Best 7 Foods for Hair Growth: What to Eat, Drink & Avoid

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We have all dreamt of long, thick, gorgeous hair. Beautiful, silky locks fall over our faces, creating an impression of a girl living in a romantic movie with the perfect background, the sun shining on her. Sounds magical, doesn’t it? Now just snap out of it and right back into the reality of a polluted, stressful world with all the elements perfectly working to somehow cause damage to our hair, also, it is not just about the girls, boys want great hair too and the environment equally damages their hair. You should consume hair growth drink like Auric hair boost drink. We understand this isn’t some beautiful, ideal world where you can live a carefree life, not do the right things, eat all the wrong foods and expect your hair to grow the desired way automatically, You have got to work for it; do the right things and consume the right ingredients in your hair growth drink so that you can have your dream hair in this imperfect, harsh and very real world. 

As the adage goes "True beauty comes from within”. It is completely believable because the cells in the hair roots require nutrients as well. Proteins, which are components of hair, are required in addition to minerals, vitamins, and trace elements. Keratin is a protein that is found in hair and nails. It is necessary for the development of cell structures. A strong and resilient hair structure is a sign of good health. Along with this, hair growth drink is absolutely essential for hair growth. Also read An Ayurvedic Guide for Hair Boost

Why Is Hair Growth Desired By People Around The World?

Who does not desire jewels? For some people the most inexpensive jewel and wouldn’t be wrong to say the most valuable one is their hair. It is not only a sign of beauty but also a reflection of one's health. A proper diet can help you achieve a lot in terms of hair attractiveness. Hair's historical significance is well documented. In ancient Egypt, hair was something of a status symbol, and the earliest hair loss treatment was accessible. Hair serves no functional purpose, but because it has such a strong influence on our look, it is extremely important to most people. A great hairdo equals a great hair day. People who have great, healthy hair and can style them the way they want feel smarter and more capable at accomplishing tasks than those who are having a bad hair day because their hair won’t listen to them, possibly due to a lack of good health.

Whether you believe it or not, the state of your hair can be one of the most telling indicators of your overall health. Hair that is lively and healthy indicates that your body is producing sufficient vitamins and nutrients to keep it in top shape. Unhealthy, dry, hair that refuses to show good growth could indicate that you need to make dietary or haircare changes to improve your general health and well-being. Hair health is important for both your physical and mental well-being, and it should be prioritized by consuming hair growth drink—Auric hair boost drink.

Auric hair boost

Reasons For Lack of Hair Growth

  • Genetics - Both men and women are affected by their family history and genetics when it comes to hair loss. Female pattern hair loss (FPHL) is a term used to describe hair loss in women, while male pattern hair loss is used to describe hair loss in men (MPHL). Regularly consuming hair growth drink can significantly help. 
  • Age - Hair loss affects both men and women at different ages. Auric hair boost drink can come to your rescue, if consumed regularly. 
  • Underactive thyroid - Thyroid hormone production is disrupted when the thyroid's normal functioning is compromised. This may result in hair loss.
  • A stressful event - Hair can go into telogen effluvium, a transient stage of hair loss, as a result of stress. This can happen after a very traumatic occurrence such as pregnancy. The natural process of hair growth and resting can be disturbed when your body is under severe physical stress, leading to hair loss. Auric’s mind rejuvenation drink can be consumed to reduce stress and Auric hair boost drink can be consumed to boost hair growth. 
  • Diet deficiencies - Vital vitamins and nutrients, such as protein, obtained from a nutritious, diverse, and well-balanced diet promote excellent health throughout the body, ensuring that all of your organs and critical processes function properly. Poor nutrition or adhering to a highly restrictive crash diet can cause nutrient shortages, which can contribute to hair loss ranging from thinning to patches of baldness. Juice hair products online like Auric hair boost drink can help incredibly by providing essentials to your body. 
  • Extreme haircare - You might cause substantial damage and breakage to strands in the pursuit of a fashionable hairstyle, which can lead to hair loss and thinning. Along with caring for your hair, consuming a hair growth drink like Auric hair boost drink is the perfect way to go. 
  • Infections - Hair loss can be caused by a variety of infections and illnesses. Balding or thinning hair can be caused by a high-fever infection, a fungal skin infection, or bacterial infections such as syphilis.

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Which Hair Growth Drink to Consume?

  • Kiwi Juice

    Isn't it true that eating your fruits and vegetables promotes growth? Because it's high in key vitamins like C and E, as well as important trace minerals like zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus, kiwi can aid with hair loss and sluggish growth. So, how do you do it? It's all about what's on the inside. These minerals are believed to increase blood circulation, which is necessary for hair development and a healthy scalp. Consider it a technique of massaging your scalp but from the inside.  And, as we all know, the healthier your scalp is, the less prone you are to shedding strands quickly. It is quite well known that having the appropriate quantity of vitamin C in your diet can make a significant difference! Because vitamin C helps produce collagen in the body, which is essential for healthy skin, bones, ligaments, muscles, and blood tissues. This is why it is present in numerous Hair growth drink.

    • Beetroot and Ginger Juice

      Beetroot has long been regarded as a superfood. Its rich red colour not only adds a splash of colour to any cuisine, but it also has a slew of health advantages. Antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, and Potassium are all present in abundance in beetroot and with all these minerals and vitamins we can guess how good it would be for your hair.

      Beetroot can help with hair growth because it contains carotenoids, which improve blood flow in the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles from within. Beetroot has also been shown to help reduce hair loss. Ginger improves blood flow to the scalp. Ginger increases hair development and strengthens hair roots and follicles as a result. Furthermore, the numerous fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals found in ginger can help to strengthen hair strands, preventing hair loss. Together they can give your hair the desired health and volume, thus are the most preferred juice hair products online.

      • Apple and Peach Juice

        Apples are high in vitamins A, B, and C, all of which are essential for healthy hair and scalp. They're also high in antioxidants, which help cell renewal and keep free radicals at bay. A study was conducted to investigate the link between apple extract and hair development in 2002. Apples include procyanidin B-2, a chemical that can help with hair growth, according to the study. Apple juice is a haircare secret weapon that works beautifully for your scalp and hair. It relieves dandruff and itchy scalp, balances the ph of the scalp, and makes hair lustrous, smooth, and manageable. Peaches are really good for the skin and hair. The peach pulp's high nutritional value helps to maintain hair lustrous and silky. This aids in the reduction of hair loss. It's a cleanser for the scalp and hair that leaves them clean. One of the key benefits of peaches for healthy skin and hair is that it reduces dandruff and promotes hair development, thus it is one of the most sought-after juice hair products online. Plus they complement each other deliciously.

        • Carrot Juice

          The uses of Carrots has been acknowledged for their vision-improving properties. But that’s not all it is good for. Carrots may be beneficial to your hair's health as well. Vitamins A, B6, B1, B3, B2, K, and C, as well as fibre, potassium, and phosphorus, are abundant in carrots. These nutrients can help your skin and hair regain lost health. Furthermore, carrots are known to possess elements that aid in hair development. Vitamin A, found in carrots, is a nutrient that may help to condition your scalp which might aid in the prevention of hair loss. Vitamin A insufficiency resulted in thin and dry hair according to a study. Excess vitamin A, on the other hand, has been linked to hair loss in several studies. Carrots may also increase the general thickness of your hair and make it fuller and shinier, according to anecdotal data. Carrots' nutrients may help to enhance the flow of blood to your head, which may assist in hair development. It is one of the great juice hair products online.

          • Amla Juice

            This must be the most popular and trustworthy ingredient in hair care, be it shampoos, oils, serums for hair growth drink. First and foremost, amla is a natural immune booster, which is why it is the most popular hair care component. It's high in vital fatty acids, which help to improve the strength of hair follicles and give your hair shine and strength. Amla's high iron level and concentration of powerful antioxidants make it a crucial component for hair health and makes it perfect to be added in hair boost juice; its ellagic, gallic acid, and carotene content increase circulation of blood around the scalp, boosting hair growth and offering comfort from dry, itchy scalp.

            • Brahmi

              Brahmi is a herb with a lot of nutrients that work towards promoting good hair health. It has been known to strengthen roots, eliminate dandruff, provide the necessary moisture to hair to prevent breakage, replenish the scalp and properly cleanse it. Consuming it in the form of a hair growth drink can be very beneficial for the overall health of the hair that will eventually aid in hair growth. A hair boost juice often contains Brahmi as it is amazing for hair growth. 

              • Aloe Vera Juice

                For generations, aloe vera has been used for its therapeutic powers and included in hair boost juice. People believe that it can be quite beneficial for hair health as it may strengthen your hair and make your scalp healthier. Aloe vera is rich in vitamins A, C, and E. All three vitamins aid in cell turnover, which encourages healthy cell growth and lustrous hair, thus it is included in hair boost juice. Aloe vera gel also contains vitamin B12 and folic acid. Both of these elements may help prevent hair fall. We know how important keratin is for the hair considering that’s what our hair is made of and we also know how expensive keratin treatments can be. Aloe vera has a chemical combination that is quite close to keratin, and it nourishes the hair with its nutrients, increasing suppleness and avoiding breakage thus helping with hair growth. All of these reasons make aloe vera perfect to be included in a hair boost juice.

                Auric Hair Boost Drink

                Auric, with its natural and ayurvedic products that are plant-based, for good immunity and other health issues, has managed to maintain the trust of its customers with its wide variety of juice products for so many health concerns. Auric hair boost drink has no added preservatives and contains magical hair ingredients like Brahmi, aloe vera and amla, targets hair problems and encourages healthy hair growth. It is known to help properly clean hair and provide dull, lifeless hair with some shine and strength along with good volume and beauty. It is one of the best juice hair products online for both men and women to detox their system and nourishes their hair. Order now and get this Auric hair boost drink at your doorstep!
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