The Irresistible Health Benefits of Giloy Lemonade

The Irresistible Health Benefits of Giloy Lemonade like stress and anxiety

Have you ever wondered Why giloy is known as an immunity booster? Giloy is a heart-shaped Ayurvedic herb and has been the solution to numerous diseases in recent days. Auric Giloy juice for immunity is a magical source of immortality as it protects the body from various problems like flu, common cold, chronic fever, arthritis and helps with healing extensively. Apart from the stems of the giloy plant, the roots are also used extensively to prepare concoctions and ayurvedic beverages for several health issues. How to prepare this concoction that is both useful and of premium taste? Try creating lemonades with giloy—the ideal choice for a hot summer and the best refreshing drink of all times.

Auric Giloy juice

Lemonade is a classic option to calm the body and mind instantly. A small quantity of lemon juice is sufficient to bring about a remarkable change with its tangy taste enriched with citric acid. Lemon is loaded with vitamin C and high amounts of phosphorus, potassium, copper, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, flavonoids and antioxidants. Being low in calories and fat, it is an excellent remedy to Scurvy and aids with better absorption of iron into the body. When you blend the giloy plant extract with lemonade, a giloy lemonade is ready. Ayurvedic beverages like giloy lemonades have a possible way to treat the body as offers has a combined benefit of both the lemon juice and the giloy extract. 

Auric drink is of premium taste amongst all the giloy lemonades in the vast commercial market which also offers several healthy products. The other similar products are Auric thandai and other herb fortified drink varieties like Auric giloy juice for immunity. The Auric thandai helps with acidity and bloating problems and is the best cooling agent for summers. An Auric thandai boosts immunity and improves digestion having similar effects as other ayurvedic beverages.

How to Make Giloy Lemonade?

Giloy lemonade is made with essential ingredients in a very simple method and is 100% natural with a premium taste. You will need:

  • Giloy Leaves or stem
  • Lemon juice
  • Grated ginger
  • Tulsi leaves
  • Cloves

Take a pan and add some water to it as the first step to make a giloy lemonade. Drop-in tulsi leaves, cloves, ginger, chopped giloy leaves and allow the contents to boil approximately for five minutes. Then turn the stove off and allow the mixture to cool down for some time. Once it cools completely, add lemon juice, and then the giloy lemonade is ready for consumption.

The ingredients in a giloy lemonade have various health benefits. Tulsi is a natural immune booster used to make many ayurvedic beverages that are also good for skin and respiratory problems. In addition, it protects the body from bacteria, fungi, viruses and other pathogens.

Ginger is an antimicrobial, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agent that helps in increasing the white blood cells to destroy germs, bacteria and viruses. In addition, it boosts immunity extensively and improves digestion to help with the overall wellbeing of the body. 

Cloves are a prevalent household item but have a potent medicinal property. It has a lot of antioxidants and boosts immunity to higher levels by fighting off free radicals and other disease-causing pathogens. 

The Irresistible Health Benefits of Giloy Lemonade

Health Benefits of Giloy Lemonade

Giloy with Lemon Juice to Boost Immunity

A robust immune system is a crucial aspect of health, with all the contagious diseases spreading worldwide, therefore, consume the top 10 foods that can boost your immunity. Any product which boosts immunity is the first line of defence treatment from viruses, bacteria and germs. In addition, the immune system is responsible for producing white blood cells when foreign pathogens enter the system. Giloy with lemon juice is 100% natural and supports the immune system extensively. 

Giloy with lemon juice can fight off free radicals and help in purifying the blood by removing potential toxins from it. Auric giloy juice for immunity also treats urinary tract infections and liver diseases with high antioxidants and vitamin C. It is antipyretic also in nature and strengthens the immune system by getting rid of various disease-causing germs. Auric giloy juice for immunity is the best remedy for chronic fever kinds like dengue. 

Giloy with Lemon Juice to Manage Diabetes

Giloy lemonade possesses the properties to manage diabetes as it improves the blood glucose levels of the system. In addition, the phytochemicals in the plant are seen to reduce oxidative stress and boost the natural secretion of insulin. Therefore, a giloy juice for immunity is the best choice to counterbalance the diabetes-induced oxidative stress that strikes the liver.

Giloy with Lemon Juice for Respiratory Problems

Giloy with lemon juice has an anti-inflammatory power and is hence referred to as an immortal drink. An Auric giloy juice for immunity is seen to wipe out the most common respiratory problems like cold, cough and tonsilitis. Giloy Auric drink benefits asthma by treating shortness of breath, wheezing, cough and chest tightness. 

Giloy with Lemon Juice for Stress and Anxiety

Giloy lemonade is an adaptogenic herb that helps to combat stress well. It is a type of health tonic that enables our system to get rid of various toxins and then calm the mind. Of course, this works well with anxiety disorders, but the Auric giloy juice for immunity also helps boost memory levels extensively.

The Irresistible Health Benefits of Giloy Lemonade like stress and anxiety

Giloy with Lemon Juice for Heart Health

Giloy lemonade is beneficial to heart health with reasonable amounts of antioxidants and vitamin C. It is seen to prevent heart issues like a stroke with the fibres present in the lemon. Furthermore, it contains diosmin and hesperidin, which lowers cholesterol levels tremendously. Giloy Auric drink benefits the body as it is the best solution to reduce high blood pressure and is the main line of treatment. This Auric drink benefits the heart indirectly by normalising the lipid metabolism rate.

Lemonade with Giloy for Osteoporosis in Women

Giloy roots extract the best treatment as it provides an osteoprotective effect to the body. Giloy lemonade delays the onset of osteoporosis with the best supplement or with any giloy wellness drink. How to use Auric drink here? To have an osteoprotective effect on the body, consume the 100% natural drink regularly after consulting with your physician and see the results for yourself. 

Lemonade with Giloy for Digestion

Small quantities of giloy lemonade early in the morning improve the digestion process effectively. The high amounts of soluble fibres in this wellness drink will help maintain a regular bowel activity that, in turn, improves digestion. Pectin is another important fibre component that improves digestion by enhancing overall gut health. It heightens the digestive rate of both sugar and starch.

Lemonade with Giloy for Managing Weight

Wondering how to lose weight with weight loss drink? Giloy lemonade is a magic potion for people who are looking for weight loss techniques. The pectin in the wellness drink and the fibres help any person feel full for a longer duration. This satiable feeling prevents unnecessary snacking, which results in weight gain eventually. Furthermore, according to animal studies, the antioxidants present in this 100% natural drink are safe and used to control weight.

Lemonade with Giloy for Reducing Cancer

Giloy lemonade is a rich source of vitamin C, limonene, naringenin, and antioxidants. These prevent and reduce the risk of deadly cancers. In addition, in advanced stages, giloy lemonade helps in reducing the severity of the disease. 

Lemonade with Giloy for Oral Disorders

Giloy lemonade is good for improving teeth and gum health. When applied locally in areas that are affected, it reduces inflammation. The wellness drink is a rich source of vitamin C, so it treats bleeding gums, toothaches and swollen gums. Scurvy is a type of oral disorder, so this drink plays a vital role in treating it.

Lemonade with Giloy for Skin Health

High concentrations of vitamin C in giloy lemonade are seen to create collagen. As a result, it gives a natural glow to the skin and offers a more youthful look. In addition, it reduces the unnecessary line and blemishes on the skin as it is power-packed with nutrients. Consume giloy lemonade every day to make the skin clear and healthy with a radiant glow.

The Irresistible Health Benefits of Giloy Lemonade

Skin health is extensively improved as the giloy lemonade is 100% natural and effectively detoxifies the harmful toxins in the skin. It regenerates the skin from time to time and also treats skin allergies. Applying the giloy extract directly on the face and leaving it for fifteen minutes is seen to offer the best results. 


Auric’s Giloy lemonade is a wonderful ayurvedic drink that benefits people in various aspects of life. A giloy supplement is ideal for creating a positive impact on human health. One to two teaspoons of giloy juice or one fourth to half a teaspoon of giloy powder are the proper dosages for daily consumption to ensure safety. However, if you will take giloy in any other form with varying dosage levels, make sure to consult with your physician and then proceed with the consumption practice. There is proven research that suggests people with autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and multiple sclerosis are advised to refrain from Giloy. So, consult your doctor before you start indulging in giloy lemonade. 

Authored By: Divya Shankar

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