Things We’ll Never Take For Granted Again

Things We’ll Never Take For Granted Again

Public transport, office desks, good old team lunches, and walking in the heat, who thought we’ll miss all this. After all, we’re the ones who wanted the weekend to last forever. Everything changed in a week of little ambiguities. The best we can do right now is stay in and we sat down to reflect on a few things we will never (never!) take for granted again.

The Freedom To Travel:

From those little weekenders with family, the special ones, friends to even the solo trips. Ever thought it could all come to a halt? While we do stay in for the world to heal, we also notice that Dolphins have returned to Italy, the Swans in Venice are swimming freely and the OZONE LAYER IS RECOVERING! Oh, it’s almost like mother nature is healing and we cannot wait to meet our favourite spots in the world (at their healthiest!)

Friends And Family:

We are all guilty of cancelling that plan every single week (after being the first ones to make them). We’re dying to get back at all those coffee and dinner hangouts. Honestly, we could even use some of those ‘boring’ extended family get-togethers. Social distancing has become emotional distancing and the first thing we’re doing after the lockdown is HUG, everyone we love.


During this stressful time, the focus is on immunity. For all the times we were ‘too busy’ to carry around our EASY Auric Body Defence, our nut box and ended up chomping on a street style sandwich, we kind of sort of messed with a chance of building that immunity. So we’re starting now and making this a lifestyle. A healthy diet, some meditation and movement are our new friends #LessonLearnt.

Food, Shelter And Clothes:

Worried about your #2020 goals? Wait a minute. If this time has taught us to be grateful, we’re the most grateful for the realisation that our problems, desires and goals are not so significant to the planet. Most of us are reading this in the comfort of our home, tucked in bed in cosy clothing probably with a snack in hand while people are dying of starvation and lack of safety. Thank you, Universe.

We’re making a few lifestyle changes and adding some more gratitude to our lives to come out a fresher and better version of ourselves. What are you changing?

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