Slow Down this Lockdown

Slow Down this Lockdown

Time to #TakeCare

Almost two months of being grounded. Seems like the perfect time to ‘optimise’ this new life, right? For starters, open your Instagram feed to take a glance at perfectly sanitised lives of influencers and content creators. HASHTAG #CoupleGoals, #QuarantineOutfits, #TikTokChallenges #SelfCareRoutine, #BananaBread #PancakeSundays - who wouldn’t feel like trash if they’re not being an opportunist during this time?

Let’s break this down. The most real thing during this time is - your reality. Feel like going for that passion project? Getting that summer bod? Taking therapy? Not taking therapy? Crying all day? Everything is allowed. If this time is teaching us something, it’s to reflect on our views about nature, the significance of our goals, and a lot of gratitude. Going through so many changes in a short period is enough stress to bag, the least one can do for themselves is take a pause. One day at a time.


First thing’s first. This is happening to the entire world & it’s important to know that you’re not alone. It’s important to accept and be mentally prepared for a change in lifestyle. Meditation resets the nervous system and makes the body calm. “If you’re anxious, know that your body is preparing for a future threat & that’s normal. Try and bring your attention to the present and if you continue to experience acute anxiety, consider taking therapy for further help”, says Aliya Singh (Clinical psychologist)


Do what feels right, there’s nothing more to this. If your soul feels like dancing, let it. If it feels like it needs rehabilitation, let it relax. Do whatever it takes to make you feel happy, alive and positive. Cooking, sleeping, working, laying, absolutely anything. You’re priority.


In whatever way you can* Caring for your body doesn’t need to mean HIIT training or 10 hours of workout a week, it’s the simple act of listening to your body (It’s always right, and it’s always communicating). Hydrate, pump up that immunity (pro tip: stress brings down immunity, so try and reduce your stress triggers), indulge in a little healthy meal prep to last a few days and even stock up on immunity boosting snacks and beverages (hint: Auric).


Always remember to be grateful for being safe and around people who care. Not everyone around has a safe environment, wholesome family, shelter or even food. If you have a dollar, there’s plenty to share, remember? Take care of your elders, it’s your opportunity to give back the love you’ve received and more!

Stay safe, stay indoors and we will get through this together, you know that right?


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