The Whole Truth About Sugar

The Whole Truth About Sugar

Is Natural Sugar in Fruits Good or Bad?

A lot of us have been leading an unhealthy lifestyle which has resulted in weight gain. An increased weight makes one suffer numerous health diseases in the long run. This is why we need to focus on losing our weight and reach the goal of achieving a healthy weight. There are a range of fad diets doing rounds on the internet today; while these diets may work in the short run, most of them leave you devoid of essential nutrients and their effect fades away with time. A simple way to lose weight without much hassle is to quit refined sugar and opt for natural sugar in case you have a sweet tooth.

The Struggle with the Sweet Tooth

When we say quit sugar, we mean quit refined sugar, which is commonly known as table sugar. You do not have to compromise on your sweet tooth as there are numerous healthier alternatives to refined sugar. These alternatives do the trick for your sweet tooth while not damaging your body. You do not have to worry about the availability or high prices of these alternatives as they are readily available and cost nearly the same. 

The Whole Truth About Refined Sugar and Natural Sugar

Sugar is widely known to be one of the worst foods to regularly consume. This is because they are highly unhealthy and addictive. Studies have shown that sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine, which should be a matter of concern for the consumers. Moreover, the everyday food items that we consume in packed form, such as biscuits, ketchup, juices, chocolates, and more, have sugar as a significant ingredient, which leads to loss of health gradually if not instantaneously. Every time we consume sugar, we feel emotionally better, which is why it is the core ingredient of most of the commonly known comfort foods. Weight Balance Juice

However, we are not asking you to curb your sugar craving; simply replace refined sugar with the healthier alternatives, which are usually derived from natural sources. Fruit sugar is one of the tastiest yet healthy alternatives as when we devour fruits, we also ingest a good amount of dietary fibre which helps in preventing spiking of insulin levels. They also contain many nutrients and minerals, making for a great alternative to table sugar, which is empty calories. That is to say, it does not hold any nutritional value. 

Sugar: What it is? What it does to you? Why it must GO?

The Whole Truth About Sugar

Damaging Effects of Refined Sugar

Widely consumed and cherished, refined sugar is one of the key ingredients of a variety of food products available in the market, such as chocolates, cakes, biscuits, and whatnot! While it makes food tastier, it comes with intense damaging effects on the body. Refined sugar is one of the most significant reasons for increased fat percentage in the body, leading to obesity and a range of other health issues. Damaging effects of refined sugar extend to the skin as they include prominent appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. They affect our oral hygiene as well by causing bad breath and bad teeth. Its regular consumption may also lead to Type-2 diabetes. Here is all you need to know about type 2 diabetes treatment.

Healthier Alternatives to Refined Sugar

As mentioned above, refined sugar has potential to cause immense health problems when consumed in the long run. This creates a dire need to switch to healthier alternatives. Simply making the shift for a month can prove to show significant results which are easy to notice. You should know all about sugar and its types: which is the best to consume? The following are the healthier alternatives to refined sugar which you should embrace as soon as possible.

Coconut Sugar

Derived from coconut palm trees, coconut sugar is natural sugar that does not undergo extensive refining and use of chemicals. As a contrast to refined sugar, coconut sugar is prominently easier to digest by the body. While refined sugar has empty calories, its healthier alternative, coconut sugar is rich in minerals, including iron, zinc, calcium, and more. Another benefit of coconut sugar is that it has a lower glycemic index, which suggests that it gets released in the body much slower, making it significantly better than refined sugar which has strikingly high GI. Coconut sugar does not limit you in any way as it can be easily used in a variety of foods like cakes, curd, cereals, et cetera. 

Date Sugar

It is no secret that dates are one of the sweetest fruits out there and can be used as an alternative to refined sugar. It is common for people to presume that any alternative to refined sugar would either be expensive or unavailable. The convenience of obtaining date sugar, which is natural sugar, is almost surprising as it can be easily made at home, making it inexpensive. To make date sugar at home, roast dates properly, followed by grinding them. Then, strain it to obtain a fine powder, which can be added to most of your favourite dishes requiring sweetness. What makes date sugar stand out is the presence of significant amounts of fibre in them, which aids the digestive system, leading to better digestion. They also contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals and increase bone density. When it comes to glycemic index, date sugar performs better than refined sugar as its GI is 45-50. Similar to coconut sugar, it does not limit you in any way and can be added to your favourite foods, including cereals, milk, and sweets.

Date sugar is a natural alternative to refined sugar | The Whole Truth About Sugar

Rock Sugar (Mishri)

Mishri has been consumed in our country for eons and for all the right reasons. For all of you who crave the taste of refined sugar, mishri is good news as it tastes the same as its unhealthy counterpart. However, unlike refined sugar, mishri comes with numerous health benefits. The use of it is extensive, making it one of the most versatile healthier alternatives to refined sugar. The process of making mishri is the reason it tastes the same as refined sugar. It is produced with the same process as refined sugar but is not made to undergo the chemical treatment that the refined sugar does, making it an incredible natural sugar to be adopted as soon as possible. It may come as a surprise how mishri, while tasting the same as refined sugar, is high in iron, magnesium, antioxidants, calcium, and even dietary fibre. The presence of dietary fibre makes it an aid to the digestive system, resulting in better digestion. Mishri also increases the haemoglobin level of the blood. While the refined sugar has a warming effect, mishri gives a preferred cooling effect on the body. As we mentioned how it is highly versatile, it can be used in everything that requires the addition of sugar, like juices, desserts, and your everyday cuppa!

While mishri is a great substitute to refined sugar, make sure you buy the one with the thread and not the one in crystallized form as it isn’t unrefined, rather it can be termed as the enlarged version of refined sugar. What’s amazing is that mishri is easily available, making it a convenient option.

Jaggery and Jaggery Powder

Jaggery is another natural sugar used for eons. Made from sugarcane juice ayurveda, it is often considered to be the best alternative to refined sugar as it is incredibly high in nutrients and offers immense health benefits. It is a sweetener in the least processed form available to us. A few of the ayurvedic benefits of jaggery include boosting metabolism, purifying blood, treating skin problems, and more. Availability of jaggery and jaggery powder is not a problem as you can easily find them nearby. 

Jaggery is a natural alternative to refined sugar | The Whole Truth About Sugar

The aforementioned natural sugar alternatives to refined sugar are worthy of your consideration as they have nutrients to offer rather than being empty calories. By replacing refined sugar with these alternatives, you will be able to witness the benefits reaching you in a matter of a few days. You will find your skin glowing, fat losing, and energy levels increasing. With such immense benefits, we at Auric highly recommend you to make the shift to natural sugar as soon as possible!

Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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