Should I Drink Fruit Juice Instead of Soda for Health

Should I Drink Fruit Juice Instead of Soda for Health

There are some people who want to cut back on Soda and they choose fruit juices as their next target. But do you think fruit juices are healthier and give you an edge over Soda? Well, let us be clear, fruit juice isn't the best substitute.

Though the minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants available in the fruit juices have an advantage over soda, fruit juices can have the same or more sugar and calories, says Maxine Siegel, R.D., who heads CR's food-testing lab.


Let’s understand it through an example-

A cup of fruit juice contains 36 grams of sugars in comparison to a cup of  grape soda that contains 27 grams of sugars. The sugar available in fruit juice could be natural but your body reacts similarly to both of them. 

 Let’s compare fruit juices and soda

  • Both the Drinks Leads to Weight Gain 


  • One of the biggest drawbacks of fruit juices and soda is they both lead to weight gain, As both the drinks are high in sugar and low in fiber. The excessive amount of calories consumed, that too by drinking increases your chances of weight gain. 

    According to experts, it is so because most people don’t compensate for these liquid calories by reducing the consumption of calories in other food. 

    Hence, it’s clear that the consumption of any of the two drinks can increase the risk of weight gain while you should also note small amounts of calorie-containing beverages will not influence your weight. 

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  • High Source of Sugar


  • Be it soda or fruit juice, both liquids contain a large amount of sugar. One of the main reasons why people think fruit juices are healthy is the excessive sugar content. 

    Soda and fruit juices contains around 110 calories and 20–26 gm. of sugar per cup that is almost (240 ml).

    The higher consumption of sugar leads to two types of diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, and heart disease, along with a greater risk of premature death. 

    Though both the drinks affect your health some way or the other yet soda increases the risk of illness or disease  in a dose-dependent manner. That means the more you consume soda, the more your chances of disease even if you drink in small amounts.

    Consuming a small amount of fruit juice will lower your risk of conditions like heart disease and  type 2 diabetes. Having said that, the benefits only apply to 100% fruit juice — not to sugar-sweetened fruit beverages.

  • Nutrients


  • Fruit juices contain beneficial compounds, minerals, and vitamins. Against mainstream thinking, 1/2 cup (120 ml) of natural product juice is similarly plentiful in many nutrients and minerals, including iron, potassium, magnesium, and B nutrients, as a similar amount of fresh fruits.

    Fruit juices also contain healthy plant compounds, like polyphenols, carotenoids, and flavonoids, which reduces the risk of multiple types of diseases. Some of the fruit juices also help in improving immunity, blood function, blood pressure, and low inflammation. 

  • Detoxifies Your Body

    Detoxify Your Body

  • Drinking a glass of fresh juice in the morning helps in detoxifying your body. A glass of fresh juice has all the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that can be easily absorbed in your body. However, you should maintain distance from unhealthy packaged fruit juice.  

    Whereas, a glass of soda doesn’t have any vitamins or minerals for you except to give you fat and sugar.

  •  Enriched with Vitamins
  • Enriched with Vitamins

    Consuming raw vegetables and fruits are always beneficial over juices. Though, fruit juices provide water to your body, thus helping you stay hydrated.  Every type of fruit juice comes with its own benefits and vitamins. 

    For example If you feel tired after a hectic day at work, you can drink ginger or lemon juice as it restores the energy levels of your body and makes you feel energetic. 

    On the other hand, soda doesn’t make you feel energetic with its calories. It only makes you ill from within. 

  • Craving dealer

  • Every time you feel a craving of eating something spicy, or oily, you can go ahead with fruit juices instead of jumping on junk food. The best part is, when you choose fruit juice over junk, you feel stuffed for quite a long time. 

    Juices are good but as they say -  Anything in excess is harmful!

    You must ignore drinking fruit juice in high quantities as it contains sugar which could increase your blood sugar levels. 


    Be it soda or fruit juices, both are low in fiber and rich in calories. If consumed in higher amounts, both the drinks increase the risk of obesity, 2 types of diabetes, illness, and heart disease. 

    Still, the vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds available in fruit juice protect us from many types of diseases. 

    Both the drinks have some similarity but are completely different from other aspects. Unlike soda which only harms your health and doesn’t have any health benefits, fruit juices have some of the beneficial health benefits. 

    Hence proves, if you consume fruit juices in small quantities, you win. 

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    ​​Authored By: Ankita Agarwal
    About Author: Ankita Agarwal is a Health & Wellness Coach from Siliguri, India


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