Fat Loss Drinks: Top 10 Fat Loss Drinks to Consume in the Morning

Top 10 Fat Loss Drinks to Consume in the Morning

Along with the notion of body positivity, the need for a healthy body is increasing rapidly. The world changes at a fast pace and to keep up with it people work day and night without any break, keeping the health factor at a distant bay. As a result, a lot of people are facing the problem of obesity and other such chronic diseases. To prevent this fat disaster from happening, there are fat loss drinks that effectively help in keeping the diet and body size in control effectively. Body positivity is a must, however, health-related problems are a complete no-no! The natural fat loss drinks keep the body in check and also prove to be healthy for the body and mind, as a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. Not only are fat loss drinks a good option for weight loss but also a big factor in detoxification of the body that leads to positive lifestyle changes in an individual. 

What are Fat Loss Drinks?

Although water is an extremely crucial drink for weight loss, one can get bored of the same taste or even worse the persisting problem of bloating. Therefore, for more options and also flavourful variety, people switch to fat loss drinks, with a base of water and layers of other additional natural substances to enhance the taste for quicker results with a taste. The fat loss drinks are a substitute for beverages that are abundant in sugar, artificial additives, and preservatives, to increase their shelf life. The weight loss drinks can be seen as normal drinks offering an extra layer of protection to the body. The weight loss drinks are made with natural substances and are approved and certified by a legal association, to keep the quality in check. The fat loss drinks are consumed by many people, and mostly women, who want to see themselves become a better version of themselves, as weight loss not only guarantees an increased amount of satisfaction but also a vast sea of confidence. 

Effects of Fat Loss Drinks On Your Body

For a weight loss plan to work effectively, the most crucial thing of all is - “metabolism”. A good metabolism ensures a high rate of success in a relatively less time framework for extra fat from the body. So, to stimulate a good metabolism process, these weight loss drinks come in handy. The natural ingredients of a fat loss drink directly tap the metabolism of the body and help in losing relatively more calories at rest and during activity. Prepared from natural substances it also proves beneficial in permitting the formulation of more cells, directly aiding in more radiant and glowing skin.

Here are some of best morning drinks for weight loss:
  1. Lemon and Honey Tea. Lemon and honey tea is a great morning drink to lose weight.
  2. Amla Juice. One of the best morning juices for weight loss is amla juice in water. 
  3. Green Tea. 
  4. Ajwain Water.
  5. Ginger Tea. 
  6. Cinnamon Water And Honey.

Top Fat Loss Drinks to Consume in the Morning

  • Green Tea 

A quite popular and raging option for the weight loss journey for weight-watches around the world is certainly - Green Tea. This fat loss drink is packed with caffeine and antioxidants especially catechins that boost the metabolism naturally, by breaking down fat molecules and enhancing the natural diuretic properties of the green tea to help with fluid retention. These components rapidly convert the extra calories into a powerhouse of energy, and as a result, the body gets a doubled amount of energy to work throughout the day. Drinking green tea every day for about three to four times may result in a quicker weight loss, because of the adequate amount of caffeine and catechins in the body. Using regular green tea with the least processing is always the best option for losing weight. 

Green tea is one of the Top 10 Fat Loss Drinks to Consume in the Morning
  • Amla Juice

Amla Juice for weight loss is concentrated in nature, that is why it is advisable to only drink it by mixing with water. Consumers can add this juice for weight loss and also detoxify their bodies. 2-3 tablespoons of this juice mixed with water can prove effective for weight loss. Amla keeps the digestive system on track throughout the day and accelerates metabolism. It is rich in fiber, prevents obesity, and flushes out the toxins from the body. These components are crucial for a weight loss program. Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants it keeps free radicals at bay and takes care of general body health. Known as Indian gooseberry, it can also be consumed in tea form, sweetened with honey, to help change the taste of the weight loss journey. 

  • Vetiver Concoction

Bowel movements are a key feature to any weight loss journey, and to keep that in check the Vetiver or khus khus plays a decisive role. It is rich in dietary fiber that regulates bowel movements, providing instant relief in constipation ultimately resulting in improving metabolism. Vetiver’s properties help fight the hot waves in summer, deeming it as a benefitting weight loss drink for summers. Dried vetiver roots boiled in water with a touch-up of lemon and honey, can be a perfect juice for weight loss in summer. 

  • Apple Cider Vinegar 

Among the most popular fat loss drinks, apple cider vinegar is the top-rated one. This nutritive liquid is abundant in acetic acid because of its process of fermentation of apples with yeast. This juice for weight loss targets the body fat by boosting the metabolism of the body. In the weight loss journey, it takes time for the body to adjust to dietary changes and then begin cravings. Health benefits of apple cider vinegar include stabilizing of the blood sugar levels to ensure greater control over the cravings and ultimately less consumption of calories. The recommended way to induce this fat loss drink is by mixing a tablespoon of it with one cup of water to prevent any damage to tooth enamel. 

  • Cinnamon Raw Honey Mix

Cinnamon Raw Honey Mix as a juice for weight loss is widely popular amongst a health-conscious crowd. Cinnamon is a healthy substance, cuts down the bad effects of eating high-fat food or junk food, which readily helps in the weight loss plan. It also regulates blood glucose levels which effectively manage the metabolism of the body and ultimately reduce the body fat percentage. When mixed with honey this fat loss drink becomes a youthful, and delicious elixir. Honey curbs the appetite, decreasing the want of consuming more food. It is also rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

  •  Ginger Lemon Water

This juice for weight loss is a mixture of ginger and lemon. These natural ingredients cut down the extra fat deposit, regulate the bowel movements, resulting in decreasing indigestion and faster metabolism that aids in an effective weight loss journey. Lemon contains vitamin C and antioxidants that promote good digestion, its diuretic properties help in detoxification of the body and burn extra fat. This magic potion is also mixed with honey for additional taste and better effects which makes it an extraordinary refreshing weight loss drink. 

Ginger lemon tea is one of the Top 10 Fat Loss Drinks to Consume in the Morning

  • Pineapple Juice with Cinnamon 

This juice for weight loss comes packed with soluble and insoluble fibers of pineapple, which keeps the stomach full for a long time after ingestion, thereby aiding in effective weight loss. With the abundance of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals pineapple has become a tasteful and widely preferred flavor of fat loss drinks. And with the addition of cinnamon, the weight loss journey almost comes near to a celebratory piece of cake. Cinnamon cuts down the high calories and extra fat in food products, especially junk food. Famous for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties it also regulates metabolism which is crucial for an effective weight loss journey, proving to be a jumpstart.  

  • Black Coffee

According to studies, a single cup of black coffee has only 2 calories. It is the most widely used method to lose weight. This fat loss drink has proved to be an effective and tasty way of planning for a weight loss journey. You should be aware of the health benefits of black coffee and why you should consume it. With the presence of elements like chlorogenic acid, which speeds up weight loss; black coffee if consumed after supper or dinner slows down the production of glucose in the body, decreases the production of new fat cells in the body, ultimately resulting in fewer calories in the body. It also reduces the water content in the body resulting in decreased bloating which is a big factor in making people look fat. 

  • Grapefruit Juice 

Grapefruit juice for weight loss is another competitor in the weight loss drink market. Its delicious taste and nutritive properties make it a more lucrative product in the eyes of consumers. With its high fiber content, drinking the juice before eating food promotes fullness and results in less craving for food, and limits calorie intake. It also boasts naringenin: an antioxidant to help the body in using insulin more effectively. It keeps the blood sugar in check and boosts the calorie-burning capacity of the body. Drinking grapefruit juice before a meal can lower the levels of insulin promoting delicious weight loss. 

  • Protein Water 

Protein water is made by combining many components, but most primarily whey protein isolates or collagen peptides. Combining water and protein is a rich source of high protein, low calories, and without any side effects. Increasing protein intake aids in weight loss, by boosting metabolism, promoting the feeling of fullness, and thereby reducing calorie intake. This weight loss drink is the ultimate solution. It reduces the extra body fat without reducing any muscle, suppresses the appetite, and also reduces the craving to eat food. Less hunger will ultimately lead to less body weight.  

Auric Natural Plant Protein Powder

Why Are Mornings the Best Time to Consume these Fat Loss Drinks?

As these weight loss drinks are not only aid in weight loss rather a full detox of the entire body, it is advisable to drink them in the morning. Drinking these fat loss drinks on an empty stomach boosts metabolism, keeps the body hydrated and fatigue-free throughout the day. Ingesting these fat loss drinks in the morning pushes down the acidity and dilutes the stomach, providing a clear area for the healthy weight loss drinks to do a better job at increasing the metabolic rate and digestion of the body. Refer to the complete guide for ayurvedic weight loss.

Auric weight balance juice is one of the Top 10 Fat Loss Drinks to Consume in the Morning

Staying healthy and body-positive has become a trend now but people go to greater lengths to lose weight, some are demotivated by how lengthy the process is, others are simply careless. Therefore to make the process of losing weight easier, more fun, and delicious, Auric Weight Balance Juice is now trending as the most lucrative source of the desired aspects of an individual.

Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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