Should I Consume Coconut Water Daily?

Coconut Water Everyday

Coconut water is believed to be a healthy drink. In India, coconut water is also known as nariyal pani. It is thought to beat the scorching summer heat, help to reduce obesity, etc. The relatives of patients in the hospital usually carry coconut water for the patients. Coconut water keeps the body hydrated, which may be helpful for an average person and a patient. Most diseases are caused because the body remains either dehydrated. There is no removal of toxic substances from the body. It is easily possible if we drink coconut water.

Benefits of Consuming Coconut Water

  • Heart Disease

It is very beneficial to consume coconut water daily, as it owes benefits to our health and skin. People with heart disease are generally found to have coconut water daily, as coconut water is rich in potassium and calcium. Nariyal pani is believed to reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure and maintain a healthy heart. 

  • Weight loss

If a person is suffering from obesity, he can lose weight by drinking coconut water on an empty stomach daily. Coconut water creates fullness as well as contains no fats while drinking it. Coconut water also prevents overeating. So, if a person has planned for a healthy diet while dieting, he should drink nariyal pani.  

  • Hypertension

 Nariyal pani is rich in potassium; this, in turn, results in the removal of excess sodium from the body. It is better to consult your doctor before having nariyal pani. As nariyal pani is also related to blood pressure, it lowers your blood pressure too. 

  • Detox diet

Detox means the removal of extra toxins from our bodies. Nariyal pani keeps the body hydrated. The electrolytes from it help to remove the toxic substances from the body. Mostly junk food is considered to contain toxins. Toxins in our body Build-up due to consumption of junk food and pollution, as a result of the biological process in our body. Drinking coconut water clears our stomachs, removes toxic, harmful substances, and hydrates our bodies.

  • Low Carb Diet

It is advisable to consume nariyal pani daily for those who have a lesser consumption of carbohydrates in their diet 1 cup of nariyal pani contains 8mg of carbohydrates. That is why coconut water is a healthy drink for them, as coconut water nutrition can substitute for each other when we are dieting.

  • Diabetes

 Coconut water is not advisable as a healthy drink for daily consumption. It has a low glycemic index, but it contains high amounts of potassium which is not good for diabetes. They can take it in small amounts, that too occasionally. Doctors strictly prohibit not the regular consumption of coconut water for people with diabetes.

  • Kidney stones

 A person suffering from kidney stones should drink enough water as the stones might be flushed out in the urine. It is also known that coconut water flushes out toxic substances. The coconut water might also flush out the kidney stone in your urine. Now, there is no need for any surgery for this purpose. Do not forget to add nariyal pani to your diet if you suffer from kidney stones.

  • Urine infection

Coconut water is advised for a person suffering from a urine infection. There are several causes of urine infection. Urine infection can be treated by medications also, but to intensify the effects of medication, doctors prefer coconut water. On drinking coconut water, you urinate much more than before. It shall help detoxify and remove the toxic substances related to urine infection.

  • Fatigue and stress

You do not like to eat anything when you are stressed. Not eating can also be the reason for fatigue or excess heat. If you drink a cup of coconut water, it cools your body down by flushing out the excess heat from your body. Thus, nariyal pani gives you a feeling of relaxation to the body, and it cools your body.

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How is coconut water beneficial for athletes?

Coconut water is beneficial for athletes and sportspeople. It carries oxygen to the cells and replenishes your body. After running or walking for a long time, we observe that people who drink nariyal pani feel energetic and again start working. It is said that you should not drink nariyal pani directly after running. 

You should sit and relax for ten minutes and then consume nariyal pani. Your heart rate increases, and you sweat a lot after running. So, you advised that after your heart rate becomes normal, you should gulp a cup of nariyal pani. 

Nariyal pani gives the necessary electrolytes and provides the essential carbohydrates. It also hydrates the body as the body has lost water through sweating. Nariyal pani sellers are generally found at the corners of the street or outside any garden used as a ground for running or walking. 

Doctors advise that coconut water should be consumed in the first half of the day before sunset. It is observed that people who drink coconut water in the evening or night have issues related to the bowels as well as have an upset stomach. Nariyal pani is a natural sugar-free drink. It is considered a healthy drink because of its nutritional value. Its dosage varies with the amount of nariyal pani your body requires and is beneficial for your body. Keeping in mind your health conditions, you may ask your consulting doctor to consume coconut water per the prescribed instructions. 

Other uses of coconut water

Coconut water is very beneficial for breastfeeding moms. It helps the mom stay hydrated, allowing her to produce more milk and making the child healthy. The benefits of coconut water are mainly essential for a pregnant woman throughout her pregnancy. It is a myth that nariyal pani causes acidity during pregnancy. If not available online, women who have been prescribed coconut water purchase coconut water online. Acidity in a pregnant woman will be because of the expanding belly, not because of coconut water online.

There are benefits of coconut water for glowing skin because coconut water online enriches vitamin C, which helps in the removal of dark circles, thereby giving a glow to our skin.

Coconut water is found to be beneficial for senior citizens also. They have an issue chewing hard foods. Nariyal pani is referred to because they can hardly chew foods with nutritional value and are advised to drink drinks with high nutritional value. They are advised to add coconut water to their daily diet. If not available in markets, they can order coconut water online, which is available in supermarkets in tins.

Nariyal pani is a healthy drink that should be consumed daily because it strengthens our immune system, resulting in the removal of urinal infections, etc. There are some people for whom nariyal pani is essential to keep away from overheating. They prefer buying it coconut water online as it is a mandatory ingredient in their daily diet. 

Coconut water online has the same benefits as that of nariyal pani available in the streets. Coconut water online is advised to be consumed daily for people suffering from aches and psoriasis. Coconut water online is an excellent source of calcium. As people get aged, their bones get weak and lose. Nariyal pani is not available for all twelve months of the year. It is available in supermarkets as it is stored in the freezer. 

Coconut water online is made by storing it in a tin and straining out the particles from it. The nutritional value remains the same. Nariyal pani, whether online or from the streets, also helps improve our skin. As we all know, several health issues are solved. Drinking it keeps our body hydrated and maintains a regular bowel system by regulating our digestive tract. Coconut water online consumption is also found, as it gives us glowing skin. Due to coconut water's detox property, nariyal pani also helps flush out the toxins from the body, keeping the skin hydrated and glowing with a radiant glow.

Apart from its medicinal benefits, coconut water online is also available in supermarkets as attractive. Children are often attracted to new explorations. We find coconut water online in the shape of ice cubes. If people are bored with drinking coconut water for their health, they can try coconut water online and add it to salads. By adding coconut water online to salads, there will be a change in the taste of salads as well as an exciting new delicacy can be found. You can also add coconut water to smoothies and name it tender coconut water desert. We can reap the benefits of drinking coconut water in many ways, and it can be either by ordering offline or online. 

Coconut water and nutrition go along together. That is why people in hospitals are asked to consume coconut water, not hard food. The benefits of coconut water include its high nutritional value. Sometimes, we can skip on food and
depend on coconut water.


When coconut water is unavailable in the streets, We purchase it online because doctors have prescribed it to particular patients. Tender coconut water is rich in electrolytes. It is beneficial in summer as it helps replenish the essential electrolytes, nutrients, and minerals lost in sweat. Tender coconut water helps in blood circulation also. Tender coconut water contains arginine, which allows blood circulation to the body's internal organs.

Authored By : Poorvi Chhajer

About Author : Poorvi is a psychology graduate with a knack for writing and belief in ayurveda.

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