakfast consisting of a balanced diet is becoming popular amongst the masses. 

Breakfast is the best start for the healthy meal plans planned for the day forming a balanced diet for an individual. A balanced diet is a must for a healthy body and mind that is full of healthy food including weight gainer food and rich carbohydrates food to form a healthy diet plan for an individual. 

Your breakfast can be the best diet plan for weight loss if it is full of healthy food that forms a balanced diet for your body and helps in losing weight easily. A healthy diet plan includes an enriching breakfast of healthy food as one of the most important healthy meal plans of the day. 

Healthy breakfast recipes

Why Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal of The Day?

Imagine what eating your favourite food after a long day of fasting does to your mind? It makes you happy and energetic. This is exactly what healthy food in the form of breakfast does for your body! It breaks the long fasting hours that our body goes through while we are asleep by kick-starting our metabolism with rich carbohydrates food, replenishing our body with all the enriching weight gainer food and most importantly enriching nutrients when taken correctly as a part of a healthy diet plan. 

In the process of reducing the risk of various diseases along with desiring to lose weight breakfast can be the best diet plan for weight loss. A healthy body is directly linked with a healthy mind, metaphorically and literally too and both of them are related to healthy food! A good plate full of all the required rich carbohydrates food, fats, proteins, weight gainer food, vitamins and more forms a balanced diet that can be the much-needed force to begin your day full of activities with energy, focus and comfort. Also read A Tasteful Guide to a Healthy Diet.

Breakfast Recipes For A Healthy Diet Plan 

Healthy food is the secret to a healthy body and mind. Hence, healthy meal plans full of weight gainer food and rich carbohydrates food forming a blanched diet is necessary to ensure the healthy diet plan for the day starts at full pace. Now, just because we are talking about nutrients and using all the healthy vocabulary by constantly repeating the word “healthy food” doesn't always mean we are neglecting taste. 

So, here are super exciting breakfast ideas consisting of healthy food that will not just provide you with the needed nutrients with its unique blend of ingredients, but will satisfy your taste buds too.  

Best breakfast recipes of healthy food as an essential part of a balanced diet or a healthy diet plan are as follows - 

  • Eggs For Breakfast

What is better than an egg as a source of protein? (Chicken of course but not for breakfast), so easily available and super easy to cook? Eggs are the ultimate healthy food for the healthy diet plan for breakfast. Boil it, sprinkle some salt if you like, have it with milk if you wish to add more to its nutritional value by giving it that punch of vitamin D or change the track completely and whisk it and hail the almighty omelette, or if half cooked is your style, go with the sunny side up!

healthy breakfast recipes

  • Smoothies As Healthy Food For Breakfast

The perfect blend of all the vitamins and minerals in all the fruits and vegetables depending upon your taste, creative style and imagination. You can give a boost to this already healthy drink by adding a few chia seeds, coconut milk or even our favourite yoghurt and then to enhance its flavour just add honey, vanilla or dates(super healthy). Those of you, who are always running late or are not so much of morning eaters, just mix and match your gorgeous fruits with your beautiful greens and gulp down this yummy glass of fibre and proteins. Try Auric protein shake too. That’s almost poetic!

Auric protein powder

  • Vegan Banana Pancakes

 Banana Pancakes can be the rich carbohydrates food you need for your body. You hear the word pancake and your mouth starts watering! Sure, it’s not something that you can whip up every day but you can prepare the mixture the night before. Rich in fibre, potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C, bananas when added to this mixture makes it an ideal tasty and healthy breakfast. 

Made with oat flour that has been known to reduce cholesterol and is a good source of dietary fibre, these pancakes are the perfect way to start your mornings. Not just that, this recipe also contains grinded flax seeds that are called super foods for a reason. These tiny seeds are rich in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and the list is seldom ending but to keep it short, flax seeds have many health benefits for the heart, reducing cancer risk and so much more that’s unbelievable. It is true though!

  • Nutritive Tacos for Breakfast 

No, your eyesight is fine, it's tacos and it's healthy food for breakfast without compromising the taste. It has green peppers, green onions, arugula, and a scoop of yellow tomato salsa. Sounds yum and we see a lot of greens so great for health. Just cook the veggies with the freshly prepared salsa and then add the protein-filled egg and then toss in some more greens like spinach. Sprinkle some pepper and salt and enjoy the delicacy!

  • Blueberry Banana Muffins

These words are too scrumptious to be healthy but don’t be fooled, it’s super healthy. For everyone desiring to gain a few extra pounds to their body, this breakfast recipe is full of weight gainer food for you. So, bananas need no introduction to their nutrient content and it works as a natural sweetener too. 

We have eggs in this recipe, I smell healthy! Then comes the king of antioxidant-rich foods, blueberries, but you are free to add another healthy alternative, walnuts. Whatever you want just chop and add to the mix. You could use gluten-free mix available in the market; I guess that’s a plus point. Bake and indulge!

  • Cocoa and Cherry-Oat Bake

This extremely healthy blend of contents is exactly what you need to start your day right. Just chop up the powerhouse of vitamins, cherries, add in some omega-3-fatty acid (chia seeds of course), cocoa powder for the chocolaty taste, mix with oats and bake or just eat it as a raw bowl of healthy fats, minerals, proteins and vitamins. 

Oats as we know are packed with so many nutrients that can lower the risk of heart problems. So, turns out you are not only enjoying eating but also managing cholesterol!

  • Herb Omelet With Fried Tomato

Yes, we have already talked about eggs but this is the same ingredient different taste dish and don’t forget the new add on, our red round ball of vitamins and antioxidants, tomatoes. This time when you beat the eggs for preparing an omelette add parsley and basil. 

Already rich in proteins, adding these herbs will provide additional health benefits like maintaining bone and heart health; good for the gut it improves digestion and being anti-inflammatory keeps the skin healthy. Then slightly fry the tomatoes with pepper and salt keeping it simple, healthy and tasty!

  • Wheat Germ 

What can be more healthy food than wheat germ? For those whose primary concern is weight loss, enjoy this high fibre meal rich in vitamins and minerals, including manganese, thiamine and selenium. 

Wheat germ is a part of the wheat kernel and can be consumed in the form of cereal, ideally in breakfast. Since taking high fibre foods have proven to aid weight loss owing to their appetite-reducing nature, having wheat germ will help keep those pounds in check. It feels best when used as a topping for oats or our favourite healthy yoghurt.

  • Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwiches

The easiest one for the last! Just spread your 2 ingredients on that high dietary fibre bread and eat. Adding peanut butter will give you all the calories needed to gain some healthy weight as it is rich in healthy fats and also extremely nutritious. If you aim to gain weight, incorporate peanut butter anywhere you can, in your porridge, sandwiches or shakes.

The breakfast recipes full of healthy food to follow a balanced diet can also be utterly delicious if made in the right way. Healthy meal plans for the day should be started with healthy food for breakfast to ensure a balanced diet is followed in the best way. Healthy food is a must for a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages. 

Breakfast along with being the best diet plan for weight loss can also be a balanced diet full of rich carbohydrates food, weight gainer food and more for people aspiring to gain weight with the help of healthy food for different personal or professional reasons. Start your day with the best boost with a breakfast full of healthy food for the overall health of the body and mind of you and your family. 

Drinks and foods of all flavours and nutrients are available to target your personal health concern but if the healthy food is homemade and natural it’s always better than the rest. So, choose your delicious breakfast recipe that fits your healthy diet plan and treat your mind and body the right way! Also read Best 12 Ideas For a Healthy Breakfast.



Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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