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Ayurvedic Weight Gain

Gaining weight is as hard as losing it. You can potentially gain weight in multiple ways, but not all are effective. Healthy weight gain is the key to staying fit. Protein is one of the most vital nutrients that assist in weight gain. Though there are many forms of protein, not all add weight. Milk is the most common source of protein that is easily available and affordable. It encompasses two forms, namely casein and whey proteins. There are many people who are looking for different ways to gain weight. Read on to learn how to gain weight the right way:    

A Brief On Whey Protein - A Commonly Recommended Ayurvedic Weight Gainer

Milk is known to be composed of one-fifth of whey protein and four-fifth of casein protein. Whey protein is segregated from casein during cheese reduction. Whey protein is the watery content of milk. While preparing cheese, the fatty solid portion of milk club up together, and the liquid portion that remains after the completion of the entire process is used to prepare whey protein. The liquid byproduct goes through numerous procedures and is eventually converted to a powdered form of whey protein. This natural weight gainer powder is a commonly recommended Ayurvedic weight gainer.

Additionally, this natural weight gainer powder comes in different flavors of liking. A lot of people use this whey protein for weight gain. This article talks about the significance of whey protein for weight gain.

Why choose Whey Protein for Weight Gain?

Proteins have multiple health benefits. They help build multiple body parts like tendons, external skin, and internal organs. They are also used to manufacture various enzymes, neurotransmitters, bodily molecules, and crucial hormones. Proteins are the major source of amino acids. Whey protein encompasses large amounts of amino acids and cysteine. Amino acids promote growth, and cysteine aids in boosting the levels of glutathione, a cellular antioxidant. Thus, it is proven beneficial to take whey protein for weight gain. Breast milk contains 60% of whey proteins, unlike the milk obtained from cows that generally possess the same in smaller amounts.

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What is the right kind of Whey Protein for Weight Gain?

While consuming whey protein for weight gain, the consumer needs to know about the fact that this protein comes in various forms. A supplement containing whey protein for weight gain is found to be available in the following forms.     

  • Concentrated: It includes 70% to 80% of protein. It also contains lactose and a significant quantity of fat. Concentrated whey protein for weight gain is available in many flavors.

  • Isolate: It contains a minimum of 90% of body-building proteins and very less amounts of milk sugar and fat. However, this form of whey protein for weight gain lacks several beneficial nutrients that can be found in abundance in the concentrated form.

  • Hydrolysate: It is simply referred to as a hydrolyzed protein. This whey protein for weight gain is usually pre-digested, which makes nutrient absorption easier. But this kind of whey protein for weight gain spikes body insulin levels to a maximum of 43% compared to the isolated kind.   
  • However, the most effective of the above is concentrated whey protein for weight gain.

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    The Benefits of using a Whey Weight Gainer

    Muscles deteriorate with aging, resulting in obesity and various other chronic illnesses. But an Ayurvedic weight gainer like a rightly chosen protein supplement can slow down muscle degeneration. Several Ayurvedic practitioners recommend an Ayurvedic weight gainer like whey protein. The whey weight gainer is beneficial for preventing muscle loss that results from aging.

    Research also proves the importance of whey weight gainer in reducing blood pressure. Whey weight gainer consists of ACE inhibitors helping keep your blood pressure under check. Consuming a significant amount of whey weight gainer regularly can help reduce blood pressure.

    An Ayurvedic weight gainer like whey protein can help in the treatment of diabetes of type 2. Choosing to take an Ayurvedic weight gainer like whey protein after eating meals with high carbohydrate content can aid in regulating blood pressure.

    In high dosage, consuming an Ayurvedic weight gainer like whey protein has been seen to reduce the amount of C-reactive protein in human blood. A reduction in C-reactive protein can prevent inflammation to a great extent.

    A commonly prescribed Ayurvedic weight gainer like whey protein can also have significant effects in treating digestive tract inflammations. This Ayurvedic weight gainer can boost the synthesis of glutathione which is one of the main antioxidants in human beings. High doses of this Ayurvedic weight gainer can also assist in lowering blood cholesterol levels.

    Whey protein comes in the form of a natural weight gainer powder that can be mixed into your daily diet for easy consumption. Beware of how much natural weight gainer powder you consume in a day to prevent health hazards.

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    Consult your family doctor before starting on the natural weight gainer powder to be on the safer side.

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