Brown Sugar, Honey, Coconut Jaggery, Date Syrup. Which is the best one?

Brown Sugar, Honey, Coconut Jaggery, Date Syrup. Which is the best one?

Our day literally runs on Sugar. Healthier people avoid Sugar. Smarter people know their sugar to make healthy choices. Simple and Easy to understand facts on Sugar.

Think your Brown Sugar Again

We all have seen it far too often of asking for brown sugar when white sugar is lying on the table. We all feel that taste is not upto the mark of brown sugar but we are ok to compromise since brown sugar is so damn healthy. This is absolutely a myth. It burns a hole in our pockets as well as burns a hole in our diet plan !
Brown Sugar = White Sugar + some Molasses
Molasses is brown in colour. Hence, we call brown sugar as brown coloured white sugar

Honey in Hot Water is Poison. Only Lukewarm Water Please. But adding Honey to Herbal Powder increases Power of Herbs.

Honey has amazing benefits. Right from antibacterial to boosting digestion to reducing Kapha dosha, Honey is an absolute master. Rightly, it is called Yoga Vahi which means that it enhances healing properties of other substances when taken together. However, there are few dont's of Honey

- Never add Honey to hot drinks or even to cakes / cookies while baking
- Ghee and Honey together in equal proportions is a sin
- People with acidity and acne should avoid consuming honey
- Honey is marginally better than sugar in terms of calories. For those on diet, it is not a happy substitute 

The only TWO sugars acceptable in Moderation

Coconut Sugar is natural sugar from sap liquid of Coconut Trees. Sap liquid is present in the flower of Coconut Trees. The sap is heated until entire water is evaporated. Minerals such as Iron, Zinc, Calcium and Potassium are present. It also contains antioxidants. Inulin is a fibre present in Coconut Sugar which is responsible for controlling the spike in insulin in blood stream. 
Date Syrup is simply derived from Dates by soaking it in water and then grinding. It is rich in minerals such as Manganese, Copper, Potassium and Magnesium. It is also rich in fibre slightly more than Coconut Sugar making its Glycaemic Index (Spike in Insulin) slightly lesser than Coconut Sugar. The anti oxidants are also present in this type of sugar. 
While both Coconut Sugar and Date Syrup are better substitutes for refined sugar but sugar is sugar. Avoid it as much as possible.


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