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Giloy Juice

Since time immemorial, Ayurvedic medicine has been practised and explored in India. Ayurvedic medicine is an alternative to allopathic or modern medicine. Unlike modern medicine, Ayurvedic medicine uses natural plants, herbs, and spices to treat diseases. Amongst the many popular herbs advocated for use by Ayurvedic specialists, giloy is one such herb. Due to the associated health benefits of giloy, it is also called the root of immortality. Read ahead to find out more about giloy leaves, giloy juice, giloy fruit, giloy powder and giloy juice benefits.Also read Giloy Juice: Should You Consume Giloy Juice for Immunity and Diabetes?

What is Giloy?

Giloy is a climbing shrub that typically grows over other trees. It belongs to the botanical family Menispermaceae and is native to India. However, it is also found in tropical regions of China, Australia and Africa. 

In Hindi, it is commonly known as Amrit, Giloe, or Guduchi. The word giloe is a Hindu mythological word that essentially means a heavenly elixir that keeps drinkers eternally young. Almost all parts of this plant are beneficial in Ayurvedic and folk medicine, but its stem contains the most beneficial compounds. 

What makes giloy so nutrient-dense and healthy is its composition of plant compounds. It consists of terpenoids, alkaloids, steroids, and lignans. Terpenoids are important because of their anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-diabetic, and anti-cancerous properties. While alkaloids, which are bitter in taste, render the plant useful for treating cancer, blood pressure, pain relief, malaria, and intestinal spasms. Lignans are known for preventing the growth of microbes like bacteria, viruses, and fungus. 

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What Are The Different Ways The Giloy Fruit Can Be Consumed?

Giloy is available in various forms for consumption. Some nutraceuticals sell giloy in the form of a supplement or capsule. If you’re looking for a more natural option, you can use the stems and roots of giloy to extract giloy juice. Some people also use dried giloy powder which can be mixed in the recommended amount of water to make giloy juice. 

However, it is evident from studies and research that giloy juice benefits are numerous. 

Steps To Make Giloy Juice/Decoction/Amla Giloy Juice

For Giloy Juice

  1. Take the giloy stem and roots and cut them into small pieces.
  2. Crush these small pieces using a mortar and pestle. 
  3. Add water and grind the paste in a food blender.
  4. Strain the giloy-water blend using a sieve or a muslin cloth.
  5. Once strained, the giloy juice is ready to consume. 

For Amla Giloy Juice

To maximise the health benefits of giloy juice, it is also prepared in combination with other medicinal herbs and fruits such as tulsi and amla. The amla giloy juice is also an excellent combination to include giloy in your diet.

  1. To make amla giloy juice, first, take 2-3 amla and squeeze their juice.
  2. Take 2-3 giloy stems, peel and cut them into smaller pieces. Grind them until they are reduced to a fine paste.
  3. Strain the water of the giloy juice paste and mix it with amla juice. 
  4. Then add another glass of water to this mixture.
  5. To make the amla giloy juice sweet, you can add honey or sugar. If you have diabetes, use artificial sweetener or jaggery instead of sugar and honey. 
  6. To gain maximum benefit, drink the amla giloy juice on an empty stomach in the morning.

For Decoction

You can also benefit from giloy by making a kadha or decoction out of giloy vati powder.

  1. Add a tablespoon of Guduchi or giloy vati powder to 2 cups of water.
  2. Boil the water until it becomes half of the original quantity.
  3. Filter the concoction using a strainer.
  4. Drink within 8 hours of preparation.
  5. To enhance the benefits of this concoction of giloy vati powder, while boiling, add a few pieces of ginger and 1 cinnamon stick. 

Using Giloy Leaves

There are numerous benefits of giloy leaves. In particular, they are useful as a skin remedy and can be used by following the method given below:

  1. Boil 6-7 giloy leaves in hot water.
  2. Once boiled for a sufficient time, allow the water to cool completely.
  3. Strain the giloy water and apply it evenly to your face. 
  4. Allow the benefits of giloy leaves to show up on your face by waiting for 15-20 minutes and then rinsing with lukewarm water.

The benefits of giloy leaves on your face include detoxification, skin regeneration, and anti-ageing. 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Giloy

Immunity Booster

Giloy contains various compounds that can boost your immunity. Its anti-oxidant property helps prevent damage to cells from oxidative damage. It has terpenoids that impart their anti-microbial properties. This stimulates the immune system and protects our body from pathogens. It specifically prevents the growth of pathogens like Klebsiella pneumoniaeE. coliPseudomonas spp., and Proteus spp. Some studies have also reported giloy’s effectiveness against allergies such as hay fever. Giloy Vati is also useful to treat urinary tract infections, cardiovascular diseases and liver diseases. Building your immunity is critical at this point in time, so consuming the right food is vital. Giloy juice is very good to boost your immunity.

Anti-pyretic in nature

Giloy specifically helps combat viral fevers like malaria and dengue. Frequent consumption of giloy juice increases the level of platelets in the body and builds the body’s immunity. It is therefore used to treat chronic, recurring fever caused by diseases like malaria, dengue and even coronavirus because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic properties. 

Promotes Digestion

For overall health, the digestion of our food is very important. Giloy vati powder proves to be good for digestion. When giloy vati powder is taken with amla, it readily promotes digestion in our body and treats gut issues like IBS and constipation. 

Reduces cholesterol

Structurally, giloy is similar to cholesterol. Therefore, this makes it a natural competitor of cholesterol to bind with the intestine. This method can be used to reduce cholesterol levels in our bodies naturally. Consuming giloy juice helps to control cholesterol significantly. 

Reduces blood sugar levels

Several studies have proved that giloy can reduce blood sugar levels. Known as the ‘destroyer of sugar’,  Giloy is able to achieve that by making our body’s cells less resistant to insulin as well as enhancing the production of insulin. This ensures the proper absorption of glucose by insulin, stabilising our blood sugar levels and preventing the onset of diabetes. Since an increase in blood sugar levels is also related to metabolic and hormonal disorders like PCOD, consuming giloy juice can prevent or help manage PCOD. For best results, use half a teaspoon of giloy vati powder with water after having lunch and dinner. 

Promotes weight loss

As insulin resistance leads to weight gain, consumption of giloy juice helps in aiding weight loss for people struggling to lose weight because of hormonal issues like PCOD or diabetes. Weight maintenance is important to keep diseases to keep at bay, so giloy juice helps to keep a check.

Improved respiratory health

Respiratory problems like asthma and tonsillitis can also be treated by consuming giloy juice or giloy vati powder. Inflammation of the trachea causes asthma or other breathing disorders. Giloy can help reduce this inflammation, thereby reducing the severity of the symptoms associated with these respiratory disorders. 

Anti-psychotic properties

Giloy vati powder has been known to benefit those suffering from neurological disorders like depression and anxiety. It calms the body by reducing its mental stress. In addition, it can boost one’s cognitive and memory functions. 

Treats arthritis and gout

Being antipyretic and anti-inflammatory, gout is particularly useful for those suffering from chronic arthritis and gout. Have giloy vati powder mixed in warm milk to ease your joint pains. 

Improves your vision

Even topical use of giloy has many benefits. In many parts of India, the giloy plant is boiled in hot water and then used to apply to the eyes. It is said to improve vision and eyesight dramatically. 

Reduces signs of ageing

Giloy leaves are very good and valuable for the skin. When applied topically, they help reduce wrinkles and fine ageing lines and reduce dark spots and acne, leaving you with glowing skin.

Healing powers

The giloy fruit is also effective for healing injuries and skin allergies that cause rashes. This is undoubtedly due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It fastens the wound healing process by enhancing the production of collagen and skin generation. 

However, it is important to note that people belonging to the following categories should not consume the giloy fruit in any form:

  1. Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  2. People suffering from autoimmune disorders
  3. People suffering from hypoglycemia


When you look up online for the giloy fruit, you will come across various brands and types of giloy vati. To know which is the best giloy vati, you can check the customer reviews and ratings for the brand of giloy vati. 

Now that you are aware of the numerous benefits of the giloy fruit, are you going to use it on a daily basis? What form of giloy fruit would you prefer, the giloy vati powder, or the giloy juice? Before using them, make sure you use the giloy fruit in the recommended quantity to use them safely while maximising their benefits. Also read Giloy Immunity: All You Need to Know About Giloy Immunity Booster

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