Quench Your Thirst With The Best Thandai Powder Drink

Quench Your Thirst With The Best Thandai Powder Drink

Thandai is an Indian cold drink consisting of a select combination of rich ingredients like almonds, fennel seeds, rose petals, pepper, cardamom, poppy seeds, saffron, watermelon kernels, milk, and sugar. Often consumed during and associated with the festival of colours- Holi, this traditional drink is an attractive elixir to quench your thirst, festival or not! The word ‘Thandai’ itself, represents the feeling of coolness you feel after a sip of this sweet concoction. Want to know more? Scroll down to learn a little bit more about Thandai, its ingredients, recipe and if at all, an instant thandai may just be a nutritious drink for you.

Deconstructing the Best Thandai Powder Drink

This delectable, creamy, thick drink is made of water, full-fat milk and/or half and half. A traditional Thandai recipe consists of 12 or more dry fruit and spices ingredients that are ground to create the best thandai powder, carefully then stirred into boiling milk. The flavoursome milk is kept to rest for an hour after to soak the goodness of its contents.

Refrigerate the mix and consume as needed. The traditional recipe gives the option for Thandai to be made with soaked nuts or dried nuts. To prepare with soaked nuts, one has to soak these nuts for 6 hours prior to preparing the Thandai powder.

The only difference of using soaked nuts is that the end result of grinding it is a pasty form which may or may not be convenient when preparing the drink. Using dried nuts to prepare the best thandai powder is less time consuming and gives the same taste.

As with most drinks, Thandai too has various combinations that make it a delight to consume. However, the key ingredients are:

  • Milk
  • Cardamom
  • Almonds
  • Nutmeg
  • Cinnamon
  • Poppy seeds
  • Fennel seeds
  • White peppercorn
  • Sugar or Missri
  • Saffron

Other variations include:

  • Bhang- Thandai: A mildly intoxicating version that includes flowers and buds of cannabis as part of ingredients. These are not to be consumed by children.
  • Rose Thandai: Prepared specifically with rose petals and rose essence
  • Mango Thandai: This thick and creamy Thandai is made using fresh mango puree

Thandai has more to offer than just being a chilled coolant. A glass of this addictive non-intoxicating drink has enough nutrients to replenish your body during punishing summer times.                                               

Benefits of Thandai

Quench Your Thirst With The Best Thandai Powder Drink

Who knew good health could taste good too? Thandai has some amazing health benefits for all ages, especially during the summers. It’s the perfect drink to consume when you are busy with the hustle, bustle of city life or the aftermath of a festival where you’ve indulged in too much food! Here are some benefits of consuming the best thandai powder available:

  • Energy boost

This drink is an instant energy booster for during the scorching, summer heat. Ingredients like watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, pistachios, etc. act as a natural energizer while the protein in each encourages a feeling of fullness for a longer period.

  • Immunity booster

Indian spices have long been known to help in boosting our immunity system. Spices like peppercorns and cloves have antimicrobial properties that keep infections at bay and enhance the body’s natural mechanism to fight other illnesses. Other ingredients like saffron and cardamom, have antidepressant and anti-oxidative properties that offer mental wellness too. You may also boost your immunity with our fighter: Auric Body Defence.

  • Excellent coolant

The fennel seeds, saffron and rose petals (if added) offer an overall cooling experience to the body. The main reason for consuming Thandai during summers is to rehydrate the body of all water and nutrients lost owing to excessive sweating and general fatigue. Having instant thandai can offer instant cooling to the body just like other hydrating drinks like lemon water, coconut water etc.

  • Cures digestion issues

Yet again, star ingredients like fennel seeds, poppy seeds and rose petals are not just key in cooling the body but provide digestion relief. Fennel seeds in particular are known to cure digestion related issues by relaxing muscles in the intestine. Constipated? Suffering from flatulence?

Poppy seeds relax the body from gastrointestinal irritation and are a rich source of calcium, protein, fibre and fat. Adding tropical fruits also increases bowel movement making constipation an issue of the past. This makes a glass of cool instant thandai relieve you of all digestion issues!

  • Great for skin, hair and nails

The magic of natural ingredients like milk, rose petals, almonds, saffron, cashews, muskmelon seeds, and cardamom is well-known. Mix these in a drink in the right proportion and you may have a secret concoction to beautiful skin! Thandai has the perfect mix of all things that assist in cell regeneration and detoxing, making skin feel fresh with a glow! Add other spices like cinnamon that enhances blood flow under the skin, making it plush and vibrant. Know more about benefits and preparation of Ayurvedic Thandai.

Why is Instant Thandai Powder the Best Thandai powder?

Quench Your Thirst With The Best Thandai Powder Drink | Auric Instant Ayurvedic Thandai

In a world of a fast-paced lifestyle, the last thing you want to do, gather each ingredient and grind for each time you want to use it. Unless you have lots of time and patience in hand (nothing wrong with that), an instant thandai mix may just be the best thing to store in your kitchen cupboard for ready use. 

A traditional Thandai mix may need each ingredient to be pounded in mortar and pestle and mixed in the right proportion. With an instant Thandai mix, this problem is sorted beforehand and can be used as and when required. The instant Thandai powder price too is cost-effective which is an added bonus. Here are some key benefits to having the best thandai powder mix readily available.

  • It’s affordable. Buying each ingredient and grinding it without having an exact quantity in mind can prove to be expensive and lead to waste. Buying from reputable instant thandai brands ensures you get the best quality with an affordable thandai powder price online or in-store.
  • It’s travel friendly. This means you get to pack this power-packed best thandai powder in a sealed pouch. Ready to be mixed in a glass after or during any event as a refresher! The Thandai powder price is so inexpensive that even a shoe-string budget traveller can afford it. 
  • It’s instant! This means you just have to stir the best thandai powder available in the market into full-fat milk or water to enjoy instant thandai! No more pre-soaking the nuts for 6 hours, grinding, sieving and all the works to make a glass of this cooling drink.  
  • It’s nutritious and keeps acidity and bloating at bay. Having this delicious drink is not only a pleasure but is packed with nutrients that replenish the body instantly with its highly nutritious ingredients. Moreover, the Thandai powder price works out cheaper than buying those antacids for relief from acidity. 

How Auric’s Best Thandai Powder Helps You?

Consuming instant thandai daily can keep you chill throughout. Imagine being able to get the best that nature has to offer, with zero preservatives or nasty additives that could be harmful to ingest? Auric packages the best thandai powder that is available to buy. Known as the Instant Ayurvedic Thandai, it is 100 percent natural with nuts, seeds, herbs & spices that’ll excite your taste buds while cooling your body. 

Auric has the best thandai powder with an intelligent antioxidant mix which keeps the body clean of toxins and boosts immunity. Authentic and completely natural, both men and women over the age of 3 can consume it. Apart from all the benefits, The Thandai powder price is not heavy on the pocket too!.

Recipe of the Best Thandai Powder

It’s as simple as 1, 2 and 3. Follow these steps after you buy this mix.

1)    Boil a glass of milk in a deep pan

2)    Add two tablespoons of Auric Thandai Mix

3)    Whisk the mix well

Quench Your Thirst With The Best Thandai Powder Drink | Auric Instant Ayurvedic Thandai

Refrigerate and enjoy a glass of chilled Thandai, slurping up all the goodness! Last, but not least, garnish your Thandai with edible dried roses or chopped pistachios. Additionally, don’t forget, it’s absolutely important to seal the Auric pack tightly to secure the freshness of the instant Thandai powder. Once you open the pack- ensure to reseal immediately after use, to avoid the powder from going stale.

Whether you’ve had an eventful day attending a wedding/function or just want to enjoy a cold drink on a summer evening, enjoy this fresh glass of natural goodness that has plenty to offer for the thandai powder price paid. Want to get adventurous? Add your own touch with the many variations using seasonal fruits or other beverage enhancers available, depending on your personal taste. 

Excite your friends and family by offering some of the tried and tested ones like vanilla, chocolate, rose and tropical fruits. Thandai can also be made vegan friendly by swapping full-fat milk with plant-based milk like almond or cashew nuts. There is no after taste and in fact, it tastes as creamy as a dairy-based Thandai would! 

For a paleo option, replace white sugar with coconut sugar or sweet syrup from maple. The Auric Thandai mix consists of Desi Khand which gives a delightful and subtly sweet taste, so adding white sugar is not needed. Desi Khand being unrefined, it is healthy to consume without having fears of bleached and refined contents.

Whichever you choose, make sure it doesn’t overthrow the original and authentic taste of Thandai. Relax, sit back and enjoy a chilled glass of Auric’s Ayurvedic Instant Thandai benefits in the form of a drink. All this at a low Thandai powder price!


Authored By: Divya Shankar

About Author: Divya Shankar is a multifaceted content writer with 7+ years of experience. She has exclusive writing expertise in ayurveda.

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